Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Elegant Ewe Trunk Show - Yay!

Well, I didn't know what to expect for my last trunk show of the Winter. I had hopes, but didn't dare to hope TOO much. Every trunk show since December has been wonderful and, I thought one of them was bound to be a little disappointing.

But, NO!

I have been the luckiest girl EVER and ended my Winter "tour" with a bang. Thanks to Denise (who got in touch with the lovely people at The Elegant Ewe), to Marci (who gave the go ahead for the whole thing) and to Kelly (who quickly organized, advertised and planned out the entire event - and who was so friendly and helpful to me the entire time) - because of them, this last trunk show was an overwhelming SUCCESS!!!

I not only sold 24 books (even had less to leave in the store than I thought I'd have! woo-hoo!), but enjoyed every moment of my time there.

The Persephone Beret class was so much fun - the ladies that I worked with were funny and welcoming and I had a good time watching their berets slowly progress through the class.

Here is another pic of me and the ladies -

I was grateful to everyone who bought a book at the shop that day and to some wonderful friends that came to visit (and most of them already own my book, so they just came to support me!) -

Tracy, Denise and Sarah (below is Sarah with her little boy, me and Denise) from the Concord Knitting Group

Hilary and Caroline from our ManchVegas Knitting Group

How luck I am!

Kelly even made homemade cookies (yuummmmmm!) and had coffee for everyone, too. I completely forgot to take a pic with her (like I also forgot at the Yarn Sellar with Patti), but I'm sure I'll be going back to the Elegant Ewe again and again and I can snag her for a pic then.

I also had some time to shop after the trunk show and I bought 2 bars of the most luscious smelling soap, another Wallaby pattern (which I keep losing) and a skein of local Alpaca/Cashmere sportweight yarn in a chocolately brown to make Ian gloves with. (The pattern I bought was designed by Kelly!)

All in all, another FANTASTIC day and then, I went off with my hubby for a romantic weekend in Boston. We took the local bus and a couple of T trains to our hotel, saw a Damon Wayans comedy show (awesome!), visited the Musuem of Fine Arts (we were there for over 3 hours and only saw a fraction of the stuff we wanted), watched an Omni Theatre show "Arabia" at the Boston Museum of Science, visted the Brattle Book Shop (and bought many books), and finally walked around Chinatown and sat in the Bamboo Garden.

Oh, life was good this weekend.

I also finally gave my mom her Fudge Swirl Cabled Mock Turtleneck sweater (it's her birthday this weekend!) and it fit her PERFECTLY!!! I was so happy. Here she is wearing it:

and from the back:

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Will be back on Monday or Tuesday for the next post of my NETA Spa weekend and my finished Lego Man knitted toy. Yayyyy!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on another successful trunk show! I'm so happy for you.

I'm really looking forward to seeing you at SPA; we're heading up early tomorrow afternoon.

Lora said...

Gina, you have worked so hard on this book and your shows, it's only fair you have the success you are having! :o)
Your mom looks GREAT in that sweater! Good Job!

Leslie said...

Whoo hoo, on to Colorado!

オテモヤン said...