Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Renewing our Vows

In honor of our 16th anniversary this year (which we've always called our "Yammiversary"), Ian and I decided to renew our vows. It was a bit of a last minute thing (where I asked my friend, Denise, (who is a JP as well as a Master Knitter) on Facebook if she'd be free the next night to marry us again! LOL!

Happily, she was free, as well as Jackie, who so sweetly agreed to be my Matron (oh, Laurin!) of Honor.

That morning, I ran over to the local florist (The Distinguished Touch in Londonderry, NH) and begged her to make me a bridal bouquet, a wrist corsage for Jackie and 2 boutineers for Ian and Denise's hubby - she let me pick out the flowers and I chose hot pink carnations, pale pink astilbe and white daisies. Such a pretty combination, I thought. She was very obliging and had them done in just a few hours...all pacakged nicely and ready to go. They came out wonderful!

We were extremely lucky because the day was absolutely gorgeous - slightly breezy, warm and sunny - and the bike trail (The Windham Rail Trail is our favorite place to bike with Denise and her hubby.) wasn't too crowded at that time...around 6:30/7 pm.

It was a bit difficult to ride my bike in my jean skirt (thank goodness for the slit in the back) and my new Dansko sandals (ooh, red patent leather!), but the girls assured me that there wasn't too much revealing going on.

I went a little crazy before the ceremony and kept asking everyone to get into certain poses for pictures and almost ended up sending Jackie flying off of the side of the bridge and into the water - she was in her rollerblades for the ceremony. LOL!

Denise wrote the most beautiful words for the ceremony - something mostly serious, but funny in spots and very touching and wonderful - and, after Ian said his words to me (and slipped the new "Love Rocks" handcrafted, engraved, sterling silver wedding bands we bought each other from the BCYR Jewelry Etsy shop), I was so overwhelmed that I forgot what Denise said to me and had to ask, "Can you repeat that?" made Ian laugh, but I was embarrassed!

After the ceremony, Ian and I kissed a lot, laughed and we took MORE pictures. I had all these ideas for MORE poses. Luckily, someone stopped me and we continued on our ride through the rest of the trail.

It was the most special day I could think of and I have to say that this was even more special to me than our wedding day. (Tim was a couple of months old at the time and cried during the ceremony...I had to stop to nurse him) It was a good, but slightly tense and stressful day 16 years ago. But, THIS day was fantastic in every way. I felt so lucky...and still do!!

Here are a few more pictures....

-Ian and I walking down the trail and I'm throwing my bouquet towards the "crowd"...aka Denise and Shawn (who are already married to each other!) and Jackie (who is also married!)...and it took several takes before we got it right - my poor bouquet got somewhat crushed during the process!

-My bike and its basket filled with the wedding flowers, our rings, my wallet, water bottles and my iPhone, of course.

-My bouquet with our old rings in their boxes...

-And Ian and I tired, but happy at the end of the trail and heading home...

I love you, Ian!

P.S. Did you notice Ian's fancy attire? LOL! (If you're a Rush fan, Ian was trying to suggest that we get remarried at 9:12 pm instead of 7 pm...get it??!!)

P.P.S. I lost 2.8 pounds this week and have got to over 80 pounds lost!!! Yay!!!


pigbook1 said...

I love it, so cute. Jim will be impressed by the 2112 twelve reference and by your husbands attire :-)

Kathleen C. said...

A very Happy Yammiversary! And congrats on losing over 80!

Anonymous said...

How sweet! Happy Anniversary to you and Ian.

Congrats on the weight loss - you rock!

Jackie said...

Thank you for asking me to be part of your special day. It was really beautiful.

HollyEQQ said...

Happy Yammiversary.

You look fantabulous!
And overwhelmingly happy.
I am glad.

Gigi said...

Oh how sweet! I love your spontaneity. Happy Yammiversary and wishing you many more years of joy!

CraftyGryphon said...

That's a wonderful idea, and it looks like it was a truly magical day. Congrats to you both, and may you have many, many more lovely Yammiversaries to come!

cayli said...

Congratulations on your anniversary! I looks like a great day!

KSee said...

What a wonderful day. All off the cuff!
80 lbs!! I think you sent them to me down south, lol. Fantastic loss.

Love your bike

ponyknit said...

Beautiful ceremony! Congrats! Also congrats on your weight loss! Rock on!

Heide said...

Congratulations! What a sweet anniversary. My Dh and I renewed our vows on our 15 year anniversary, but my husband was deployed so it was done via a conference call and an Air Force Chaplain officiated.

NHKnittingMama said...

Hi, Gina! Wanted to say congratulations - that is so wonderful! You look fantastic, and I'm glad that life is treating you well.