Friday, August 28, 2009

"The Joy of Sox" - PRIZE GIVEAWAY!!!

I'm very excited to share with you the newest sock book in the knitting world...

This sock book (which is a play on the book, "The Joy of Sex"...with lots of innuendo and flirty sock names) is very special to me - I have 2 sock designs in this book!

"A Roll in the Hay"



And, not only that, but "A Roll in the Hay" is the very FIRST pattern in the book and a picture of it is on the back cover. (On the front cover, is the gorgeous pair of socks ("Takeout for Two") by one of my favorite designers, Cathy Carron.)

AND, not only that...but both of the socks that I designed were knit using the beautiful and amazingly dyed Sereknity yarns by my very talented friend, Heather. She donated both skeins for these designs - Pharoah's Gold in Shimmer for "A Roll in the Hay" and Blue Hawaii in Satin. If you haven't tried knitting with her yarns, please try them now - and with my pattern (he he). Once you try one of her yarns, you will be totally addicted. Her yarns are available on her etsy shop, at The Yarn and Fiber Company in Derry, NH (and online) and also at many other online and New England yarn stores - including The Loopy Ewe and The Yarn Sellar.

AND, not only that...but THIS:

I'm having a prize giveaway that includes:


A FREE copy of the book, "The Joy of Sox" with patterns signed by me (if you are inclined to want such a thing!)
A FREE skein of Sereknity sock yarn in colorway, "Pharoah's Gold"

What do you think of that???


A FREE skein of Sereknity sock yarn in a surprise colorway!


A FREE copy of my "Lisha Lace Scarf" pattern
Small Secret Goodie Item

And, now you're asking..."What do I have to do to win these prizes?"



1. Read this blog post. If you want to be included in this giveaway, comment on this post with a joy that you get out of sock knitting or handknit socks.
2. Watch out for a new podcast ("The Joy of Sox") link on my blog or iTunes. (Check Wed or Thursday of next week)
3. Download and listen this podcast (Sleepy Eyes Knits).
4. I will give a codeword on the podcast that you will email to me (link for emailing on right on homepage of blog) and I'll enter you into the drawing.
5. Check out the blog on the following Monday to hear who won!
(Winners will be chosen by a random number generator)

Comment..NOW! Good luck!!!

(entries accepted until 10 pm of Sunday, 9/6/09)

P.S. If you'd like to see more pics and read more details of my sock patterns, please check out these Ravelry pages:

A Roll in the Hay and Rock-A-Bye (feel free to favorite them if you!)

I forgot! Lark Books sent the results to their Sock Questionnaire and here are the results...very interesting!

1. Do you wear socks to bed?
A) Yes 49.38%
B) No 50.62%

2. Do you have a yarn addiction?
A) Yes: big time! 64.32%
B) Maybe, although I'm working on controlling it. 31.95%
C) No--I can quit anytime I want. 3.73%

3. How often do you look at pictures of socks online?
A) 1-3 times per month 14.52%
B) 1-3 times per week 37.34%
C) 1-3 times per day 29.88%
D) More than 3 times a day 18.26%

4. What kind of music do you like to listen to while knitting socks?
A) Rock—It’s perfect for keeping a good pace. 16.96%
B) Classical—I’m classy like that. 9.57%
C) Heavy Metal—The rough stuff is always better. 1.74%
D) Jazz—Perfect for improvisations! 1.30%
E) Country—Laid back makes for smooth knitting. 5.22%
F) Audiobooks—My fingers work best on autopilot. 29.13%
G) Knitting Podcasts—All knitting, all the time. 13.91%
H) None—Silent and devotional! 22.17%

5. Do you prefer playing footsy:
A) Besocked 47.83%
B) Bare-toed 52.17%

6. Be honest, now. How large is your sock stash?
A) One medium-sized rubber storage bin 48.52%
B) Three shelves in my closet 31.65%
C) My stash has its own room! 19.83%

7. What’s your favorite post-sock activity?
A) Posting picks of your creation online 14.64%
B) Getting a hand massage 0.84%
C) Wearing your socks somewhere public 30.13%
D) Starting another pair (of course!) 54.39%

8. How many pairs of hand knit socks do you own?
A) 1–5 29.05%
B) 6–15 39.00%
C) 16–30 21.99%
D) An uncountable mass 9.96%

9. What's your favorite kind of sock yarn?
A) Wool 94.19%
B) Bamboo 3.73%
C) Cotton 1.66%
D) Acrylic 0.41%

10. Which is your most productive sock knitting season?
A) Spring—fresh breezes and pretty flowers are all the inspiration you
need. 9.44%
B) Summer—those lazy days are perfect for sippin' lemonade and
making socks, too. 24.89%
C) Fall—from Labor Day to the holiday rush, there's no better time to
add to your sock pile. 19.74%
D) Winter—you love to cozy up with a pair of needles and yarn. Let it
snow! 45.92%

11. Do you paint your toe nails?
A) Yes 43.28%
B) Why bother, I’m always wearing socks! 56.72%

12. What’s the most you’ve ever paid for sock yarn?
A) less than $10 1.66%
B) $10--$20 24.48%
C) more than $20 73.86%


Bonney said...

Wowza!! Not too shabby!! From one NH girl to another; Congratulations!! Your patterns look wonderful. I can't wait to see this book in person.

Anonymous said...

Oh fun! My best joy of sock knitting is that I love that they are practical as well as beautiful (and fun to knit). In the long Minnesota winters, I wear hand knit socks every single day.

Barbara Moore

Hope said...

I iz so proud of you my dear Sleepy Eyes! I can't wait for this book!

My joy in knitting socks is putting love into every stitch and more often than not, giving them to someone I love. The only socks I don't give away are my BMFA club socks. Those are ALL MINE. Muhahahah! :D

Shannan said...

