Monday, December 07, 2009

AMAZING Fresh Purls Trunk Show!!

Woo-hoooooooo!! The weekend was even BETTER than I'd expected. WAY better! I feel like I'm floating on Cloud 9 right now. I don't know where to begin telling you about this weekend or how to type in a normal manner so that I'm not babbling like an idiot. I will TRY, but please forgive my over-enthusiasm ; )

Okay...we left on Friday night for RI so that we'd be able to get to the store at 9 am without much trouble. Luckily, my Mom and Dad (who live in RI) took the kiddies so Ian was able to bring me to the yarn store with my trunk full of stuff (and the books). I was so over-prepared that we arrived at 8:40 am! (whoops)

Sherry, one of the employees at Fresh Purls was so nice and let me in early. She showed me around and we figured out a good place to put the trunk show. Ian took some pics of the store -inside and out- while I got myself ready. Once Karen arrived (the fabulous owner), she took me on a tour of the store and got me prepared for what we'd be doing this weekend. She made me feel soo welcome ; )

I have to tell you all - this store is so wonderful. As soon as you walk in, you feel at home. You feel welcomed and warm and cozy. Although it's a small store (more vertical than horizontal, if you know what I mean), it makes up for it in "presence". Everything is organized and they have an amazing selection of lovely, lovely yarn. All of the decor is attractive and adorable. It's exactly the kind of store I'd have, if I had one. It's light, airy and you feel like you can touch things without hesitation. I can't tell you how many times I walked around the store, adding things to my shopping bag of stuff I wanted to buy (oh, man!)

Some of my favorite items from the store were: Walker bags (in sheer, soft fabrics and firmer, mesh versions - I only bought 1, but I wanted ALL of them!), the button selection, the wire bracelet kits (which I bought 2 of!), the Fresh Purls signature stitch markers (yay!) and the Berroco Lustra (I bought the dark red...gorgeous!). I could have bought TONS more stuff, but had to restrain myself. For next time, I have my eye on the simple, squiggle sterling silver shawl/scarf pin/pick, more Walker bags and some Blue Sky Alpacas yarn. ; )

On Saturday, I was thrilled to have my closest friends visit me (they came all the way down from NH!) at the store and Heather brought a load of her gorgeous, Sereknity yarn to sell along with the "Joy of Sox" books that Karen had in the store. Oh, I can't tell you how grateful I felt for their support and company!

(L-R, Back -Front): (Kerrie-Ann, Judy, Jackie, Heather and Lora)

My lovely sister, Kim (who models the Soleil Shoulder Wrap in my book), and her friend, Jen also visited, but sadly, I have no pics of them : ( I was also delighted and surprised to see a high school friend of mine, Jessica, who doesn't knit, but came to the shop to say hello and support me. It was awesome to see her!

After their visit (which included a truly yummy lunch across the street at Hope Street Pizza), I taught an Amanda Hat class, which was loads of fun! Mostly everyone had already started to knit the hat and I pretty much just helped very minimally and blabbed on and on. It was the first Amanda Hat class I've ever "taught" and it was great...the ladies were super nice and I loved talking to them about Audible, Netflix and knitting/running. I immediately felt like I'd made some new friends and I hope to see them again! (I feel like a heel, but I can only remember the name of the adorable woman on the very right front of the picture, Becky. I know I wrote down the others' names, but I met so many people, I completely forgot. I'm SO sorry. Please let me know your name again if you're reading this.)

The rest of the day was spent talking to customers, knitting, shopping and then, so soon, it was time to go. I sold 15 books that day!!! Yay!

The next day was even better! (If you can believe it.) I was only there for 4 hours, but I sold at least 18 more books and got to see MORE friends!!!





Ann! (my very best friend from high school):

Oh, what a day!!!

I went home in a glow of happiness and gratitude. I kept thinking, "I am SO lucky". And I really am. Not only am I truly and undenyingly grateful to Karen Holmes and her store/staff, but also:

- to Ian (for driving me there, helping me to set up and pretty much creating half the book!)
- to my parents (for taking care of the kids, feeding us and supporting me in every way)

(Here I am with my mom's friend, Dale and my mom)

- to my friends from NH/MA (who took the drive down to RI even though the weather was horrible and some of them already had a copy of the book because they helped me with it!)
- to my sister (for visiting me, modeling for my book and for picking me up at the end of the long, but lovely Saturday)
- to my friends in RI (who visited me even though they don't knit just to support me) and to those who I've talked to online a million times, but either never or seldom got to meet in person (it was amazing to meet you!)
- to all of my friends on Facebook (who encourage me everyday and make me confident and loved)
- to Julie (for letting me borrow her heads!)

The list goes on and on and I know I've probably forgotten someone - but I hope I will remember to thank them in person when I do ; )

But, to all of YOU, who read my blog, knit/buy my patterns and write to me - I am so incredibly grateful to you and I hope you know how much your support means to me.

Before I go, I want to let you know that the book and pdf (and various combinations of these) should be available by the end of this week. I will post here (and on Facebook) when it's set. I will be selling on my blog/Etsy Shop first and then on Ravelry, once I get that set up. Hopefully, I'll be able to have all of it set up so that, whoever wants one, can get a book by the holidays.

Love to you all and THANK YOU!!!!


Jackie said...

I'm so glad your weekend was so great, you deserve it all plus more.
Love you!

Nichole said...

Congrats on a very successful weekend!!!

Fresh Purls said...

Love the write up! It was great to have you and we hope you come back to visit often.

The students in your class are (L to R in picture): Hillary, Margaret, Mary, Lorraine, Clara and Becky. -FreshPurls

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ponyknit said...

Congrats on a successful and fun weekend! I ended up missing it b/c I had to work (at my full time, on top of my freelance weekend job) Next time!!!

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