Friday, May 18, 2007

Radiance Lace Headband Contest UPDATE...and, "Where the HELL is the top of my head?"

After many frustrating (but hilarious) tries of taking a pic of the top of my head, I finally got my arm caught on something and the camera shot a picture that was just right. Figures. Have you ever tried to take a pic of the top of your head? It's more difficult than you think. Your head is not actually where your arm thinks it is. And since there isn't anyone home but me and Ben (who can't really use the camera yet), we are left with strange pictures. VERY STRANGE

Anyway, here is the accidentally good picture of me wearing the "Jacqueline" headband I knit for myself in cotton...going up a needle size (to accommodate for the worsted weight) and casting on fewer stitches. I must say that I really liked using the Peaches and Cream 100% worsted cotton, but the only problem was that the knot I used to tie it on my head was just WAY too bulky. Should probably stick to the fingering weight.

And another pic, where (once again), the top of my head is curiously absent. Oh, well.

I wanted to remind all of you super-duper-headband-knitters that you have less than 2 weeks to send me pics of you wearing your headband. I'm adding two more books to the Winning Stash..."For the Love of Knitting" by someone (great coffee table book with fantastic pictures) and "America Knits" (ditto) by Melanie Falick.

More giveaways: AMAZING Lorna's Laces yarn in Sherbet colorway and a skein of something luxurious and yummy....will update with pic later on....just to tease you.

Plus, remember the other FANTASTIC STASH STUFF from this post....yarn, books and soaps...woo-hoo!

**Please visit the updated GALLERY at the right. One of the next FIVE people who send me pics will be chosen to win a cool Knit and Plenty Kit!**

Remember that the deadline is May 31!


I've been knitting a little on my Wavy scarf, but keep getting confused with what row I'm on...not good.

Sad that I have little excitement for spinning and knitting. Thought I'd take everyone's advice and start a new pair of socks, but was looking at all the wips I have and couldn't do it. MUST FINISH SOMETHING!!!

It's pretty much for certain that I'm dumping the Myrtle Lace Shawl pattern in favor of a less horrific and stressful one. Not that the lace pattern isn't beautiful, but it's so frustrating! My brain needs something easy.


Nothin' doing. damn Even have all that lovely new fiber...


Feeling a bit depressed because of the constant damp and rain. Trying not to buy something to cheer myself up...saw some perfume that I really liked...but no. NO. I won't do it.

Maybe I'll go get a Ben Hug. That always makes me feel happy. Have a great weekend, everyone!!

P.S. Been working on the podcast...slowly coming along...should I stop doing them, you think?


Nichole said...

I'm hoping I can get mine finished by the deadline. That would mean I'd have to take it on vacation with me though and I had planned to take something like socks or a hat (easy on the plane knitting)... bah.
Feel better - you're not the only one (and with me, its the weather, work and the fact that I bought 2 new pairs of shorts for vacation and neither pair fit.. argh!).

Amanda1 said...

Uh, please DON'T STOP DOING YOUR PODCAST! I listen to it while I do bills (it cheers me up while watching all my money slip away! ha ha)

I don't blame you for ditching the lace project. If the pattern is that difficult for you - an accomplished knitter - than how the hell would anyone else be able to do it?

Cheer up - the sun is coming... Monday I think.

Cayli said...

I totally understand the weather driven blahs. I get them too. Hope the sun comes out to play soon.

As far as the podcast goes I selfishly say please don't stop as I really like them but if it is a time hog then you have to decide for yourself.

Anonymous said...

Please don't stop doing the podcast! I really enjoy it.

yarnophiliac said...

NO! Don't stop the podcasts!! Why do you think you should? I so look forward to them!

Carol said...

That's me yelling at you not to stop!!! I love it. I agree you should dump the shawl if it doesn't make you happy to knit it.

Jackie said...

I love the pictures of the top of your head. You crack me up!

Don't stop doing your podcast, and don't stress about getting them out on a certain schedule. It's my very favorite and I'd be sad if I couldn't listen to them anymore.

Amy Boogie said...

I just finished spinning the yarn for my headband, but I couldn't decide which one to make....

If the podcasts are becoming a chore, then take a break. If you like doing them, don't stop!

Anonymous said...

PLEASE please please don't stop the podcast. Yours is one of my favorites to listen to. It gives my mind something to do while I'm working on my more mindless projects. I'll never make it through this afghan without them!

-Paige in GA

kimberly said...

NO don't stop the podcast!! Just thought you should know. :-)