Monday, June 07, 2010

Dreamscape Reviewed in Spin-Off Magazine!!!

OMG - found out from my friend, knitting and spinning guru, Vicki (who taught me how to spin!), last night that she'd opened up her newest Spin-Off Magazine (Summer 2010) and saw a full page (page 18) review on my Dreamscape book!

How friggin' awesome is that??

I think the review was pretty great and the constructive criticism was definitely helpful concerning the photography. I mean, Ian and I aren't professional photographers (it's just a hobby, really) and I was going more for a certain artistic, vintage style and look...rather than close-ups of the stitches.

I thought we did have some stitch definition with the photos (especially since Ian tried to keep only the knitted item in color, with the rest of the photo "aged"), but I'm sure I could've added extra pictures with more focused details of the knitting - if I'd had the time and extra money, of course.

All in all, I was thrilled with the review and I want to thank Jean Lampe for taking the time to look at my book. Thanks so much!!

I was also super happy to find my Fireball Horseshoe Cap in this issue as well (!) on page 88. Another full page description of the hat that I knitted out of my handspun, using Ivy Brambles' corriedale fiber in "Fireball" colorway (love it!). That was a quick, fun and adorable knit.

Whew - what a day!

I also wanted to share with you some pics of my Liquorice Shrug by Megan Marshall.

I needed a shrug to wear with my sleeveless black dress for a friend's wedding a couple of weekends ago and found this pattern - which I loved. You pretty much knit two of the same pieces (well, one goes the opposite way) and sew the seams. Great pattern and pretty easy to knit. The only thing I had trouble with was with trying to knit this in 2 weeks (just made it - finished it on the DAY of the wedding!) with size US 3 needles. I'd give it a little more time next time, I think. LOL!

Here are the details:

Yarn: Classic Elite Silky Alpaca Lace (used a little over 2 balls)
Color: Black
Needle: US 3, 24" circ
Weight: Fingering (I doubled the lace yarn)
Changes: I made my shrug with longer sleeves. Instead of the sleeves being 16" long, mine were 22" (8" of the sleeve actually goes over the back of your shoulders, so my sleeves were actually only 14" long) and I omitted the crochet trim. I liked the more "flowing" look of the ends of the sleeves - made them look more like bell sleeves that way.

Here's me in the shrug (in the hotel bathroom, of all places...jeez!):

and me with my sexy, handsome hubby, Ian in the reception hall at Stonewall Farm in Keene, NH: (Ian was one of the groomsmen...oh, the tux...the tux!)

I think that's all the news I have so far. Oh, Ian bought me an adorable Hello Kitty (Janome) sewing machine for my birthday on the 23rd (turned 37!!) and all of my friends got me the most amazing gift cards and sewing things so I can splurge on fabrics and such. I have the BEST and most thoughtful friends ever!!! : D

If any of you are looking for my Dreamscape book, please look on the right sidebar to my homepage ( for 3 online shops to buy my book: My Etsy shop, The Yarn and Fiber Company and Willowgate Yarns. You can also download the pdf of Dreamscape off of my blog (sidebar, using Paypal) and/or on here.

Would love it if you'd pass the word on! Hugs to you all and Happy Knitting!! xoxxo


Leslie said...

Friggin' Awesome is what it is! Congratulation, Gina. So richly deserved.

Donna said...

Exciting week for you! I thought the review was excellent. And I just love the hat!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Gina! That is so awesome!!!! I can't wait for my copy of SpinOff to arrive in my mailbox!

Pandora's Box of FIber said...

When I picked up a copy of Spin-Off today, I was super excited to see the nice publicity for you, Gina! I think that you will be getting some well deserved attention for your amazing patterns. Good luck!

Lynne K. said...

That is so wonderful! Congratulations. Everyone I have showed your book to has had a lot of compliments. Keep up the good work, Gina!!