Friday, November 07, 2008

FO Friday: Sarena Cowl

Isn't it beautiful???

I finally finished the Sarena Cashmere Cowl by Tonia Barry...from the new book "101 Wonders" book by Judith Durant. It was a joy to knit...every second was wonderful - the yarn soft, the pattern so easy to memorize and fun to drop stitches, and the overall finished item is extremely warm and comfy to wear. I love it!


Yarn: Jade Sapphire 4 ply , 100% mongolian cashmere, colorway, Vintage Rose
Needle: Size 6 and 8
Pattern: Sarena Cashmere Cowl by Tonia Barry
Time: 6 days, but that was also not including a day I didn't work on it at all -so 5 days...and just an hour a day.
Ravelry link: Sleepyeyes' Sarena Cowl
Fun Level: A (see above for gushing compliments)

Good news...this weekend, I am leaving with the ManchVegas Knitters (Ravelry link) to go to our annual weekend knitting retreat. This year, we're going to Vermont - we'll be visiting Cabot Creamery, Ben & Jerry's, The Knitting Studio in Montpelier and having dinner at The New England Culinary Institute! So cool! We're taking up the entire Inn in Marshfield...and we can't wait to see the place -they have been extremely nice and accomodating! (will show many pics when I return)

Also, I have some fantastic news concerning one of my newest patterns - which will have to wait (again) until I get back.

Wish us luck on our trip and hope you all have a fun and kni-filled weekend, too!

Off I go!

P.S. I will leave you with an adorable pic of my boys from Halloween. And, as Laurin said..."Man, I wanna eat those cheeks!"

Update on Diet: I am down 2.6 more pounds - so 13 total for 3 weeks! Woo-hoo!!!!


Jackie said...

So beautiful (the cowl and the boys).

cayli said...

The cowl is great looking but I want to see it on. I can't really picture the tie and pom poms.

Have fun on your weekend get away, wish I was going!

Jen said...

I wish I could sew a button, much less knit with such skill. :)

Have a blast in Vermont! Be sure to eat lots of B&J ice cream, and take full advantage of all the free cheese after the Cabot tour. :)

Donna said...

Oh have fun in Vermont. I love it there....

wow - you are smoking on WW! I am slowing down now - need to kick it back into gear for the holidays before regain all 23 pounds.