Wednesday, March 19, 2008

An Erotic Intermission...not for kids.

While you are all waiting patiently to see my finished Icarus Shawl (which has 5 more rows to go...sadly, each row takes me almost a half hour to knit), I thought I'd show you another knitted project I'm working on, as well as a little erotic crochet.

Hmmm....excited you say?

Well, unless you cheat and scroll down (missing my fabulously interesting knitted scarf in progress...ha!),you will have to wait just a moment for the sexy stuff.

I'm working on a store sample of the Phiaro Scarf (which is more like a HUGE stole) from Knit Scene Winter 07/spring 66 for instructions and a great picture. (Scroll down on the link page to see the scarf.)

(Unlike this picture, which is overexposed and a bit yellow-y...sorry.)

I've had this on the needles for a l-o-n-g while, but figure that I really should finish it. It's stupidly simple- knitted in the round...around and around...for 22". Then, some binding off and drop stitch magic and- voila- it's a stole! The yarn, SWTC Oasis, is very nice to work with and makes a soft, drapey, silky-like fabric. Would make a great summer top, too, I think. I'm using the colorway, Bistro, but would love to make one in black...which I may still do.

The only problem I've had is the gauge. I am a very loose knitter and I've been getting between 5.25 and 5.5 stitches per inch on the needle size suggested (US 7) and the gauge calls for 5 stitches per inch. Not sure how they're getting that on such a small needle. So, I will surely run out of yarn and think I'll just make the scarf 1" narrower than it calls for to make up for the gauge. It's not a big deal, since it's a scarf...and a wide one at that...but if you make one, make sure to check your gauge first or buy an extra skein of yarn.

Oh, and one other small tip....the pattern calls for using a 16" circular and I really discourage that. There were so many stitches on the needle that I messed up twice on the joining - and I never have that problem. Use a 24" and you will enjoy knitting it much more. I used an Addi Turbo, as well.

Wanna see some tantalizing crochet???

I present to you....the Crocheted Penis!!!

This was lovingly knit by my friend, Hilary (hillycrochet on Ravlery and a fellow Manchvegas Knitter), who knows that I, well, love penises. (Can I say that on here?) Too late now! LOL!

It's actually huge. (And who wouldn't want it to be??) It's approx. 24" tall and very squishy and erect. If Ben didn't sleep with us, I would totally be taking this into bed with me at night and cuddling with it.

Isn't it awesome?? Jackie has a picture of it (balanced on my foot) on her cell phone and, when I call, it shows the penis. Oh, it is hilarious!

Hope this has given you at least a little smile today (and hopefully not a heart attack or anything bad like that) and I hope to have my next post showing my newly finished shawl! Wish me luck!!!

P.S. I have around 10 more Amanda hat to add to the Gallery...I am planning to put them up soon. Sorry for the delay! I haven't forgotten, I promise : )


Anonymous said...

I have forgotten every single word you wrote before "penis". OMG, that is so funny!

KSee said...

ROLFLMAO, that is so funny. Gina, you are showing us a side we did not know about. My mom had made gingerbread penis cookies. As well as Mr & Mrs Gingerbread with full anatomy. Do you have a special place you keep your collection?

yarnophiliac said...

hehehe....KSee should come to group some night! ;)
I'm dying to see the finished Phairo -- I still don't see how it is goign to turn into the scarf from the magazine! Silly me.

cayli said...

Gotta love that penis! That just cracked me up. Is that something you can work on in public?!

Heide said...

That is definately not a project you'd want to work on in public! If it was full of flax seed it could be heated in the microwave and used as a neck warmer.

Heide said...

This is one instance where using fun fur might have added a whole new dimension to the project.

ponyknit said...

Hahahha awesome! Gotta love your friends for gifts like that!

knit_chick said...

That is hilarious!