Friday, October 24, 2008

Weight-ing for a Baby Sweater

Well, it's back again.

The weight, I mean.

I always think that, this time, I'm finally on the right track with my weight loss and then....wham!...something (usually emotional) comes along and throws my diet (and motivation) into the trash.

But, I'm not giving up. I've rejoined Weight Watchers for the third time. The first time, I got to within a few pounds of my goal weight and pregnant with Ben. (I've heard that this happens often...) Second time, I joined with a close friend (not sure if she wants me announcing this on my blog, so I'll be discreet) and then I totally lost my motivation after a certain number of pounds. (It was over 25, which I was happy about, so I don't really know what happened....)

Julie and I have decided to cheer each other on with getting back in shape and check in regularly with each other so that we keep ourselves on the right path...and to be accountable to someone, which is always a good thing. If you can't be positively motivated for dieting, then at least you can be scared sh*tless into having the other person know you've gained weight - or didn't go to the gym when you were supposed to. Sometimes having a good dieting "fright" can be helpful. LOL!

And, as you can see from above, I'm also knitting something new this week. My husband's cousin just had a baby boy and I'm making him the Presto Chango cardigan/sweater with the most unusual yarn.

I found this yarn while in Vermont at the Northeast Fiber Arts Studio in Williston, which is literally down the street from Ian's grandparents. It's probably only 1/2 a mile. A great store (as I've said before) with lots of my favorite yarns, weaving, spinning, and felting supplies. Friendly people, too. I could shop there for h-o-u-r-s! Anyway, I was looking for a washable cotton yarn for the Presto Chango and, when I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for, I happened upon this:

Queensland Collection's "Bebe CotSoy"

Now, it may not sound that impressive, but's awesome! Everyone who touches it says, "Ohhhhhhhhh! So soft!" and makes that slightly obscene-partially orgasmic know the one I mean, right?

I'm definitely not a fan of cotton yarn knitting, but this yarn takes exception. Truly. To me, it feels very close to cashmere and knits up almost like it. Some people have compared it to touching silk or a non-fuzzy angora. It comes in some really excellent colors and I love the bright blue I'm working with right now. The price is very reasonable for the 110 yards.

I only have two issues with it (and those issues are very small):

1. It says that the gauge is 5 stitches per inch on size US 7 needles. I'm a loose knitter and I'm getting 5 stitches per inch on size 4 needles. Not sure how they're getting this figure, but I think, as long as you do your own swatch, you should be fine. It's more of a sportweight yarn than a dk weight, in my opinion.

2. The yarn has a bit of a fluff problem. Not an overall fuzzy situation like angora, mohair or some cashmeres, but more of ann occasional "fluffy fart". After about an hour of knitting, there'll be a few farts puffs of fiber here and there on me or on the knitting. They come off easily and not very irritating, but still there. I don't mind, but some others might.

Other than those, I'm in love, with this yarn and the pattern is pretty great. Can't wait to finish so I can see how it all fits together.

I'd love to have a blanket (or panties) made with this yarn. Mmmmmmmmm..................

Before I go, I wanted to leave a few tips that I've used this week (I lost 7.4 pounds in one week!) that I incorporated into my Weight Watcher points that I found on the Prevention/Flat Belly Diet website: (for anyone who cares to try them)

These rules are supposed to be for the first 4 days of the diet only, I believe.
1. Make sure to drink 8 glasses of water a day.
2. Do not add additional salt to any meal.
3. Do not drink any carbonated beverages (including seltzer, diet and plain soda)
4. Eat cooked rather than bulk, raw vegetables
5. Stay away from gassy vegetables and fruits like broccoli, peppers, cauliflower and citrus fruits.
6. Use their Sassy Water recipe for your water (I didn't like this recipe, so I made my own by adding 1 tablespoon of unsweetened cranberry juice and 1 tbs. fresh lemon juice to 64 oz of filtered water to drink per day).
7. Don't chew gum - this adds more air to your stomach.
8. Reduce your carbs, but eat whole grain ones when you do have them.

These are general eating rules for this diet, though I haven't read the book fully yet, so please read the book first yourself and consult your doctor before trying anything here....I want you to be safe and informed!

- Eat (4), 400 calorie meals per day.
- Eat 1 serving of a MUFA with each meal.
- Movement is good throughout the day.

MUFA Serving:

1. 2 Tbs. of nuts/seeds - like almonds, sunflower, macademia, flax, pistachio and walnut and/or peanut butter
2. 1/4 cup of Hass Avocado/guacamole
3. 2 Tbs. oils - like olive, flax, canola
4. 10 large olives
5. 1/4 cup of dark or semi sweet chocolate chips

I followed these rules for the week and I did pretty good for weight loss. (I'm upping my yoga routine and walking, as well.) I wasn't hungry as long as I made sure to eat every 4 hours and all the foods I picked were so tasty. I hope this works for you, too ; )


knakedknitter said...

I'm right there with you on the weight loss project. I've been thinking about rejoining WW also. This will be my 3rd time also. Maybe we could help each other. Good Luck in your journey!

Jackie said...

I'm so proud of you! 7.4 lbs is awesome!!

Donna said...

Wow - 7.4 pounds? That is awesome!!!!!

I rejoined WW myself back in July and have lost about 25 lbs. I joined with a friend too and it seems to be working. Keeping us both motivated!

Good luck - just keep a it. It may be slow but it does work. And I think I might try some of those tips myself this week.

cayli said...

Congrats on the 7.4 pound weight loss! That is great.

Anonymous said...

Great weight loss, Gina! I've got to go check out that website; those are some good tips you've listed.

CraftyGryphon said...

Thanks for the pointers, Gina. I'm about to start another round of "where-did-this-weight-come-from-geDDITOFF!!" myself!

Jordon said...

I lost 13 lbs in only two weeks by obeying this one easy rule