Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Birthday Goodies...I'm SPOILED!

First, I want to thank EVERYONE for the wonderful birthday wishes...thank you so much! It seems a little weird to me to be more excited to get birthday wishes from some knitters I've never met in person than from my own family! But, it was pretty thrilling and made me so happy ; )

This year, I was spoiled beyond belief. Maybe it was that everyone was feeling pity on me for turning 35, but I got some FANTASTIC stuff. And, you know, I think the actual gifts wouldn't have been half as nice if I didn't love the people giving them to me. Not to insult any of the gifts (man, they're incredible!), but to say how much more it meant to me to receive them from such thoughtful friends. I am extremely lucky to have such people in my life. I really am.

Okay, enough mush. Let's get on to the GOOD STUFF! (BTW, I'm pretty sick right now, so if this blog makes little sense, please forgive me.)

1. All My Cakes (can you hear the theme song??)

- Shared cake with two of Ian's coworkers

- Delicious PINK homemade cake with chocolate frosting (my favorite) made by Jackie...yummy

- Creamy cake that my family got me this weekend in RI (see above)

2. WoolGirl's Hello Kitty Kit from the lovely Donna D (Who knows me SO well! You should see the adorable stuff in this kit!) and Cherry Tree Hill Sock yarn in Cherry Blossom from the wonderful Julie:

3. Gardening/Greenhouse kit from Lora and Marion:

4. Pink Bag, lotions and hand knit socks (!!!!) using Sereknity yarn in "Violas" from the fab-u-lous, Laurin:

5. A super pretty bouquet of yellow roses and pink flowers from Ericka and Chris:

6. A Sereknity gift certificate for 1 pound of DK wool/silk yarn in the colorway of my choice from Heather (woo-hoo!)

7. The cutest pinky color of Flat Feet from Conjoined Creations with pattern from the beautiful Jackie...and a handmade knitter's wrist keyring from thoughtful Lora...see her shop here. (Notice that Jackie made/decorated the Hello Kitty bag herself! It's so cute!!):

8. The most shocking gift of all from Jackie, Laurin, Gaye, Heather, Denise, Caroline, Hilary, Melissa & Rusty, and Donna H......a stunning Jordan Paige purse - The Knitter's Satchel...in a gorgeous deep red....whoa!:

Look how huge it is on the inside with all sorts of pockets, holders, hooks and such. I was blown away!

9. A new 8GB iPod from Ian....I was so surprised! This thing is f*cking awesome! (whoops, sorry bout that)

If I had more energy (and more hands to blow my nose), I'd write on and on about how much I love everything (because I do) and how much I appreciate everything (which I totally do) and how grateful I am for all of my loving and thoughful friends (which I really am). But, I am barely upright at the moment. I did want to share and thank, though, before it got too late in the week and...now...I....must....sleep.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone...I love you all....and I am truly, truly lucky to have all of you in my life. (and to supply me with endless yummy cake and knitting goodies....keep it coming! only kidding)

YIPEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! (cough, cough, phlem....sneeze)


Heide said...

Happy Birthday you young thing! What a wonderful celebration(s). Hugs from afar and hope you feel better soon.

Lora said...

It was great to spend your birthday with you Gina and celebrate. Now that I've seen a JP bag in person I WANT ONE!! That bag is DA BOMB!!
Wow...what the heck are we going to do for you next year?? Those were some rockin' gifts ya got!!

Anonymous said...

35 - I vaguely remember 35.

You absolutely and totally deserve to be spoiled! Now you absolutely and totally deserve to feel good, so get busy getting better, will ya?!

Sonya said...

Wow! That is some awesome stuff. I love most all of it. I have to admit, I am not a fan of Hello Kitty.
But please don't hold that against me.

Jackie said...

It's not spoiled if you deserve it.

Nichole said...

Happy Belated Birthday... look at all the bounty!!! Love the colorway of the flat feet!

KSee said...

What wonderful gifts and friends. I'm jealous of the Ipod!
Will be looking forward to see all the new projects

Amy Boogie said...


Kimberly said...

Oh my, you really made out this birthday!! Lucky you! I hope you're feeling better by now. I've tagged you in case you're in the mood to play along. Hugs,