Monday, December 11, 2006

Questions? Questions?

Okay, sweet and sassy knitters, Tuesday at 2:00 pm is the deadline for my "Questions? Questions?" contest. Do you wanna win some luscious STR ??? I have one skein that will be raffled off to anyone who sends in a question for me...could be about:

-my kids or hubby
-weird and wacky stuff in general

I can't promise that I'll be able to answer all the questions (or even answer them correctly), but I will do my very best. You get extra entries for originality, as well. As of this moment, I think Ericka will be the one to win...I can't imagine anyone else beating her question for originality...except maybe Jackie or Denise. (hello, Denise...where ARE you....????)

So, just email me at the usual place ( and tell me your questions. I have a whole bunch that are figuratively "sealed" on my mantelpiece that I am NOT going to open or look at until the very moment that I answer them...and, for me, that's a BIG deal. Believe me!

I've been pretty productive lately, even though I've been sick. Had a sore throat, was super cold and sneezing for two days. Feeling better now. I managed to get three projects done since the last blog which, I think, is pretty damn good.

First, we have the Lacy Cap using 100% Mongolian cashmere ("Candy Shop" colorway) from Jade Sapphire...which is one of the BEST yarns ever...YarnGasm....ooh, baby.

Next, we have my grandma's Railroad Rib (pattern by Fiber Trends) socks using Maine Woods Yarns"Winter Scene" superwash merino sock yarn. I think they came out sooo soft and pretty.

Finally, we have the fingerless mitts from called "Fetching". Jackie made a pair of these a couple weeks ago and I was thinking of doing a set for my sister-in-law. very own sister, Kim, came up for a visit from RI and says to me, "I think we should take a trip to the mall. I need a pair of fingerless mitts. I saw a pair in Old Navy I wanted."

I look at her. She looks back at me like, "WHAT???" I say, "You don't need friggin Old Navy fingerless mitts. I will make you fingerless mitts!" She seems excited. I take her to my yarn closet and she picks out a gorgeous skein of Cleckheaton's Angora Super in a baby blue (70% lambswool, 30% angora....droool). It is MORE than a pleasure to knit up and I finish the whole pair in a little over 24 hours. And you know what? She LOVED them! (score one for the big sister)

Here she is modeling them:

Besides all of the sickness, visiting sister and fo(s), I also had my third annual Holiday Knit Party on Sunday. Almost every "regular" ManchVegan (hmm..can I say that?) was there. It was the BEST party yet. There were:

-fabulous gifts given and received by all
-delicious food, champagne and wine (some of which was NOT drunk by sweet Heather)
-Christmas tree, holiday music and LOTS of laughter

I received all of THIS kick-ass stuff:

(top to bottom, left to right)...(2 skeins of a pretty varigated pink Japanese wool from the infamous blog-slut, and awesome, Amanda; goregous beach roving and pink crystal earring hoops from Heather, a JUMBO HUMONGO skein of Alpaca with a Twist's 100% baby alpaca in a soft, soft gray (550 yards!!!), handmade Lavender/Eucalyptus soap from Ericka and Chris (oh, the smell is incredible!), and a skein of a beautiful aqua ribbon yarn by Classic Elite...also from my rockin' Amanda.

Am I lucky or WHAT?

Wanna see some pics of the awesome party guests? Of course ya do!

Here's the beautiful Jackie with the handspun cashmere yarn she bought from me wrapped around her neck and also the lovely Ericka in the handknit Rowan sweater she got from Westminster Fibers last week.

Here is the sexy Heather, who is not letting me take a pic of her pretty face...bad Heather!...and the cute and funny-as-hell Lora looking at her yarn gift goodies.

And, finally, here are sweet Donna and awesome Amanda (both are "blog sluts"...meaning that they've been on other people's blogs many, many times but who are also blogless.) and amazing, "I-will-flash-for-the-good-of-the-group" Caroline sitting next to Crochet Queen Gigi.

Not pictured, but who also came: Chris, Mike, Jenna, and Sarah. Will HAVE to get pics of them next time. Sadly, there was no group pic...I guess I wasn't as organized as I thought I was!

I have so much other stuff to show you and tell you about in the podcast: I have new fiber from Spunky Eclectic, a cute-as-hell Monty the Monster bag from KM Stitchery and oh-my-gosh row counters from the always wonderful Kimberly of the Giving Flower.

Oooh, do you wanna see my pattern on KPixie?? Click HERE

Did I mention that you can purchase this pattern, not only from me (link up soon), but also from One Planet Yarn and Fiber? (store link on right sidebar) Pretty great!

Okay, I'm SO tired. I'll hope to hear from more of you for questions tomorrow and podcast up on either Tuesday night or Wed afternoon. 'Night, Knitters!


yarnophiliac said...

Thanks so much for hosting the party! What a fantastic time! Can't wait for the new pod-cast, either. DYING to hear Ericka's question.

Jackie said...

I'm dying to hear the answer to Ericka's question. Hmmmm, I wonder what you'll say?

Thanks for hostessing the party, it rocked!

Lora said...

OH What a fun party Gina!! You were a wonderful hostess and your menfolk are just has handsome as can be!! Hey you gotta picture of Chris!! He's sitting beside me in my picture you took of me. Thank you for inviting all of us into your home!! I really got in the Christmas spirit being around all of you gals and guys!! I am so happy I found you guys!! Now I can't wait for Wednesday night because I just enjoy you all so much!

kimberly said...

Oh I'm so jealous-it looks like you have an incredibley cool group of knitting buds. Can I fly over and join you?? Pretty please?
Congrats on the great pattern!!
Damn, I wish I had enough brain power to ask a fun question but it's on strike right now.

Nichole said...

I'm sad I missed the party - looks like you guys sure did have a blast!