Tuesday, September 08, 2009

WINNERS of the "Joy of Sox" Contest!!!!!

And now....what you've all been waiting for......

THE WINNERS of the "Joy of Sox" prize giveaway!!!

3rd Prize: KB (Aknitontheside on Rav) has won a FREE copy of my "Lisha Lace Scarf" pattern and a goodie bag

2nd Prize: Heather from Warner, NH (Woolkitty on Ravelry) has won a beautiful skein (in surprise colorway) of Sereknity yarn (which is created by another Heather in NH!)


(eee...I'm soooo excited!)

1st Prize: Terri (Tlamosely on Ravelry) has won the brand new copy of "The Joy of Sox" and the skein of Sereknity sock yarn in "Pharoah's Gold" colorway.


I want to thank everyone for not only entering in the contest, but also for the lovely and encouraging comments that you've all left on my blog and sent by email. (I'll be emailing all of you personally sometime today) It was such a super, super experience to read the wonderful things everyone had to say about my weight loss, the podcast and the book. I'd like to share some of the comments and Rav names of the knitters who entered into the contest....these are also in the order that they entered the contest...if anyone wanted to know ; ) (Just in case you wanted to say "hi" or check out their projects or blogs, I've added links.)

#1 Trisha:

"The best thing about handmade socks - the fit and feel!

I vote for no music on the podcast. I listen to knitting podcasts for knitting, not for the music. In fact, the music is annoying to me and I always fast forward through it, which is annoying since it takes time away from knitting while listening. If you like music, I suggest putting it at the very end. That would satisfy everyone."

#2 Rachel: (Elkbiologist on Rav)

"I enjoyed the podcast...it was the first time I've listened though I have been following your blog for quite a while now (though my commenting goes in waves!). I did find it interesting to hear the physical effects of knitting after having lost quite a bit of weight. That aspect wasn't something I had considered! Also...just to answer a couple of your questions...I haven't knit a huge number of socks so I can't say 'favorite yarn' based on knitting them up, but color-wise, and softness, a few come to mind. Knitting on Impulse, LotusYarns, and the Woolen Rabbit. Beautiful dye jobs in merino! Also, the number of times I wear handknit socks in a row...depends on exactly how long I wear them and in sandals or shoes etc. At least twice but I have been known to do more if they are holding up well and don't smell!

Thanks again for the contest and a huge congratulations for getting your designs published...they are beautiful!"

#3 Jessica (TheLibrarian on Rav)

"I enjoyed your podcast! It never occured to me that people did that!

and I often wear my socks twice too... :P"

#4 AKnitontheSide (Aknitontheside on Ravelry)

#5 Kathy:

"Hi Gina. Welcome back to podcasting."

#6 Becky (Beckygtstyl on Rav)

#7 Karen (KarenF on Rav):

"Your podcast was excellent. I've really missed it. I hope you'll do more, soon."

#8 Monica (Moknita on Rav)

#9 Barbara (MysticFaeire on Rav):

"Sexy!!!! Of course it is! :-)

It was good to hear your voice again."

#10 Hope (LoopsNBounds on Rav):

#11 Cayli (Spinayarnforewe on Rav):

"I am so excited for you to have not one but 2 pattern in this new book. The book looks beautiful and your patterns are too. It was fun to hear a podcast again as it has been so long."

#12 Heather in NH (Woolkitty on Rav):

"Congrats on your patterns being in "The Joy of Sox". That's SO exciting!!!! I'm going to buy the book even if I don't win.
I really enjoy your blog and podcast. I've been to the Yarn and Fiber Company a few times - it's a great store."

#13 Leslie (LGordon555 on Rav):

"Thanks for the fun contest! Again, great to have you back!"

#14 Karen L (Carrotmusic on Rav):

"Hi! Yours is the first podcast I have ever listened to. Every time I actually buy myself an iPod one of my kids has an iPod failure and I end up giving it away. Since I had a cake to bake tonight for an event tomorrow and therefore get to stay in the kitchen and keep it from burning, I decided to give you a listen. I have to say it has been fun and I might do it again sometime. It helps that most of the family is out this evening so it is nice and quiet (doesn't happen much with four kids!).

I was so excited when one of my knitting group buddies brought your book the other night. I didn't know you were in it, and it was such a hoot to be paging through it and see your name. Woo-hoo!

And by the way, congratulations on your weight loss success. Being a person of plus size myself, I can only applaud your efforts. Now I know why I never knit tops! Almost never, anyway."

#15 Susan (Donsdatter on Rav)

#16 Stacey (StaceyKnitsIt on Rav):

"I enjoyed your podcast just how it was with no music. I plan to knit the Amanda hat this year, just queued your new sock patterns, and just joined Sleepy Heads Rav. group.

Also forgot to say I wear my knit socks 2 - 3 times usually before washing. Sometimes they are only worn for a couple hours in the evening and depending on time of year, might not be worn all day. "

#17 Melissa (Melknit13 on Rav):

"Just finished listening to the podcast and definitely had moments of amusement. Thank you!

I really can't wait to try these socks, especially with such gorgeous yarn!"

#18 Terri (Tlamosely on Rav):

"I really enjoy your podcast and look forward to the next one."

#19 Linda (Lindy-Lou on Rav)

HUGE thanks again for everyone who took the time to enter into the contest and YAY for the winners!!!

Wishing you all a wonderful day and will be emailing you all soon : )


Lora said...

Yeah! congrats to all the winners!!!!!!!

Mel said...

This was so awesome to be a part of! I'm really happy for the winners. You have an awesome blog and I'm so happy that you even mentioned me on it. Thank you, thank you!