Friday, October 10, 2008

FO Friday: Kismet Clapotis

Lovely, LovELY, LOVELY Project!!!

The three reasons why I LOVED knitting this shawl are:

1. The design is genius and so fun to knit.

2. Since I was able to download the spreadsheet for this pattern, keeping track of where I was and how many stitches should be on my needles at the end of ANY row was extremely easy and helpful.

3. The beautiful yarn that I used was special, not only because it's very vibrant, colorful and oh-so-soft, but because it was given to me by such a special friend, Heather, for my birthday this year.


Pattern: Kate Gilbert's Clapotis from
Yarn: Sereknity's DK Merino/Tussah Silk, colorway Kismet. Approx. 800-850 yards.
Needle: Addi Natura circular, size US 8.
Dimensions: Unblocked: 20" by 75"
Alterations: I knitted the stitches somewhat loosely and I also added two extra repeats in the straight section, Section 3. Other than that, I followed the pattern exactly.
Time: Started September 19th. Finished October 10, 2008.
Fun Level: A! I would start another one immediately if I had the yarn I wanted. My next one will be in a finer yarn- in black with either some mohair, angora or silk in it. I loved knitting this and I was able to bring it anywhere to work on it. It's really easy to follow with the chart.

Not much more to say, because the whole project was just simply wonderful from start to finish.

Do you like it as much as I do???


knakedknitter said...

very very pretty. I'd like to make one using a yarn like that except my colors would be turquoise, purple, green and yellow.

Anonymous said...

It's very beautiful, Gina!

Gigi said...

Lovely was just the word that jumped to my mind also to describe your Clap. Sigh. =-)

Jackie said...

So gorgeous! I love it.

Carol Barnabe said...

Love your clapotis. I just made one this year too....a little behind everyone else. I am thinking this fallish weather is perfect to wear it in :)

Jenn said...

Beautiful Clapotis - mine is halfway there...can't wait to wear it!!! Great blog too...I'm supposed to be cleaning...and several posts later...I realized that I'm having too much fun reading your blog to clean. :) Love the idea of afternoon tea too!