Sunday, September 14, 2008

Quick Quack Catch Up

It's been for-e-ver since I've blogged. I could make excuses like...I was sick (which I was), I was tired (which I definitely was), I was in transition with the kids going back to school (which is also true) and that I'd knitted very little so didn't have much to share (which is somewhat true, but sad, too)....but I will just say that...well, at least I'm blogging now : D

Since it's late, I'll be blogging semi-short and quick. So, here we go!

1. Fabric

I made a very guilty purchase from Purl Patchwork a couple of weeks ago and bought some gorgeous cotton fabrics for making my very first quilt (in my eyes, the tiny ones I've made for my kids toys don't really count). These fabrics are not only incredibly cheerful, but I think will blend perfectly together for a unique and fun-to-create quilt. I was lucky to receive some truly helpful advice from a talented quilter at my local library and, now, all I need are the necessary tools...and TIME.

2. Pumpkin Hat

A very belated knitted hat for a daughter of a friend of ours. She is one of only a few little girls I can knit for and her mom actually has her wear the things I knit, which makes them both very knit-worthy. I knit a little dress, Berry Hat and Mittens set and other things for her so far. I thought this was the right season to send a cute, Pumpkin picking hat. View my details of the project HERE on Ravelry.

3. Ravelry Visit

I was extremely lucky to be working one Sunday at the Yarn and Fiber Co. with some of my best knitting pals and...who should walk in to the store?????

Jess, Casey and Bob of Ravelry!!!!

There was much squealing, laughing, giggling and jumping up and down (don't know what everyone else was doing, though...) and it was the greatest pleasure to sell Jess some skeins of Elsbeth Lavold Silky Wool.

Bob ran around the store like a maniac and did his best to look utterly cute and adorable. Casey sat with us at the knitter's table and we talked with him and a couple of friends of theirs about the website and things like that....I can't remember much mind was in a daze and I was smiling like a maniac.

BEST SUNDAY EVER! is all I can say.

4. Boston Duck Tour with Family

After the first week of September being a crazy, stress-filled I might jump off a cliff school transition week and the second week finding Ian and I sick with horrible end-of-the-summer death warmed over on sticks colds, we were happy (and relieved) to wake up on Sunday feeling better. Ian's aunt from Arizona called us and asked if we'd like to meet them in Boston for a Duck Tour.

Believe it or not, we've NEVER done this and we were excited to. We drove down to Boston (I remembered my knitting and Ravelry bag!), shopped at the Prudential building mall (or whatever it's called...I went to Sephora!!!), and then met up in the later afternoon for the tour.

It was SO much fun!!! Ben loved seeing all the skyscrapers and parks (and quacking when prompted by our driver)...while Tim was thrilled because he actually got to DRIVE/STEER the boat in the Charles River!!!! He even got a sticker for doing it. That was the highlight of his day....take a look at him!

I've only met Ian's aunt once, so this was a great time to get to know her and we talked a lot. She was a wildlife biologist and traveled all over the world rescuing animals. Extremely exciting work!! What an interesting lady and very different from Ian's mom, who is very quiet and shy.

After our boat tour, we had a nice dinner together and came home with just enough time to get the kids off to bed. But, wow, what a great day. It's funny how we never do things that are "tourist-y", even though they're things that should, if not must, be done...and they're so close by, really. Ian and I promised ourselves that, for our next anniversary or whenever we get someone to watch the kids overnight, we're going to spend the whole weekend in Boston - stay at a fancy hotel, go shopping, go for walks in the botanical garden, visit the churches (for the gorgeous architecture) and library....I can't wait!!!

And, so....before I sign off...QUACK QUACK! that means 'Happy Knitting' in duck-ese


Jackie said...

Love the pictures of the family, and I can't wait to see your quilt; it's going to be beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I love going to Boston. Chris and I usually go for our anniversary for a few days. It's been a couple years now; I think it's time to go again (screw the bills) :-) We always stay at the Millennium Bostonian Hotel with Fanuel Hall across the street to the front and the North End across the street to the rear. It's a lovely hotel and the price is reasonable.

cayli said...

Quilting! Something I have never wanted to do myself but love to see. Can't wait to see yours.

Bob is so cute in that picture but of course I am prejudice since I have 2 at home that look just like him!

Heide said...

Welcome back. Your weekend tour of your own back yard sounds delightful! The fabrics you've chosen for your quilt are absolutely stunning. What pattern are you going to make?