Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tim's 16th Birthday Party and New Pattern

Tim's 16th surprise birthday party was a HUGE success! Not only was he surprised, he was SHOCKED! He actually turned pale when he figured out that the party was for him. All of our closest family and friends were there and, even though it was horribly hot in the playroom, it seemed like everyone had a great time. The little kids all played together and everyone else chatted, ate hot, crispy pizzas and devoured their own ice cream sundae creations (complete with gummy worms, m&ms, sour jelly lifesavers and endless other sweet, gooey toppings)....well, except me. (I was very good and didn't have any yummy treats)

Some show and tell:

Tim and my sister, Kim....after he got over the shock

Tim's "Flame" cake, with very messy red and white frosting

Tim opening his gifts and Ben walking in front of him with his balloon and chips

Tim received some fantastic gifts - mostly gift cards (the BEST gift for a teenager), hilarious cards and money. The Super Mario Brothers sound maker was also a favorite gift - both him and Ben have been going around the house making "mario moves" and playing the sound effects. So funny!

I couldn't have pulled this party off without my Mom & Grandma bringing the snacks and ice cream toppings, Jackie picking up the birthday cake for me and Hilary taking charge of the decorating while I took a shower. Whew! Thank you!!

I can't believe he's getting so old!! My baby boy......


onto my NEW pattern!!!

The Lacy Recyclibag

It's available for FREE here on my blog (see right sidebar of home page under PATTERNS) or as a FREE download on Ravelry.

Here is the description of the pattern:

"Although I’m sure most of us try our best to forgo plastic bags at stores, there always seems to be a small stash of them hanging around the house, am I right? And usually there’s no good place to put them. I’ve designed this bag to hold all of those excess plastic bags attractively and compactly in your kitchen or pantry. It holds a surprising number of bags and will expand to meet most of your plastic bag storage needs. You could even make a longer one or wider one, if necessary. It’s a fun, quick and economical knit using only one skein of a springy, soft organic wool. Enjoy!"

The pattern uses only 1 skein of the Green Mountain Spinnery "New Mexico Organic" yarn and size US 6 & 7 circulars for Magic Loop or DPNS. It's quick, easy and fun with a little bit of lace to keep you interested and an opportunity for some embroidery at the end if you'd like to add it. You can make it in any of the "New Mexico Organic" colors to match your kitchen, or whatever room you want to put it in.

So...what do you think???


Jen said...

Like the bag storage thingy. I'm looking for a pattern for a mesh grocery bag for when I go to Aldis. But this is also a really good idea. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Looks like Tim's party was a good time!

I love the Recyclibag. I try hard not to use the plastic bags, but you're right about there always being a stash of them around the house!

Jackie said...

Loved the party, love the Recyclibag.

KSee said...

How much fun was that! Totally caught him off guard