Thursday, July 10, 2008

Whew...done!'s been FOR-E-VER since I posted. Is anyone still out there??? (tap tap tap) Helllloooooo!

I'm happy (and truly relieved) to say that I finally finished up the projects I was working on and made my deadline....woo-hoo! I have to say, though...that, right now, I've lost some of my will to knit. Because of the frantic non-stop knitting and pattern designing over the past month, knitting became more like work than fun, which is horribly sad, if you think about it. I guess anything can lose it's dazzle if there's a pressured feeling behind it.

Not that I don't like designing things....because I really do! I have so many ideas in my head just floating around and, while most of them are crap, some of them are actually friggin awesome kinda nice. It's disappointing when a good idea doesn't translate well from mind to paper to yarn, but maybe someday I'll have some sort of brain surgery epiphany and things will come together. (can you tell I like the striking feature?)

So, have you ever designed something? Or had an idea for a garment or knitted/crocheted item? Have you made a swatch and tried it out? If so, share! If I can do it, anyone can!

Anyway, now that everything's knit, blocked, mailed out, signed, and's a tiny bit of a letdown, but now I can concentrate on the one thousand couple of other projects I want to get those strikes. If I can get my "spark" back. I'll spare all of you by not listing all of's summer, after all, and time for everyone to find a pool, ocean or air conditioning! (and, of course, your knitting!)

Happy Summer Day!

P.S. Ben says, "Want some ice cream?"


Gigi said...

I'll have Heavenly Hash please!

So good to "see" you blogging regularly again! Congrats on all the designing. I know without a doubt that you will get your knitting mojo back! Cannot wait to see what you stitch up next. =-)

Anonymous said...

Why yes, I'll have some ice cream; thanks Ben!

I'm glad you got all your "work" knitting done and can now relax and enjoy your knitting again.

Jackie said...

You're a fab designer. I really don't have the patience to actually work out a pattern. Sometimes I'll wing it as I'm knitting, but never write it down. LAZY!

I love Ben's photo. I can just hear him saying, "want some?"

Heide said...

Why yes, thank you, I'd love some ice cream.

I just wrote out and posted a simple little sock pattern on my sidebar. I've been making things up for years, but this is the first time I've stuck it out there for all to share. My concerns were that I wrote it down wrong, the directions don't make sense or that people will think that it just sucks. Anyway, I can't wait to see what you've done, your patterns are beautiful.

A few days off and you'll get the knitting bug back again.

Donna said...

Yes Ben - I WILL take some ice cream!

To answer your question - I still live in RI. In Tiverton to be exact. We have been here for about 11 years now and just love it.

I agree - when your hobby starts to feel like work it takes some of the thrill out of it. That's why I stopped dying yarn and selling it. It took away the thrill of doing it for me. But don't stop designing - just find a happy medium. You have designed some great things so keep going!

And did I tell you how THRILLED I was to hear the podcast. Thanks for not giving it up. Very enjoyable listening!