Monday, June 06, 2011

It's a Gemini thing...

I think it's a Gemini thing to have a million interests at one time. At least, that's what's normal to me. It seems like, once I feel like I've mastered (or semi-mastered) a hobby, craft or activity, it's time to move on to something else. I think that's why I loved school so much growing up. Every year, every month, every day was something new to learn. I don't think I'll ever go back to college to get my Master's degree (I've got a B.S. in Mathematics), but I love learning and I think of my life now as my own, personal college.

In life, I've not only had experience with being a daughter, friend, sister, girlfriend, wife, lover and mother, but also learned how to read, sew, crochet, knit, quilt, cross stitch, paint, cook, canning, making soaps, candles and dolls. I've taken up yoga, Reiki, reading tarot cards, bellydance and now, my favorite, hooping and hoopdancing. These are only a partial list of the interests in my life of learning so far. Is it because I can't sit still? (very possibly - you can ask my husband) Is it because I'm flighty and can't stick to anything? (possibly) Or is it because I just can't stop my love of learning and absorbing new information as much as possible? (that's MY answer - lol)

This year has been a challenge. I've had an incredible number of changes and events in the past year and I sometimes feel like I'm not quite caught up yet. In some people's eyes, these changes and events may seem trivial and unworthy of so much contemplation and time. But, to me, the accumulation of these things has been overwhelming - both good and bad. I've tried to organize these experiences in my mind and heart and, hopefully, at some point I can say that everything is in it's place - and can sigh in relief. In order to keep some perspective, I've made sure to write down all the things I'm grateful for each day and it truly makes a difference.

Having such a large number of hobbies and interests helps to calm my mind and dampen my feelings of being overwhelmed. For the most part, knitting is my activity of choice when it comes to calming my emotions and balancing any feeling of anxiety. It's amazing how two needles and yarn can be so relaxing!

The past few months, sewing has taken over - more as an obsession than a relaxation. I find that, as soon as I get my sewing machine out, I'm frantically tracing, cutting, looking over patterns and dimensions and then, exhausted, sitting at the sewing machine to crank out my project. Of course, sewing is so much fun and very rewarding - I love creating practical items for myself, my home and my family. But, man, is it frantic! It's go-go-go the whole time. Whereas with knitting, I can sit there, knit one stitch as slowly as I feel like, daydreaming about whatever I want and the knitting still happens and I'm still calm. of course, sometimes there are outbreaks of craziness - like yarn that breaks, splits, knots, pukes up the middle or a pattern that is just SO wrong that you feel like strangling the designer (that sometimes includes myself!). But, on the whole, knitting is wonderful.

I'm happy that I've gotten my knitting mojo back in time for the end of spring/beginning of summer. That time, of course, is known (to me at least) as the Summer of Lace Knitting.

In New Hampshire, it doesn't get overly warm but, to us, it's damn hot. When it's humid outside and the temps are in the high 80s, I don't feel like touching the fiber on my spinning wheel, doing any exercise (unless fully air conditioned) or cooking on my stove. The last two are inevitable, but the first I can substitute with some nice, lightweight, super fine yarn and an interesting lace pattern.

Here are some of the lace projects that I've finished so far this spring/summer:

1. Pleidades Shawl

-Knit using Mad Color's (formerly Sereknity Yarn and Fiber) Perfect yarn in Purple People Eater colorway

2. Weekend Shawl

-Knit using Swoon Fiber's sock yarn in Pinkish Red/Maroon colorway and Cascade Heritage sock yarn in brown colorway.

3. Echo Flower Shawl

-Knit using Jaggerspun Zephyr merino/silk in white colorway

and, the shawl I'm working on now is this,

4. Spring Things Shawl

-Knit using Karabella Lace Mohair in a neon green colorway

(All of my projects are also on Ravelry with more detail and more photos. Click HERE for my Ravelry notebook page.)

Along with knitting lace, I'm finding a lot of joy in hooping and hoopdancing. As I've mentioned before, I'm taking a teacher training course with Hoopnotica in September - in the meantime, I'm teaching free hoopdance classes in my neighborhood for experience. So far, they're going amazingly well and I'm having a lot of fun. (I hope my students are, too!) I'm still working on shoulder hooping, leg hooping and angled hooping. I look forward to my 30+ minutes each day that I practice ; )

If you're ever in the southern NH area, I'd love to see you at a class. The free classes are ending at the end of August, so take advantage while you can! If you'd like more information about Hoop Glow hoopdance and my classes, click on these links.

Thank you for still being loyal to my blog and for listening to my babble. It's so nice to know that you're still out there...

*HUG* :D

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