Friday, August 01, 2008

Happy Yammiversary to Us!

Yesterday was our 15th wedding annniversary.

It was one of the nicest anniversaries we've had...and not at all stressful, which is a HUGE plus.

Ian sent me an amazing BOXof roses...had them sent to the house (which I love) and there were 20 (!!!) roses of all different colors in a pale turquoise glass vase. Gorgeous, gorgeous colors...I think I liked the two shades of pink and orange the best.

After drooling over the flowers, Ian came home from work and told me we were going to Chunky's for dinner and a movie - something we hardly ever get to do together. Batman "The Dark Knight", was really good....much more serious, dark and dramatic than I thought it would be, but still impressive.

Tim was nice enough to babysit Ben and put him to sleep...and we brought him back food and cash. LOL!

Before going to bed, Ian gave me this card:

Which made me laugh so much, I almost peed my pants. We have this thing where we call our anniversary, our "yammiversary" and I thought this "yam card" was so adorable, sweet and funny. I loved this (and what he wrote inside) almost more than out night out.

Next, he gave me two beautifully wrapped, white velvet boxes (with silver paper and gold ribbons) - which opened to reveal two pairs of gold and silver, diamond cut earrings (I love hoops) big pair and one tiny pair. They're sooo nice!

To end the night, we had the most awesome sex spent some intimate time together snuggling.

Ian, I love you so much! Thank you for one of the best anniversaries ever!!!


Gigi said...

Oh, what a wonderful and sweet Anniversary (oops) Yammiversary celebration!


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!

KSee said...

what a wonderful Yammiversary. Love the roses and the color of the vase. The card is a hoot and the earrings are so pretty. Do you have more than one hole per ear?

cayli said...

Sounds like a great Yammiversary!

Sarah said...

I can tell a lot of thought an effot went into Ian's planning. Happy Anniversary!

pattheaux said...

Happy Yams.

Love Ian