Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Barnes & Noble Loves ME!

Hellooooo my lovely knitters!

After much frustration over my website blog (no one could leave comments! whaaaa?), I decided that I would just go back to my old friend, Blogger.


There is so much that I would like to share with you. As you know, I LOVE lists, so I will start with that :D

1. I have almost finished all of my Kickstarter gift knitting (for those who donated to my Kickstarter project). I only have one more item to knit. Last week or so, I finished the "Ridgeway Pullover #302" by Cabin Fever for my friend, Chip. I loved using the Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Bulky yarn for this sweater (great color and nice to knit with). I really hope it fits him nicely.

2. I (if "I" means my hubby, Ian - lol) updated my SleepyEyes app (FREE on iTunes!) - so you can now purchase and download both the Wonderlace and Dreamscape books, as well as 4 other patterns (Mari Lace Cowl, Lisha Lace Scarf, Bobbi's Birthday Scarf, Lotus Heart Socks)...plus at least 15 free patterns, too :D

3. I've also started creating individual patterns from the Wonderlace book - the first being, The Loralee Cowl. It's available on my ETSY SHOP...yay!

4. I love Sparkle. Sparkle makes me very happy. With that in mind, I designed a very cute (and girly) scarf pattern called the "Princess Sparkle Scarf". I'm hoping to finish up the pattern tonight so I can add it to Ravelry :) You may not be able to tell how wonderfully sparkly it is from these pics, but it's soo great.

5. Keep checking back here and on my Sleepy Eyes Knits Facebook page in the next week or so for a new CONTEST! I'm trying to get more reviews on Amazon.com for my Wonderlace book (and Dreamscape) and I will be giving away a super awesome prize for the winner of the contest. PRIZE - a gift certificate to an online yarn store and PDF copy of both Wonderlace & Dreamscape (for you or for a friend).

6. I want to thank all of my supportive and loving friends for keeping me company at my trunk shows/book signings. Although it's incredibly wonderful to be in a yarn store all day to sell my book (especially when they store owners are friendly and helpful), it does get lonely and sad sometimes. There are issues of "When can I leave the table to go to the bathroom?", "Why does that lady look so irritated over my patterns?", "I wish someone would bring me lunch.", "Should I ask this person if they want to buy a book or not pressure her/him?" and, always, "Why does this person have to say that they dislike lace knitting (and give a million excuses why they don't want my book) while they are browsing through my book???".

When a friend comes to visit me, there's MUCH less of that and I have someone to talk to when the people working in the shop are busy. Usually, I stay all day at the shop, so even company for an hour or so means a lot to me. (PLUS, it gives the impression that my trunk show is awesome...lol) I want to thank Melissa W., Lora K., Heather H., Sarah S., Jessica L.W., Kerry P., Jackie W., Julie R., Patti V., Trudy & friends and Edith H. for visiting me, giving hugs and keeping me company. (I hope I didn't forget anyone!) You are wonderful friends!

When knitters come to yarn stores just to see ME and my book, it is AWESOME! I can't express how it makes me feel that someone cares about me and my work. It usually only happens once or less per trunk show but, when it does, my day is made. Seriously. It's like a huge hug - on the inside :D

7. I want to thank the incredibly talented (and super sweet) Joanna Johnson of Slate Falls Press for the interview on her blog last month - not only was it lots of fun, but it was such a thoughtful and helpful thing to do. I have all of her design books and I love them all. If only I had more time to knit every single thing from all of her books. I received my copy of the new "Green Gables Knits" and the book is really beautiful. I hope to do an interview of her on MY blog soon!

8. Last, but not least, I finally heard back from Barnes & Noble Bookstores and they are going to carry my Wonderlace book!!! I am THRILLED!!! Beyond the moon. After the rejection of my first book, I was discouraged, but my friends encouraged me to try one more time...and I'm very, very glad that I listened to them! Woo-hoo!

With love and many hugs,


P.S. My Wonderlace book is available on my Etsy Shop, Amazon.com, Ravelry.com and Artfire.com...and, soon, Barnes & Noble! Yay!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Gina! I just got introduced to your blog and patterns through Ravelry..such an awesome place.
I am working on your cabled angora handwarmers, and can't figure out where to begin the thumb and how. Can you please explain?
I also emailed you.
Thanks again. I have been knitting since age 7, and am always looking for new inspirations and patterns.

Gina House said...

Hi Shai! Thank you so much for your comment! I'm sorry...I never received your email. Maybe you can try messaging me again. Also, it might be a little bit difficult to explain or show you how to knit the thumb over the internet. Is it possible that you could bring the project to your local yarn store? They would be able to show you in person and might be much more helpful. Good luck and happy knitting!