Monday, October 10, 2011

New Designs are Creeping Along...

My new book is slowly coming together...if I'd only be able to focus on it (and not be distracted by my hundreds of other hobbies), I think I'd be further along. Seeing the lovely Kelly from The Elegant Ewe at SOAR this past weekend really motivated me to work on my book more. She (and the amazing owners of the Elegant Ewe) has been super supportive of me and my Dreamscape books. And, of course, my knitting group...especially Sarah, Jackie, Judy and Hilary.

In the past couple of months, I've completed 2 lace shawl designs (The Beauty Shawl is shown at the top.)and 1 cowl design. I'm sketching out and making plans for 7 more designs. The way things are going right now, I think the book is going to be geared towards lace. (Don't moan!) It will be lace projects that are accessible, fun to knit and for all ages. I have a project for almost every age bracket. I'm shooting towards getting this book done for early spring 2012.

My intention was to have the book done by the end of December 2011, but I was freaking out with stress over Tim going into college, trying to refinance our mortgage and working on getting my Hoopnotica Teacher Training (to start my hooping/hoopdance classes this fall) that I just said, "'re your own boss. Just put it aside and get back to it when you're more happy and calm." I can just imagine the projects I'd be putting together for the book if I was stressed out and the Knitted Noose and the I-Cord Strangler (which is not to be confused with the Crochet Chain Choker).

(pic of me with my Hoopnotica Teacher Training group for Level 2)

Anyway, I'd also planned on blogging much more than I have been, but it seems like I'm somewhat addicted to Facebook and my knitting page on there. I keep forgetting about my poor blog :( It's so much easier to add daily updates, pics and new albums of photos on there...know what I mean?

So, while I work steadily (and knit faithfully) on my new designs, I'd love to hear from you about what aspects of a knitting pattern book that you like best. If I'm able to incorporate those aspects into my new book, I will. So far, I know I'll be including:

- Spiral Binding
- No-glare paper
- Paperback
- Lace charts on its pattern page
- Wraps per inch for yarns
- Specific yarn information and suggested type of yarn for projects
- Full color photographs (with close ups, as well)

Anything I might be missing?

Thanks again for all of your support of me and my designs. I wouldn't be able to do it without you!!!


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