Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I Spun, I Dyed...and I will Knit. (Sometime)

Look at what I made!!

After a year (off and on...mostly off...lol) of spinning this fiber, I'm finally DONE!!!

I bought this fiber at last year's NETA Spa Retreat in Freeport, ME from the Fresli Farm booth. I'd never spun either Icelandic Lambswool or mohair before and I was excited to try it. It had such a nice feeling - not soft - but interesting and touchable...and fuzzy.

One of my spinning goals is to try to spin a consistent, 2 ply laceweight yarn...I thought I'd done it this time...but, sadly, I was not quite in the laceweight catagory.

I was able to spin a 2 ply light fingering at 20 wpi (wraps per inch), though...and it came out really nice.

After it was all spun, plied and set, I thought that the yarn wasn't quite as white as I'd hoped and decided it would be fun to dye it as well. So....I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what color I wanted.

I took at look at that pattern that I'd like to use for this handspun, The Spinner's Lace Shawl (very appropriate I think!), and thought that the yarn was calling out for a light turquoise.

After some trial and error in mixing the dyes, I came up with this color. AND I LOVE IT!

Only thing is...the pattern calls for 600 yards of laceweight/light fingering and I've only got 520 yards of my handspun. I thought I'd have enough, but not quite>. So, what I think I'll do is...

1. Use a larger needle and hope that I can finish it close to the end (and hope it fits) or do I repeat less.


2. Knit the edging in another of my handspun yarns in a coordinating color or use a yarn from my stash that matches.

Any other ideas??

Now, I'm not sure when I'll start this...I'm still working on the Golle Molle Baby Cardigan, some Lisha Lace Scarf samples for Heather and my Fabulous Scarf (see link on right) store sample using Ivy Brambles new yarn, "Superwash Worsted" in colorway "Tulips" (see below for matching hat). But...I WILL knit it soon...probably around my birthday in May.

Here are other FO's that I've worked on or finished since the last time I blogged (soooo long ago!! he he):

The Amanda Hat

I used the Ivy Brambles yarn I mentioned above (available HERE) and it came out very cute. I love the pooling and color pattern it made with my hat pattern. (I think Ben looks adorable in it, too)

Crocheted Dishsoap Aprons

I saw these and knew I had to make them ASAP...they were sooo much fun to make (and I'm really only a beginning level crocheter)...and I was able to finish 3 of them in under an hour! What awesome instant gratification.....

See HERE for more pics on my Ravelry project page.

Hoping to finish more handspun by the end of the month! (It's for a beautiful beret pattern...more details later...)


Gigi said...

Lovely job on the yarn Gina! It is so nicely even and has a nice loft. As to the CROCHET, that whole "instant gratification" think is part of what keeps me hooked!

Nichole said...

Love the dishsoap aprons -how cute!

And your handspun is BEAUTEOUS!

cayli said...

I could not for the life of me figure these aprons out until I saw the pattern page. They made me laugh! Very cute.

sopranospinner said...

I've had that pattern forever, but also have been stymied on the spinning of 2 ply laceweight...that I like.

I should try again, but Spck Madness looms and I'm SO much more likely to keep going if I'm knitting with handspun. I'm doing a big push to finish my sweater yarn so I can quick spin up some sock.

Anyway, lovely yarn!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful yarn!

Look at you and the crochet - you go girl :-)

p.s. you've won an award; check out my blog for details.

talumirage said...

Mean mommy putting Ben in pink! His street cred has just vanished ;)

Since kids are fickle I guess he'll be the cool cat again by...hmm... about 11am on Monday? Hehe! ;)

That hat is too gorgeous, and well done you on the spinning!