Wednesday, September 02, 2009

New Podcast! Episode 16: The Joy of Sox

Okay, everyone!

New Podcast is now UP!!

You can listen to it now HERE or you can download it from Sleepy Eyes Knits Podcast. (Sometimes, it takes a bit longer to get it to show up on iTunes, so if you're in a hurry, download it directly here on the blog.)

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Read the rules for entering the Prize Giveaway contest HERE.

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Check out my projects on Ravelry that are talked about on the podcast HERE.

Check out these groups on Ravelry: ManchVegas Knitters and International Moleskine Exchange.

Good luck on the contest and I hope you win!!!

Gina ; )


Hope said...

Tried to email you honey and it came back telling me your account doesn't exist.

SleepyEyes said...

Hi there Hope! It's . I've gotten a number of emails just today, so it might be something else. Sometimes, I type it can double check...but I'll put your name in, just in case ; )

Anonymous said...

First, I am sooooo happy you're back!!! (I had left the Sleepy Eyes Ravelry group because it had been so long but I will re-join, for sure.) And the joys of sock-knitting -- well, it's a great antidote to big-needle projects. Plus, I love, love, love wearing comfy wool socks in wild colors around my house, especially on foggy San Francisco nights. :)

Terri and Kate said...

i just started knitting...enjoyed your podcast...i too am doing ww and have lost 52lbs. always wanted to knit socks, so this book sounds great!

LindyLou said...

I would love to knit socks and this book sounds as if it could be a great help in getting that done.

I enjoyed the show a lot and congratulate you on all the wonderful news in your family

Hope said...


I just sent you the email again - I'm apparently a moron that can't read properly. ;)

Love you!