Friday, August 18, 2006

Done Good...

This week, I've gotten a nice amount of work done with my knitting. (good girl!) I've bypassed the "Black Hole" of knitting my lingerie....also known as the "butt hole" of knitting (sorry, I'm being vulgar)...when you knit and knit and knit...measure 9 inches...knit for, like, another hour and measure again....9 inches. WTF?? At some point, the knitting gods get tired of jerking you around and move on to something else...the perfect time to knit one more row...AND.....then you're up to 10 1/2 inches! Imagine that...the miracles of knitting...(b*stards...) Anyone else have this experience?

At knitting group Wed (which Lora and her children adorably call, "knitting practice"! it...which it really is sometimes, right?), Marion brought leftover favors from her daughter's wedding (nice pictures, too), which consisted of hand crocheted flowers around a net of JELLYBEANS!!!! Yummy! Here are some of the flowers...had to keep them...

So...on the sly, I've been working on the Moss Grid Hand Towel from Mason Dixon Knitting with Euroflax Linen in Emerald. This is for the bathroom upstairs (the one with the jacuzzi tub!!!!), so it MUST be worthy.

Didn't realize until I was halfway through the pattern (6th repeat of grid) that I was almost out of, as many of my fellow knitters know, I'm FAMOUS for never having enough yarn (that darn Noro Kuryeon!) at the end of a project...but the pattern says knit 12 (yes, 12) repeats. I look and I have only 1 yard of yarn left. Hm. What should I do? What the hell happened? While contemplating the thought that maybe Ben was eating my yarn (Ericka has suggested this numerous times...she might not be wrong either), I happend to look at the materials list again.

Then, I looked at my label.

The book says 1 skein. I have 1 skein. Same brand. Same fiber content. The book says 370 yards. My label says 135 yards. Ahhh! That's what's wrong. I had no idea that this yarn comes in two size skeins. Did you? So...what to do?

Make a half size hand towel...."yeah", I'll say..."I planned it that way." (snort)

Here's a close up on the pattern and yarn:

There are 2 nice traits and 2 naughty traits of this yarn (much like me, I must say)...

1. The yarn easier to knit with than cotton, which I was surprised and pleased with.
2. Linen is not hard on the fingers and is almost like a hard silk....and the finished product is super nice!

not good 1. This yarn splits and knots very easily.
not good 2. This yarn comes in TWO DAMN SIZE skeins!

Okay, trying to let it go....

Finally, had to rip out the Toe Sock from the leg (I'm doing toe up) back to the foot (oh...oh...not the heel! yup) back to the foot. The women's medium size said to knit until the foot is 7.5 inches (which I did) and then start the short row heel. When I was done with the heel, the foot was 10 inches long....not humongous, but not nice and snug like I like it. So, I had to cry a bit, rip a bit and now, I'm back to where I was last week. (long sigh)

Also, did a little spinning of some fiber for Rose today. It's a beautiful merino fiber in purples, blues, pinks, whites, grays and more....coming out nicely!

Guess what I got today??? A package from Fredrick's of Hollywood....I wonder what's inside??? (you perverts!...only joking.) It's almost (and I say almost, not quite the same) as having a package of yarn come in the mail. So excited to see what it is! (well, I know already....but you don't...nah nah nah nah nah!)


Anonymous said...

I think we need a picture of what's in the package!

Lots of nice things today - love the hand towel, love the toe socks, love the crochet flowers - just one question: what happened to the jelly beans? ;)

Nichole said...

I second Julie on that one!

And I think it should be illegal for yarn to come in 2 different skein sizes... geesh! The hand towel (face cloth?) is is gorgeous though (I have that book - going to have to check out the pattern!).
Cute toe sock too!

trek said...

Stop where you are and call it a washbloth! Looks great!

YarnB said...

I see you are enjoying the imaging editing software!! LOL. I am going to make the same Louet towel! Yes I knew about the two sizes of yarn when I saw skeins with two big price differences after thinking I had gotten a great deal..not!! :) I love that towel but I am working on six things here at once. How can I learn to knit with my toes?

Kimberly said...

Oh I'm in the knitter's black hole right now. I'm working on the Lotus Blossom Tank and the thing is not getting any bigger. Love your spinning!

Anonymous said...

Awesome Job on the spinning, I love it!
Your toe socks are rockin!
I third the motion re: what is in the package!!! It can't be too bad if its VS. Now if it were Fredricks of Hollywood......... rated X? lol