Friday, January 18, 2008

FO Friday: Pink Christmas Eve Mitts!

I've been meaning, for a WHILE, to update my Christmas Eve Cabled Mitts pattern...correct mistakes and also add newer pictures to it. After a few people on Ravelry told me that the pattern had a few mistakes in it, I thought I would finally get my butt in gear and get it done.

It's actually a very easy and pretty pattern, if I say so myself. LOL! I decided that, in order to make the pattern completely updated and perfect (I hope!), I should also knit the mitts again to make sure.

What do you think??


Pattern: Christmas Eve Cabled Mitts by me!
Yarn: 1 skein Elsbeth Lavold Angora
Needle: Size 7 dpns, 2 24" circs or 40" circ for Magic Loop
Time: I finished mine in one weekend, working on them only now and then.
Size: Woman's medium

*Note: Heather of Sereknity dyed this angora for me in memory of my sweet angora bunny, Little Miss Tubbsie. I didn't know what I would knit with it until the other night, when I was looking for a yarn for this pattern and missing my bunny. I have one more skein of it that I may use to knit a scarf to match the mitts.

Here is a close up of the yarn and mitt:

They are supremely warm, soft and very elegant. The yarn puffs up a bit with a nice halo, but not so much that you're gagging from bunny fur. If you decide to knit a pair (which I hope you will), PLEASE knit up a swatch first so that you get the correct gauge. And also, if you plan to add even one extra row to make them longer, buy an extra skein of this yarn because I literally had 1 inch of yarn leftover from the skein when I was finished....and I used only 3 inch tails on each end of the mitt. Just in case ; )

If you'd like to download any of my patterns on Ravelry, please go here:

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or if you'd like to download them from here on my blog, please:

Look over to the right of this page, scroll down to Sleepy Eyes Patterns and you will see all of them right there. They're all pdfs except for one (for now!) and you just have to click on it and it should start to download immediately.

Oh, and for all of you out there who have been saying to me, "Where the heck is the Amanda Hat Gallery????

Look over to the right of this blog page, scroll down to Sleepy Eyes Gallery and you will see three links underneath. The top on is called, Amanda Hats. Click on that and it will show you all the hats I've uploaded so far. I have a bunch more and will be updating them very shortly. I love seeing all the pics! Keep those hats coming!!

Have a great weekend and my next blog will be all about HOOPS!


Heide said...

Fabulous pink mitts! I've never been a pink fan in the past, but since I began trying to collect breasts, etc. for breast cancer victims I've began to take another look at pink yarn, etc. and I'm finding it quite charming! And another plus is that the men in your life will NOT be as tempted to borrow your mitts. I'm going to double the hemp yarn you sent and try casting on an Amanda hat today. Cheers!

Lora said...

Those mitts are so awesome!! I love how they feel on too! SOOOOOO Soft!! I may have to make myself a pair. :) I like the cable on those.

Anonymous said...

The mitts are gorgeous! Perfect for the Miss Tubbsie yarn.

There's another one for the queue!

cayli said...

Cute Mitts! I love the color too! Just what I need another one for the ever growing list of things to knit. ;)

Donna (Chris' Mom) said...

Gina I love the mitts! The color is so delicious!
As for your gallery links, I use google reader and when I click to go to the actual post there are no links to the gallery. I have to click on your banner at the top to go to your full blog to find the link for your gallery.
Have a great weekend!