Sunday, May 06, 2007


Introducing Roger, the Spaceboy!


*Created in 6 hours....Friday evening at 6 pm to Saturday morning at 1 am.
*Uses the Spaceboy pattern from Book 2 of Hillary Lang's SpaceBoy and Robot pattern book from her website/blog, Wee Wonderfuls
*Completely hand stitched (no machine...I am SO uncoordinated when using a sewing machine!)
*Fabric picked out entirely by my little guy, Ben...(on our trip to JoAnn Fabrics with Jackie and Lora and their kids...FUN!)

The Good

*After using Lora's tip of substituting freezer paper for tracing paper for cutting out the pattern pieces (BRILLIANT!), things were very quick. LOVE this tip!
*The fabrics were so cute and fun to work with and the instructions pretty clear and easy to understand.
*LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the outcome....I almost want a Spaceboy for myself!

The Bad

*For those of us who aren't experienced with sewing (aka dunces or dummies), I was confused by one thing. I came to the part where I was tracing and cutting out the feet and hands for the spaceboy. There was one shape for the foot and said to cut out 4. So, naturally, I cut out 4 pieces of this shape. When I went to sew the feet and hands on, I noticed that Roger had two left (or right) hands and feet.

Uh, oh.

I realized (after I'd sewn the foot on wrong), that I was supposed to cut two feet (and hands) out in one direction and then flip the fabric over and cut out two more of each in the OTHER direction.

It made sense afterwards, but I wish the pattern instructions had been a little more detailed here for people with sewing "disabilities".

The Adorable

*Here is Ben feeding Roger some fries....

*Here he is with my sister, Kim...and Roger's still very popular....

I totally recommend buying Hillary's pattern and also making the Robot toy, which is in the book as well. This was the cutest and most enjoyable sewn toy I've ever made....this is not counting Kimberly's Mr. SockFish Bag...that was AWESOME! On to make both Ben (and Tim!) a Robot toy....well, and also work on my Myrtle Leaf Shawl...whew!

'Night! : )

P.S. Did I mention that I'm also making Roger his own handstitched, 9 block quilt and pillow? Eh-hem....I think I'm a bit obsessed....maybe.


yarnophiliac said...

wow! he is sooo cute! Ben looks so happy with him. btw -- Happy B-day to Tim!

dmc said...

I just found your podcast and blog - love both! Now I have to get "caught up," and download all of the past episodes. Just wanted to say hi!
blogless in MA

Lora said...

OMG I can't wait to get my book!! Glad the tip I gave you worked!! :) Ben looks super happy with Roger!! He did a great job helping you pick out fabric.

Anonymous said...

Roger's very cute - great job!

Jackie said...

Roger is even cuter in person. You did such a fabu job and those stitches are so tiny and neat! Love the pic of Ben and Kim. He looks so happy with his toy.

Nichole said...


Gigi said...

Tee Hee, he is so CUTE! You are amazingly patient to whip him machineless. He clearly has a great boy to care for him. Well done!

Amanda1 said...

Glad that after all your work, Roger and family are happy together! ha ha... Very cute!