Monday, January 25, 2010

Knitting Studio Trunk Show!

My 3rd trunk show was truly fun!

The Knitting Studio is called, "The Friendliest Yarn store in VT" and it's SO true. When you go into the store, you immediately feel welcome, comfortable and like you could stay there all day to chat and knit.

Before I even reached the door, I saw this sign in front of the shop on the sidewalk -

Isn't that awesome??? Ian was like, "Hey, that's pretty cool!" and I thought so, too!

I went inside the store to put down my trunk and boxes of books and Ian took this photo of me just inside the door -

Lee, Leslie and Bridgette of Knitting Studio are wonderful and made me feel very special that day. Leslie bought my very first book in cash because she said that she wanted me to have my very first sale right away. Isn't that sweet??

Here I am with Lee and Leslie before the show started. (And look at the great yarn in the background!!)

I set up my woolen goodies on the back table and, while I was waiting for interested knitters, I roamed the shop perusing their interesting and lovely assortment of buttons, yarn, patterns and books. It's one of those stores where you think you've seen everything and then, all of a sudden, you find something else that catches your eye.

The two items that I wanted to buy (but didn't this time, but will definitely get NEXT time!) were a beautiful lace/fingering weight Bamboo/Merino/Bison blend yarn (yummmmmy!) and the Eco Cashmere, which I've had my eye on every time I visit their shop. I ended up buying 2 skeins of a fushia Mirasol Tulsi, a skein of Regia Monster & book (for kids' socks), a couple of magazines for Jackie, a skein of Noro Kureyon for the Log Cabin blanket (in a color I hadn't seen before) and an adorable tea/coffee container that's green and stainless steel and had a sheep on the front saying, "Knit Happy".

I was totally lucky and grateful when a number of friends came by the shop to see me and the trunk show. Julie (CoolMoonYogaKnits from Ravelry) came with her adorable daughter, Phoebe and Pam (PamBill from Ravelry) also came to see me - and she looked so pretty in all of the hats. (I'm still thinking of that great Thorpe hat she had knit out of was great!) The four of us had fun trying on all of my designs and seeing which ones looked good on them. In this pic, they're wearing the ones that I thought looked the best.

Finally, Kerry (KMurphy4) came to visit me and that was wonderful to have a friend from home come to the yarn store! We sat and talked for a while (and planned later on to go to Dobra Tea house in Burlington to knit - which was sooo fantastic!).

At the end of the day, I'd sold 20 books (yay!) and went home tired, but happy. It was a great day!

The next day, though, wasn't so great. We got up very early so that we could leave VT in time to make a friend's last-minute wedding in NH, which was at 1:30 pm. On the way there, my car overheated (three times!) and we ended up having to call AAA to tow it to a nearby town in VT. It most likely has a blown head gasket and I had to leave my lovely car in VT (which has my trunk show, Ben's boots & karate belt and Ian's snow shoes!) in the trunk). Ughhhh! Ian's grandfather (who is in his 80s!) drove us all home and then drove right back to VT. It was very generous of him, but I was also worried about him the whole time. Almost 7 hours of driving for a grandfather is alot! Luckily, he got home safely. Whew! the moment, we found out it will cost over $1600 to fix my car and I won't get it back until Friday or Monday of next week. ARghhhhhhh!

But, besides this bad news, I was truly happy with the trunk show and I'm so grateful to everyone at The Knitting Studio - thank you all very much and I'll be up there again soon to shop and visit! (And I recommend that you do, too! lol!)

Have a great day everyone! ; )


Leslie said...

Huzzah on the book signing, grrr arrgh on the car. You will succeed with this, I am so sure.

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