Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hermit-ing with Julia Child

Here I am! I'm blogging "hermit-style" just to let you know that I haven't moved (god forbid!) or gone into hiding (does sound nice). I AM feeling like a hermit these days, though. I've been trying to finish up my new design for the upcoming One Skein Wonder book by Judith Durant and, since I'm due to mail it out in less than 2 weeks, it's really down to the wire. I have many new pictures to upload to the Amanda Hat Gallery and also some other knitting and spinning related news.

I'm WAY behind in reading blogs so I hope you won't hold that against me. I'll be able to go back and read them all soon. Promise.

I have to say that, since reading Julia Child's "My Life in France", I am obsessed with the kooky chef. I can't believe what an interesting life she'd lead and how wonderfully refreshing she was! I HIGHLY recommend reading the book. I've gone so far as to borrow DVDs of her early cooking shows from the library to watch on the laptop while knitting this design. It's really a very nice arrangement! I'm not only more motivated to get my knitting done, but also to cook more delicious meals for the guys! It's a win-win, don't you think??

I want to publicly congratulate my hubby, Ian, for being almost 2 months SMOKE-FREE!!! He's doing so well and, although it's been very difficult on our family as well as on him specifically, I think it was the best thing to do and he's not only feeling better, but looking years younger, too. Yay, honey!!!

Well, I should be off. I'm going to the local elementary school tonight to register Ben for kindergarten. Ahhhhhh! Hopefully, I won't snivel and be all mushy while I'm handing in all his papers...all 700 of them...well, not THAT many, but close. My baby off to kindergarten...it's very traumatizing, I must say. Wish me luck!

More knitting news and lots of pictures soon!!!!

Happy Knitting!!


Melissa said...

Congratulations to Ian on 2 months!! That is an aMAZing accomplishment. Quitting smoking is the hardest thing he will ever do, but the benefits are tremendous. I quit 20 years ago (! musta started when I was 2) and I often wonder what shape I would be in if I was still a smoker.
I am g oing to check out the Julia Child book - she was a staple in our house growing up (oh, wait, I think I was the only one that actually watched her show). SNL did a great parody of her, I will have to try and find it on youtube or something and send you the link!

Hugs!! - Lisha

Anonymous said...

CONGRATS to Ian! Yay for him. It's been 8 months for me now; tell him it gets easier every day. You must be so happy.

So, what's this about a design in the new book? WooHoo! That's fabulous, Gina.

Heide said...

Congratulations on your milestone with your little one and a doubel congratulations to your DH! I no longer smoke, but should I ever discover that an asteroid is hurtling through space and we will all be dead within 3 days then I might be tempted to light one up.

Whoo hoo on the design! I nominated you for an award over at my blog.

Julia Child rocked in her earlier, pre-cooking days, but most people are unaware of what an interesting character she was.


sopranospinner said...

Traumatizing, yes, until you realize in September that you have three hours a day free!! Lovely! I'm still in the honeymoon period of my youngest in first grade, can you tell?

Lora said...

AWW Ben in kindergarten. We'll you can help me get through it when I have to enroll Nate!! They grow to fast!!
Can't wait to see you published in a book.

Ian said...

You should all congratulate my cute little Gina for dealing with me that first week. The men with the white coats and butterfly nets couldn't catch me so it was all up to her.

She's the best.... (or was that the breast)