Monday, December 04, 2006

Wanna Washie?

Oooh, it's chilly today! Took Ben out on a stealth Christmas shopping trip to Best Buy (shh...don't tell Tim) and the wind was whippin' us around....I thought I could hear Lora and Jackie humming that 80's tune (Whip it...whip it good!) in my mind. Okay, I'm weird. You knew that.

ANYWAY...on the way into the jam-packed, people-rude-as-hell mall, Ben says, "Put on my THIS!"...and points to his hood. Now, this is the boy who won't even go outside with a coat and is frequently running around in the backyarnd (as of the end of November) in bare feet, jogging pants and his little belly hanging out....totally on purpose! Ian thought we should have a sign in the kitchen that says, "No shirt, No shoes, No service" above the rice cakes cupboard. Rice cakes (well, actually the White Cheddar "popcorn" cakes are his favorite). Tells ya how cold it was outside. Brrrr!

I have finished my 3rd Sleepy Eyes pattern....woo-hoo! This one makes a totally fun, supremely easy and inexpensive ($8.50!) holiday gift for a knitter or non-knitter and uses the beautiful and oh-so-soft-and-velvety Manos Cotton Stria yarn. This yarn comes in the most amazing can surely find a color that is perfect for anyone on your gift list. Add a bar of yummilcious soap (check out Kiss My Face soaps) and a little other gift (depending on your price range), too. (The bracelet in the pic was made by my girl-cousin, Bobbi...not to be confused with my boy-cousin Bobby...I have 26 cousins...on my dad's side only)

It's called the "Wanna Washie" (or the FULL name..."Wanna Washie, Softy Scrubby"...but it's up to you which name feels less foolish! LOL!) and you can make TWO (yes, two) in a couple of days out of only ONE skein. Pretty cool, huh?

Here's whatcha' NEED:

Yarn: 1 skein of Manos Cotton Stria

Tools: Size US 5 needles, measuring tape, tapestry needle, scissors

Here's whatcha' DO:

Gauge: approximately 5 stitches per inch in pattern on size US 5 needles

Using long tail cast on (leaving around 3-4 inches for tail but no more), CO 38 stitches.

Row 1: (*K1, P1), *repeat across to the end.
Row 2: (*P1, K1), *repeat across to end.

Repeat these two rows until you have just about 9 inches done. (The width should be approximately between 7.75 and 8 inches)

This is Seed Stitch (which I'm sure you already know) and gives a lovely texture to the washcloth (perfect for exfoliating your face or body). Bind off in pattern and leave a 3-4 inch tail (no longer). Sew in ends.

Make the second Washie just like the first.

This pattern is adaptable and you can use any of these three sizes for the Washies:

- Two 8" by 9" washcloths (as instructed above)
- One large 8" by 18" face/hand towel
- One 8" by 8" and one 8" by 10" washcloth (one is a more like a face cloth and the other a hand towel)

Hope you like these!

Oh, I also wanted to show you these few pictures:

1. Spun some Buffalo Gold fiber (which was VEWY expensive per ounce)...into this lovely yarn:

2. Organized half of my sock yarn stash and my spindles into this "thing" in my Sereknity Sock Options yarn and Socks That Rock aren't pictured...sorry! They're in the "sacred space".

3. Was in COMPLETE and UTTER awe of the yarn haul that Donna made from the Westminster Fibers sale in Nashua this past is only HALF of it! (uurgggh) Including bags of Rowan Spray (10 balls for $20!!!), RYC Classic Cashsoft Tweed (one bag in blue and one in gray), Gedifra Striping yarns (pinks...oooh! and other colors), and I even forget what else. I almost didn't let Donna leave the house without making an "offering" to the Yarn Goddess of my home (namely, me). But, I'm nice and let it slide...this time.....

(I'm SO evil!)

P.S. Guess whose lace sock pattern is going to be sold on


ErickaJo said...

Congrats on the sock pattern!

I made out pretty good in Nashua. I bought enough Rowan 4 ply to make any sweater that my heart calls for, down the line, when I find the pattern, and two bags of sock yarn, and about 6 books. I was a happy chick. I really wasn't prepared for it all, I tell you.

Jackie said...

Put on my this! I can just picture it. Too cute.

Love, love, love the washie.
That buffalo yarn is gorgeous.

Nichole said...

The washie came out great! I just printed out the pattern (thanks!)... congrats on getting on Kpixie too! WOO HOO! GORGEOUS buffalo yarn - what will it become?