Monday, August 18, 2008

February/July/August/September Lady Sweater

Hmmmm...have I told you that I started knitting the February Lady Sweater??

This wonderful, fantastic pattern by Pamela Wynne is an adaptation of EZ's February Baby Sweater from her addictive little book, "The Knitting Almanac".

My Manchvegans (esp. Ericka) helped me to pick out the perfect worsted weight yarn (Nashua Handknits' "Julia" by Kristin Nichols) for this project, which a delicious blend of alpaca, mohair and seriously have to feel it to believe it. Knitting with this yarn is like eating your favorite chocolate...over and over again. drooooool. Blogless Amanda (or aka 1.0) and Jackie picked out the perfect color for me....Blue Salvia/Delphinium...they're so good at that!

I can't say enough how great this pattern is. It's clear, well-written and...oh, did I not comes in MY BUST SIZE!!!

I've completed the garter stitch yoke (which was a bit tiring on the hands/wrists, but feels soo good) and now I've started the gull lace pattern, which is fun and easy to memorize.

It's a bit crappy that I've got such a big bust because that makes the sweater all that much heavier and looonger to knit, but I think it'll be worth it in the end.

When the garter yoke was done, I took it off of the needles and Ian helped me to put it over my arms and shoulders. And, boy, did it feel incredible! Ian thought it fit perfectly, too. This is the first sweater that I've really knit for myself (that was a sweater especially for the winter, anyway) that Ian has liked.

As you can probably guess from the title of the post, I've been working on this sweater since the end of July and will probably be knitting into the end of time September. But, as I said, I think it'll truly be worth it and I am looking for a long sleeve tshirt in a pale lilac right now to wear underneath it. this sweater!!!


Lora said...

That's going to look good on you Gina. I like the color!

Gigi said...

How exciting! You are braver than I making yourself a sweater. That color is going to look sooooo good on you!

cayli said...

I love that sweater pattern and that color is going to be great. You will have it done in no time, really!

Donna said...

I printed that pattern out the other day and am considering it. I have to finish the Sprout Cardi I have on the needles first. It's just been too hot to work on it.

That is a great color. I can't wait to see the progress.

CraftyGryphon said...

Ooo, that's gonna be lovely! I missed that pattern somehow. Queueing it up now...!

KSee said...

wow a sweater that fits the girls! I have put this pattern in my q as it comes in my size too.
Pretty color and will look forward to some great fashion pictures

Heide said...

The blue is going to look fabulous with your complexion. I love that pattern too and after hearing nothing but good things from so many people have made or are making February I think it's definately going to bump a few other projects down on my list.

yarnophiliac said...

least you are through to the fun part now! and I love the color. This one is in the queue to make for Rachel in a sport weight, er, um...soon? Have you seen the evidence of my rampant startitis? You must stop encouraging it with beautiful projects! Soeriously, so glad you are knitting for YOU.