Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lace Shawl Design-Naming Contest!!!

Hey knitters!

I’m in the process of designing my very first triangular lace shawl and I need some pattern name suggestions.

In order to make this a fun process, I thought I’d have a contest.


1. From now until July 31st, 2011 comment on this post with suggestions of names for my new lace shawl.

2. Suggestions should somehow relate to the shawl in some way (note “images” below) and I’d prefer if the name wasn’t already being used in Ravelry as a pattern, particularly a lace pattern.

3. The winner will not only be named awesome and amazing (on here, my blog and facebook), but also will receive a FREE copy of the lace pattern (or pattern of his/her choice in my pattern store). There is also free yarn involved (that part is a surprise).

4. In the first week of August, the winner will be announced, as well as the unveiling of the new pattern (pics included)…available for purchase on my Raverly pattern store as well as here on my blog.

The above picture is the yarn I'm using for this design: Mad Color "Classica" in the Margharitaville colorway.

Can’t wait to read your suggestions!!!

Gina :D

Here are key images to work with:

cool, frosty drinks
cotton sundress

Good luck!!!

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