Friday, December 11, 2009

"Dreamscape" available for PURCHASE!!!

Yayyyy!!! This is one of my MOST exciting things to happen for me this year (well, except for my trip to Fresh Purls, which I still think could NOT have gone better) and I'm thrilled to share it with you!

Okay, so...there are a few things I should explain before you buy.

1. The pdf e-Book is available here on my blog (see right side bar of the home page for "Buy Now" buttons) and also on Ravelry - though at the moment (1 pm on Friday) it seems to have disappeared, so I hope the Ravelry Angels are fixing things for me as I write. Strange how 2 people were able to buy it last night...weird, but good!

( On Ravelry, I have not been able to figure out how to add Dreamscape as an e-book, no matter how many links editors have sent me. Am I an idiot? Possibly. But, at least I was able to add it as a pattern and if you go to my Pattern Store, you can buy the 4 MB ebook (may take some time to download) there until I can get someone to help me change it to it's correct category.)

You also may have noticed TWO prices here on my blog for the pdf. And, I may have explained this before, but here it is again, just in case. The $10 e-Book (Me&Gift) option is for if you may be too tempted to buy a pdf for yourself and then "share" it with a friend of yours. This price is less expensive than buy 2 pdfs (seems silly, too) and you are able to keep 1 pdf and forward it to one other person. This way, you save $4, but can feel good about not cheating me. LOL!

I'm very interested to see who chooses this option.

2. On my Sleepy Eyes Etsy Shop (link here and also on the right sidebar of homepage), you are able to buy the book or the book with pdf combination. With the combination, you save only a $1, but I think it's worth it to get both. You can keep the hard copy in your knitting bag and the pdf on your iPhone or iTouch or cell phone to look at when you can bring the book.

For a limited time, you will receive a handmade Dreamscape stitch marker and your book wrapped in a beautiful black ribbon with each hard copy book you purchase. They were made by the wonderful Hilary of Fairy Designs. (She will be adding new items to her store starting in January next year.) Yay! ; )

So, in the meantime, if you have ANY questions, please feel free to email me and let's hope that Ravelry is working on getting my book up as an ebook and not just a pattern.

Cross your fingers!!

P.S. If you'd like your book(s) by Christmas, please order by December 17th.


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I was about to order on Etsy... but I was hoping to not have to pay the $5 shipping... can I pick one up from you at Y & F (love the stitch marker add on btw)?

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