Thursday, August 04, 2011

Contest Winner!!

I'm VERY happy to announce the winner of the Design Naming Contest.....

Norma H of Columbus, Ohio!!!!
(NHoran on Ravelry)

Out of the 30+ truly fantastic suggestions that I received (via Sleepy Eyes Knits on Facebook, on the blog, and on my SleepyHeads Ravelry group), 3/4 of my favorites were suggested by Norma.

I've decided to go with....

"Tilia" (for lime tree)

It's a lovely, simple name and just has the little bit of extra sparkle that I wanted to describe the shawl's character.

Norma will be receiving a gift package of yarn and goodies, will receive a free copy of this lace pattern (or any pattern of her choice) and also be named on the pattern in the description.

Congratulations, Norma!!!!

I also want to thank EVERYONE who gave suggestions for this contest - I really loved reading all of the shawl name ideas! Thank you SO much!!!

(Please stay tuned for next month's contest as well!)

Before I go, I wanted to leave you with a couple of pictures of the new shawl design, "Tilia", blocking. I still have some writing, editing, and photography to do on the pattern, so keep a look out for a new post when the pattern is finished and available for purchase.


What do you think???? :D

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