Saturday, September 16, 2006

How do you spell incompetence? C-A-B-L-E G-U-Y!

*Before I start my ranting, here is a pic of the Yummilicious "Goody Gumdrops" sock using Heather's self-striping fingering weight sock yarn. It's my own pattern which, by the way, is featured in a sock contest at my LYS, Ewe'll Love It. Wish me luck...I'd love to win! It's a $25 gc and a set of the new Lantern Moon dpns in that gorgeous exotic wood. DROOL!*

Okay, so I THOUGHT that I would have cable internet on Wednesday night. I was very, very wrong. The alleged "cable guy" (who could have been a brick layer for all I know) came to the house and spend 20 minutes trying to find the cable that goes from the house to to outside. Finally, I found it in the living room. (check one for me) Then, he said he couldn't find the outside cable to connect the inside one to...(at this point, I suggested looking underneath some of the plants and ground cover that was beneath the spot where the cable came out)...he says, "uh, I already looked there. It's not there. What you have to do is to get a company to dig up the road and your property so we can connect the cable lines from down the street to your house. I don't think the cable line is here."

So, I look at him funny and say, "But, 5 other people have had cable in this says it on the order slip. So, where's the cable? It has to be here somewhere!" He says, "Uh, well, they must have dug it up out of the ground, I guess." And I say, "Why the heck would they do that??" He says, "I dunno." And proceeds to leave. (During this time, he keeps getting cell phone calls from his wife, who keeps screaming at him, "Are you LISTENING to me?????")

I called my hubby and when he came home that night, found the cable underneath the ground cover plants right where I said it would be (check two for me). The next day, I have to recall the cable company to have them come back and they say, "Oh, the computer says that this job has been completed." and, after being on the phone for over 30 minutes trying to talk to a live person, I get very upset. I said, "He didn't do ANYTHING!!!!!" and proceeded to tell them exactly what happened the day before. we have to wait for the cable company to call and make ANOTHER appointment...hence, no cable internet...hence, no time to wait to upload a couple pictures because of very cute, but cranky children...hence, no blogging.

But, this morning, I have a few minutes (actually it's taken me an hour) to upload pics and blog...Finally!

1. A picture of the beautiful, awesome bucket bag that Jackie made for me ...I'm keeping all of my current small knitting projects in it. It is WONDERFUL!!!

2. A picture of the slippers I knit (and then felted) using the Montera (50% llama, 50% wool) yarn in pink and turquoise. The pattern is from the new book, "Knit 2 Together" by Tracey Ullman and Mel Clark...totally super new book..funny, too.

3. Here is half of Rose's merino/silk fiber spun up into a 2 ply, bulky weight yarn. You can't imagine how gorgeous this yarn is and how silky, super soft it is. I really hope she'll like it. So far, I've spun up 117 yards of it and she'll have at least that much more from the second ball of fiber. Yummy!

4. Here is my lovely, lovely new pink iPod that Ian got me. This is the knitted up, unfelted cozy using Knit Picks Sock Garden in the "Star Gazer Lily" colorway and the Knit Picks pattern. I made one for Ian a year or two ago out of the "Yukon" we have matching cozies! (cue...."Awwwwwwww!)

5. This is the finished iPod cozy....with all embellishments and which hangs perfectly from my neck so I can walk and listen to it. So super...the pattern is easy and fun, too.

6. Finally, the updated "COCK" doesn't look much bigger than the last picture, but it actually is...the circ needle that it's on right now (of course, an Addi Turbo) is small, so you can't tell that it's much bigger. It's so beautiful and the pattern is very easy to remember. I can't decide what it will actually be in the end....either a baby blanket, small shawl or throw, but it will be sinfully soft no matter what it turns out to be.

To all my loyal and super blogging readers, please don't give up on me. I will keep trying to blog as frequently as I can. Meanwhile, I will be knitting up amazing things and hoping to finish many UFOs before the year is out. Stay tuned!!!!

**Also....guess whose handspun, cabled yarn is in the newest "Spin-Off Magazine"?????? Check out page 86 on the left. EEEE! It's so friggin awesome! I know...a LOT of people get their yarn in, but I'm so pysched to see mine there along with others MUCH more nicely spun and beautiful. And, I'm the only one from NH this month...super cool!**


Downshiftingpath said...

I love the ipod cover - wow, great colour yarn and those slippers look super cosy...will have to put that on my list. Angora's journal

Lora said...

OH MY GOSH!!! Those slippers are so friggin awesome!! I want to make some!!!!!!!!!

OH HONEY I hear you on the cable people!! We had them out here Friday and then AGAIN TODAY!! We had cable come out yesterday and hook us up and then after our guy left the gal downstairs had a call in and some guys came out and "hooked" hers up, in the process UNHOOKING then this morning half our crap worked and half of it didn't anad the same thing with the gal downstairs so we had a call and the cable guys came out and FINALLY sorted it all out!
Good luck my friend!!
Now get me that slipper pattern!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh don't worry, we're not giving up on you!! Good luck on winning that contest-my fingers are crossed.
I love your new ipod and cover-cool. That bag is sooo pretty. I love the fabric.
Your cases are done, I just have one small thing to make before I can pack them all up. I'll let you know when they are in flight to you!
Oh and I love your shawl, blanket thingie. I've knit 3 of them, attatched them and am almost done-just have the shell row to knit which should take me about a month. I'm learning so much from this pattern. I also found two mistakes-argh!!

Lapdog Creations said...

The slippers are to die for! I've been eyeing the Tracy Ulman book - so you think its worth it?
Good luck with your cable woes... cable companies suck but I have to say when we got back from Miami last November the night before Thanksgiving and had NOTHING (our phone, net and cable are all in one), Comcast was out first thing on THNAKSGIVING morning to fix the problem... I was truly impressed (probably the first and only time, but never the less...)!

Laura said...

Wow! Those slippers are SO cool! I may have to buy that book just to be able to make those for my Auntie Anne (& my Mom... & my Granny...)