Monday, March 26, 2007

Ooh, I FELT that!

Ta-da! It's done!!! I've only been working on it since October....! Thanks to the fantastic Jackie, I got remotivated to work on it and now, it's done!

Here is the picture BEFORE felting, where the measurements for the front/back were 20 inches by 20 inches. (Finished size....which felted in only ONE wash...fantastic! 12.5 inches by 12.5 inches):

My MOST favorite elements of this bag were:

- That is was VERY easy....all garter stitch with some decreases or increases here and there. Definitely a project you could take to a movie or knitting group.

- The final "quilted star look" is beautiful and I almost (I say, almost), want to make another one in another color.

- The icord bind off....excellent look when finished and kinda fun to do...a nice change from the normal bind off.

- It took only ONE wash on small load, hot water, cold rinse, heavy load setting to felt it...that's all! Love that Patons!

My LEAST favorite element of this bag were:

-The endless garter stitch gusset...ugh!

-And sewing up the gusset and icord, braided handles to the bag. Lots of "busy work".


Tote'M Bag designed by Suzanne Atkinson

Knitter's Magazine "Light and Shadow" Issue 2006 (unsure....can't find mag...)

Size 8 needles and dpns

2 colors (main color) ofPatons Classic Merino and one each for contrasting colors....(if you use your craft store 40% off coupons and buy them individually, you can make the bag for less than $15!!!

*see Jackie's Blog for her in-progress bag in gorgeous browns and blues. *

What do you think???

P.S. Next post....lots of new fibers, gifts and yarns...and our visit with the awesome Julie at the Yarn Sellar in York, ME. Wooo-hooo!


yarnophiliac said...

The bag looks awesome! yay! I started my little Booga Bag today -- I need some totally mindless knitting for

Anonymous said...

That came out FANTASTIC! Thanks a lot; I've just added another thing to my "to knit" list :)
I guess you ended up having enough yarn, huh?

Cayli said...

The bag is super cute. Love the color choice.

Amanda1 said...

Gina, the bag looks great!

Gigi said...

Wow! The bag looks AWESOME all felted up.

Donna said...

I LOVE THAT BAG GINA!! It came out great. Now I have to go find that magazine somehow........

Thanks for sharing!

Jackie said...

Wow! I love it. You did a fantastic job and the colors you chose are awesome!! I can't wait to finish mine now.

Sonya said...

Felted in one wash??!! That almost never happens. I want to make one.

Amy Boogie said...

Awesome bag.
I love felted stuff.

Nichole said...

LOVE the bag!!!!

Kimberly said...

Oh what a cute bag! I love how it felted. Those are really pretty colors too.

Sue said...

The bag is beautiful - I love the colors. Glad you enjoyed the knitting - except for the gusset :) Guess I should have found a way to make it more interesting...

Email me if you want some fun with a variation.


AuntieAnn said...

Julie mentioned you had made one so I came to see! I am making one now, in blues and off-white. Also Paton's. Yours is gorgeous! Thanks for the info about the felting.

YogaGardenGirl said...

Hey Sue, I can't find your blog or! I'd love to talk to you about more of your designs!