Love your new patterns! I'm really looking forward to this book.

For me, the joy of sock knitting is turning the heel. It's like a little bit of magic every time I do one.

cayli said...

Congrats on the patterns in the book! Wow, a chance to win an autographed copy from such a fabulous designer, I love it!

The thing I like best about socks is being able to try something new with each one. Be it lace or cables or just a new yarn!

Leslie said...

I tweeted it last night, BTW.

Congrats, we can say we knew you when, after you are picked to be a teacher at Sock Summit...

Socks are my Zen knitting, I usually don't have to think about what I am doing and can contemplate the world as I knit the love...

Lora said...

what else can I say! I love "roll in the hay" the best!! The name, the look of the socks, just all fit together and are very awesome!!!! I am so happy for you. (((hugs)))

Kayleigh said...

congrats on your pattern publications, and I can tell you were super pumped to show them off!

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Gina! I am thrilled for you and am spreading the word about the book. I think we all know why I love to knit socks - and I don't really need more sock yarn and a book - BUT - I wanted to give you props!

Robin F. Jillson said...

Congratulations, Gina!

By a lovely coincidence I just started knitting your Amanda Hat last night ... and I confess I did not know about your patterns until I downloaded Amanda.

Now that I have been enlightened, I will be paying more attention to your beautiful creations!

Laurie said...

Oh my goodness!! Congrats on two beautiful sock patterns!

I'm just about to pick up my sock knitting for a relaxing Sunday afternoon. I love knitting and wearing my handknit socks.

Can't wait to see the rest of the book.

Roger & Patti said...

Again Gina - congratulations. My book is heading my way from I had already ordered it when you announced you had some being direct shipped to you. I can't wait. Your patterns are always a delight to knit and using Heather's yarn is an added bonus. It has been awhile since there has been a Gina podcast so that will be something to look forward to.
We need to get together and knit/spin. SPA is too far away. A trip to Derry may be in our future.

Patti Venenga

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the book!!! The patterns look like fun to knit. My joy or favorite thing about knitting socks is giving them for presents (to people who appreciate them). Heather in NH

Sara said...

Oh, I am so happy for you...And, I love those patterns! They are very pretty...

And, yarn from Heather - what could be more wonderful! She is such a really lovely person - and I am in the process of winding my Rock Lobster to make that Big Red Shawl! She has faith in me that I can knit that!

Sara said...

Oops - I forgot to tell you my joy when knitting socks...The joy I get is from creating something so beautiful to wear on my feet or the feet of a loved one...

StaceyKnitsIt said...

Your sock patterns look like Fun to knit. I really enjoy knitting socks (lots in my queue) and feel very cozy in my handknit socks. I would love to win! I also Love that Pharoah Gold color yarn.

Jackie said...

Yay Gina! I love this book and I love your sock patterns!

Susan Sucher said...

I love those socks! I totally want to get the book!

I love collecting the sock yarn, and I love the way I don't have to squeeze my feet into handknitted socks.

Karen said...

I just saw a copy of the book at my knitting group last night, and took the opportunity to point out your work and "introduce" you to my friends. Congratulations!

My joy in socks is the colors - sock yarn is just so amazing!

Can't wait for the podcast!

Nicole said...

Congratulations! How awesome for you!! I have tried before to come up with patterns for knitting that are NOT based on somebody else's, and maybe it's my fear of math, but it is freaking hard. I gave up, but I'm trying again now. So, all the props in the world for making such great designs and having them published.

One of the major joys I feel when making socks is having others acknowledge that this is a skill that definitely takes some work and know-how. I know that sock-knitting is not brain surgery, but I like that response better than "Why don't you just buy them?" I don't think of myself as an artistic person, and I like it when I prove myself otherwise!

Rachel said...

Congratulations Gina! That is so great and I love your designs! Especially Roll in the Hay! I would love a chance to win a copy of the book (and yarn would just be an added bonus I definitely wouldn't turn down!). :) My biggest joy with knitting socks is Kitchner'ing up the toes. Most knitters hate this part but to me, it's like magic! And of course wearing all the beautiful colors and designs that come from knitting your own socks!

Thanks for a very generous giveaway! Congrats again!

The Librarian said...

I love knitting socks because they can as simple or as challenging as you want. htey are portable and they are my luxury knit so the yarn I buy for them is my little indulgence :) And wearing them?? Well, the joy there is I don't get chilblains anymore! :)

Great patterns btw!


Anonymous said...

Hi and congrats on your published patterns and weight loss - great to have you back podcasting. I love knitting socks for the endless stockinette (very zen) and the chance to use some beautiful hand-dyed yarn. I also feel extremely clever when they end up fitting (mostly), no matter what dress size I am at the time.

aknitontheside (ravelry)

Kathy said...

Welcome back to podcasting. Congrats on the patterns in the book and your weight loss.

Beckygtstyl said...

Great Job!! Congratulations on the patterns.
I love knitting two socks on one needle. That why when you finish you have a pair.
Can't to see if I win.....

Karen said...

Congratulations on have your sock patterns published. That is so exciting! They're really beautiful too.
The joy of sock knitting for me is the looks I get when knitting socks in public. I can't begin to tell you how many people have asked what I'm knitting and the amazement on their face when I say socks always thrills me. It's extra fun when I have hand knit socks on and I can show them.

Moknita said...

There is nothing like wearing a pair of handknit socks

Mel said...

Um, of course I love hand knitted socks. I LOVE socks. I can't wait to try knitting these. The role in the hay are my fave! Please, please, please pick me, random number generator!!!

Terri and Kate said...

i love your podcast. I have just started knitting and would love to knit socks. i too do ww and have lost 52lbs. great job!