Thursday, February 07, 2008

Not My Sunrise Circle Jacket

I know I promised that I'd be blogging the "Amanda Hat" interview with Caroline today, but that will be tomorrow's post...along with some SASSY pics of a new crocheted gift I received last night at knitting and my favorite Amanda Hat pics. Caroline is very carefully finishing up her 8th (!!) Amanda Hat and crafting her answers to my questions. I'm really looking forward to seeing what she says, aren't you?

Speaking of Blogless Amanda, I've been bidden to show my beautiful friend in her newly knitted Sunrise Circle Jacket by the fabulously talented, Kate Gilbert.

Since Amanda doesn't have her own blog (hence the "Blogless" part), I'm going to show the pic I took of her myself...woo hoo!

Doesn't she look amazing? Though, truth be told, she looks good in EVERYTHING...damn her.

YARN: Lamb's Pride Worsted in varigated reds

Kate, you like?

Oh, btw, before I go back to knitting.... the Amanda Hat Gallery is completely updated! At least 56 hats now! Woo-hoo! Remember to send in your Amanda Hat photos before the 21st!

Have a great day (it's snowing here) and report back tomorrow, knitters!


Anonymous said...

WOW, Blogless Amanda's Sunrise Circle Jacket is gorgeous! The Lamb's Pride varigated is beautiful. Patti is getting some in at her shop and I was anxious to see how it knit up; now I know I'm buying some as soon as it's on the shelves :)

sue said...

The Sunrise Circle jacket is beautiful and the yarn is amazing. I think if your friend knits all her items in such a wonderful way she will have to start a blog too.

ShopDaughter said...

WOW! That sunrise jacket is beautiful!!

The gallery is lookin mighty purty ;) I'm glad so many are knitting it up!! It really is a great pattern, Gina.

Lora said...

Wow there are a lot of Hats in your gallery Gina. How great!! Caroline cracks me up!! She's so awesome and addicted to your pattern.
Amanda always looks so dang good.

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