Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Is My Son Deranged?

Again...no pictures of knitting OR spinning, but something very odd that I encountered in my house today.

BACKGROUND: Ben's been learning how to read and has started to recognize small words...which is great. But, now, he's very interested in "writing" his own stories...if you can call them that. I'm not trying to put down his abilities...not at all...but, well...these aren't quite stories....I'm afraid that they're more like thoughts of a perhaps alien silly boy.

Here is an example.

SET-UP: We were all sitting in the living room....Ian and I were taking turns reading with Ben on the couch and Tim was practicing on the keyboard (which he's getting very good at, by the way).

Ben decided to dictate a "nursery rhyme" (and I use the term VERY loosely here) to us that he'd thought up himself. Ian and I were very impressed that he had this idea in mind and were excited to help him write it down.

As we wrote, we could barely keep from falling on the floor with tears in our eyes. O-M-G!

As soon as we were done transcribing the alleged (again....a highly suspect term here) "nursery rhyme", Ben asked me to read it out loud to him.

As I soon as I was done reading it, Tim comes into the room and says, "That's NOT a nursery rhyme! That's the ravings of a deranged mind!" , then sadly shook his head and went to his room.

And here is how it goes...

Ben-X Nursery Rhyme

I'm Ben-X, ta-ta and I'm caso-caso. Hello, you're cool.
You're a poopy-head. I need poopyheads, tox 2!
I need some brother to fill my brain.
Yeah, I'm purpey, but there's X on the clouds.
I need a brain, Man!
I'm highly toxic.
I need some blobbies.
I need Ben-Black!

The end.

So, for all of you who have children, feel free to lovingly read this nursery rhyme to them before bed tonight...though I take NO responsiblity for any children turning into poopyheads.

Good night.

And, yes, I WILL be blogging about knitting and/or spinning again. Sometime. I hope soon.


han said...


Sonya said...

Don't laugh too much....With todays' music that could turn out to be some hit song.

Gigi said...

LOL - You gotta love how kids just do what moves them. It probably sounds like the Great American Novel to him! =-) Too cute.

Donna said...

OMGeeeee! Thanks for sharing that. I hope you wrote it down somewhere for him so he can look back on it one day.

Amy Boogie said...

I love it!!!