Friday, October 16, 2015

Snow Baby Leg Warmers!

My dear knitting friends!   Happy Autumn!

Me and my boys!!!  (Tim, 22 and Benji, 12)

Holy crap, it's been over a year since I wrote to you last.   How is that possible?? (so many hugs)

But, first, how are you?  How has your year been so far?  What project are you knitting on right now?  What have you finished since I talked to you last?

I'm thrilled to say that I'm finally starting to knit for my own enjoyment...and not for "work" or because I have to "finish this for so-and-so".  Does anyone else ever feel this way?  Maybe this may lead to "starteritis" or even buying some new yarn (eek!),'s WORTH it to be happy with needles and lovely yarn in your hands knitting something you absolutely love, right?? :D

And speaking of knitting something you absolutely love...

I'm even more thrilled (and honored!) to announce that I have a design in the brand new book, "One Skein Wonders for Babies" by the amazing editor, Judith Durant.  Woo-hoo!

The cutest knitting patterns ever!

My design is the Snow Baby Leg Warmers (page 189)...and I have to say...they are one of my most favorite new patterns.  The leg warmers are super quick to knit, very cute, practical AND, for a limited time, I'm offering any one Sleepy Eyes Knits pattern on Ravelry (including books!) for FREE when you purchase the Snow Baby Leg Warmers & Hat pattern!  Yay!  (It's also a sweet and thoughtful gift to knit for a baby shower and/or new baby.)  

For the free pattern coupon code, check out my Sleepy Eyes Knits Facebook page!

©Geneve Hoffman Photography

This book is SO cute, you'll want to hug it for hours...all of the adorable and super sweet photos of knitted clothes and accessories will make your heart melt...ahhhhh!!!!  :D

I've loved all of the One Skein Wonder books and this one is no different...maybe even my favorite.

Here are my 10 favorite patterns:

1.  Full of Love Sleep Sack (page 261)
2.  Fat Kitty (page 248)
3.  Tuck Me In (page 202)
4.  The Perfect Baby Bib (page 199)
5.  Poseidon Mitts (page 182)
6.  Little Ballerina Slippers (page 179)
7.  Easy Baby Bootees (page 175)
8.  Faux Seams Toque (page 145)
9.  Playtime Sweater (page 75)
10.  Trellis Lace Sweater and Hat (page 33)

The layout is clear, easy to read and the font (both size and type, which I think is important when reading a pattern) is perfect.   I wish I had all the time in the world to knit everything in this book.  My suggestion is:  pick 3 things (mine and knit like the wind!  Keep these sweet items in a special place until you have the opportunity to gift them (because you know you will!).  Then, wrap the items in lovely tissue paper, tie with raffia and add a hand written card.   All set!

Did I also mention that I'm giving away free stuff??? (I bet THAT got your attention!)

(Huge thanks to Jessica/Zarzuela & friend for the gift goodies!)

Here's how to win this awesome gift stash:

1.  Read this blog post.
2.  Comment on this blog post (or Facebook contest post) with an answer to this question:
"Do you wear the things you knit?"
3.  Like my Sleepy Eyes Knits Facebook page.
4.  Like the contest post.
5.  (optional) Grab the coupon code to get your FREE Sleepy Eyes Knits pattern on Ravelry (when you purchase the Snow Baby Legwarmers & Hat pattern).

(Contest ends and winner chosen on November 1st, 2015)

Well, what are you waiting for?  Go now! lol

So many hugs and wishes of knitting joy :D

Love, Gina


vickib said...

I usually end up knitting for myself, except for Christmas. Then I knit for a few people in my family. Only my daughter gets the really good stuff though because I know she knows how to take care of it. We knit stuff for each other. :)

I love the baby leg warmers. So darn cute! Her friend is having a baby in January. Perfect timing!

Anonymous said...

No, I usually knit and give away as gift most of the things!
patmom on Ravelry

Julie (Noolie) said...

Since I usually knit for Clover, Maple, or Rob, the answer to this question is no.

Gina House said...

Thanks, Vicki, Patmom and Julie!! :D I've entered you all into the contest!