Monday, April 14, 2008

Hand Me that Lipstick, would ya?

I want to give a big hug and thanks to everyone who commented on my last post for my Forest Canopy Shawl. Squeeze! It meant so much to me to read all of the wonderful things you wrote...especially since I was a little wary of how the finished handspun came out and the overall look of the shawl.

I'm actually working on yet another Forest Canopy Shawl...this time in Elsbeth Lavold's Silky Wool, which is super nice to work with - looks a bit like a crunchy silk, but feels (and knits up) heavenly. I'm using a blue-toned red colorway and, if you can believe it, I'm using this as my easy knit to bring to knitting group! Is that crazy or what?? I'm calling it my "Spouse Lace" - reliable, soft, comfortable and relaxing.

But, I have a little secret.

Know what it is?

Come closer and I'll tell you...

I also have a little "Mistress Lace" on the side. (or should it be called Mister Lace ?)

Yup. You heard correctly.

I'm cheating on my lace relationship. I's shocking, isn't it??

If you promise not to tell, I'll share with you.

Just this once, though. (ha!)

Meet the Leaf Lace Shawl -

Prism's Merino Lace yarn, Lipstick colorway (fitting, isn't it?):

I'm only a few repeats into it so far, but I have to say - this is more of a high maintenance project.

*The yarn is extremely fine.
*The pattern is not quite as mindless and enjoyable as the Forest Canopy shawl pattern.
*I'm actually having a bit of trouble either putting it down OR going back to it....contradictory, but true.

but it's also...

*Incredibly vibrant - the color is stunning.
*So delicate and feminine.
*Gives me so much happiness when I finish an 8 row repeat.

Here's a close up of my love/hate lace:

All affairs aside, I have been going crazy with buying lace patterns, buying lace yarns and trying to spin laceweight, as well. I'm feeling overjoyed (and sometimes overwhelmed) with the beauty of some of these lace patterns and I'm continuously inspired by other people's lace knitting....especially Cayli's. Have you seen all of her gorgeous lace shawls?? I can't keep up with all the lace I want to knit. But, I don't have to, right?

I've got a few lace projects that I'm dying to do this year and that I HOPE to finish -

1. Knit Spot's Wing-of-the-Moth Shawl
2. Knit Spot's Honeybee Stole
3. Susan Pierce Lawrence's Spring Things Shawl
4. Miriam Felton's Seraphim Shawl

I've got all the patterns and almost all the yarns/needles for these at my fingertips.

Will I finish them all? Finish none? Who knows....but I do LOVE thinking about it.....!


Suzanne said...

Love the lace. The color is gorgeous. My list of shawls to knit is a lot like yours though I am taking a shawl break for a month or so if I can hold off. I am having sweater dreams and really need to start at least one before I cast on another shawl. Scarf don't count though as I have a few of them planned.

cayli said...

I love that cheatin' lace. The color is really great.

I think I want to do the Moth also. I have done Spring Things and love it. I did beads vs nupps, chicken that I am. Right now I am trying to design something for that great yarn Stephanie dyed for me.

mochirunner said...

I hear you on the lace obsession! I haven't had a lot of brain power to devote to lace lately, but hopefully soon.

Spring Things is also on my "lace knitting" list. I can't wait to get back to it:)

Sonya said...

I love that color! Can't wait to see if finished.

Jackie said...

That color is so you. I'm thinking of doing the Seraphim as well...

GamecockDoc said...

Amazing! The lace is beautiful, and that yarn... wow. Love the color. Good luck. I don't have the patience for lace, so I'll live vicariously through you!

Gigi said...

Your mistress is beautiful (as all side dishes should be)! Could it be that this one will grace your shoulders? It just screams GINA!