Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Capture a Tulip...in Summer???

While tulips have long since departed, I have been attempting to recapture their spirit while knitting this...

The "Tulips: A Colorful Cardigan for Baby", designed by the highly lovely and talented, Lindsay Pekny.....is a Dream in Color Design...and it is FANTASTIC!

Jackie and I decided, once we saw this sweater, that we HAD to make it. Jackie made hers first....and after hearing her rave reviews on the patterns' "Cheez-It" quality (can't stop eating/knitting it), I started my own on Sunday afternoon.

I finished it today. Only 2 days total of knitting and weaving in all the ends. If you love color, love knitting baby items and love something quick for instant gratification, YOU MUST KNIT THIS SWEATER!

No wonder the Yarn Harlot made 3 or 4 of them! I can easily make another one!

Now, Jackie thought that she had enough yarn left over after knitting this sweet cardigan to knit one more...I don't have a digital scale, so I can't tell how much, but I think I will buy one, just so I can see. I'm sure Jackie is right...though I have a history of running out of yarn. I used Knit Picks Swish Superwash for the yarn. At $3.29 a skein, the whole sweater (and possibly 2) is only around $26...plus the cost of the pattern. Jackie and I are thinking of swapping yarns around a bit so that we can each make another sweater out of the yarn, but in a different color sequence. Won't that be fun?? And economical. I'm sure that the Dream in Color yarn is fantastic, though....and the names of the colorways are sooo cute! (Like Happy Forest, Blue Lagoon, Spring Tickle, Giant Peach and Strange Harvest...I'm very curious about those yarns....!)

Okay, enough rambling....wanna see some pics of the sweater as it was knit???

Starting on the first three colors and the neck area..

Most of the back done...and colorwork

Tulip Sans Arms...

And, want to see something even MORE interesting???

Here is the whole cardigan INSIDE OUT!!!

Ian liked the sweater even more inside out...and the cool thing is that you could definitely use it that way, too. If you're pretty careful in sewing in the ends, anyway. The icord bind off and seed stitch make the sweater reversible (edging wise) and the reverse stockinette has a great texture. When you make your own, you can decide which you like the best.

Now, since you are my knitting buddies, I will share some little tips that I used while knitting this sweater that might help you:

-Use an open basket for holding all your yarns and arrange them in the order you want to use them.
(This one was inspired by Jackie)
-Use a row "clicker" around your neck to keep track of the color row changes and pen/paper for inc/decreases.
-When changing colors, leave a tail of at least 4 inches and make a slightly loose overhand tie with old and new yarn tails. After a few rows or rounds of knitting, you can go back and weave both ends in....making sure the end goes in the opposite direction (to avoid a hole) and you are weaving into the SAME COLOR!
-Keep your scissors and yarn needle out at all times, in easy reach...you'll need them pretty frequently
-I knit the icord/seed stitch edging BEFORE the sleeves. That is the opposite of the directions, but I found it to be the most helpful and didn't seem to make any difference in the pattern, except that the sleeves are the least pleasurable part of the whole sweater, so when I was done with those, I was completely done with the sweater.
-Take pics as you go along. It's wonderful to see the how one color can make the sweater look completely different.

Here is what I was going for with the colors that I chose:

Capri, Baby Blue and Deep Ocean-the sky above a beautiful garden.

Sunshine-the sun shining on the garden.

Ballerina, Bubblegum-the inside and outer petals of the tulip.

Dublin, Aloe-the leaves and stem.

Black-the wrought iron bench in the garden where you sit to look at the pretty tulips.

And, one more thing before I go....here are two pics of the photographs I had taken of the kids on Saturday...they are so fantastic framed! (Did I mention that the photographer had me sign release so that he could use these framed prints on the wall of Picture People????!!!! Isn't that fantastic!!)

and this one, which I love....

Hope you're having a great week.....tomorrow...Knitting Pool Party at my house! I can't wait!!! : )

Friday, June 22, 2007

Frantic FO Friday!!! (and fiber!)

Whew!! I can't tell you how absolutely friggin relieved I am that the center panel of my "Large Rectangle" lace stole (from Victorian Lace Today) is done!!!

THANK, THANK GOODNESS!!! I thought I was going to go insane knitting those 10 rows over and over. I have some serious knitter's elbow and I was thinking maybe I'd snag Sarah and see if she'd work her magic on it. (Pretty please, Sarah??)

Here is just some idea of the agony of my lace knitting (though I did enjoy it overall...just not in parts here and there):

1. 360 ROWS!!!

2. Such fine, fine yarn (have I mentioned this already????? LOL!)

3. 18 non stop hours of lace knitting (approx. 1/2 hour per repeat)

4. There is one horrid mistake in the whole thing that I just noticed and it's near the beginning....and, no, Laurin, I am NOT frogging this baby!

Am I happy with it? Yeah, I have to say that it is incredibly soft and really beautiful despite the agony I mentioned above. If I can figure out the knitted on lace border and blocking, I'll be good to go. (I think.)

So, what else have I finished, you ask?

Well, I finally finished my Wavy scarf!!! (It only took 9 months to finish....nothin' to it! LOL!) Here is Tim modeling it for me:

I'm super happy with the outcome, but not sure if I'd ever make another one. If I did, it would be for some kind of payment (money or yarn) and definitely in a different color. Not sure how lovely Blogless Amanda has knit 3 (!!!) of them, but she must have nerves of steel or something.

Also, I dyed some Knit Picks Bare Laceweight yarn in a slightly varigated purples/blues/lilac colorway and will be using that for a special project soon. I was thrilled with this yarn! It is super, super soft and dyed very nicely. Only $3.99 for 880 yards!!! I'll definitely buy more. (one tip, though....this yarn is slightly thicker than laceweight, but not quite fingering.)

What do you think??

Here's my progress on spinning the bamboo I got from Cayli, who bought it from the fab-u-lous HollyEEQ. I WUV BAMBOO!!!

I can't believe how wonderful it is to spin...when they say it spins like "buttah"....it is SO true! It's like spinning tencel, but without the burn....shines brighter than silk and is so much easier to spin than silk. When drafting, it just floats out of your hands like ribbons of shiny clouds. I'd love a bed lined with bamboo fiber! Mmmm.....

I've only spun half the fiber so far, but I'm planning on spinning the other half and making a 2 ply fingering/sportweight yarn. If I get the yardage I think I will, I'm thinking of making a lace shawl out of it or mini Clapotis.

Hmmm...what else am I up to?

Oh, guess what I bought from Loop? An absolutely BREATHTAKING fiber called, "Kimono"....it's a handcarded 3 oz batt of alpaca, merino, sparkle and silk. You would not believe how gorgeous this is from my pic...click HERE to see better pics. It's driving me crazy....I don't know whether to just admire it, spin it or marry it. (I would. I really would.)

Oh, before I forget, my TWO NEW PATTERNS are now available in pdf form (free!!) on the right sidebar under Sleepy Eyes Patterns. Please check them out and print them out (full color makes them look REALLY awesome) and tell many, many people about them, okay? It's the "PicSock"....a cozy for your small digital camera or cell phone... and "Sweet Leaf" toddler hat. Comments?? Hugs??

Since Ian is still away in New Mexico, I am trying not to go insane. Tim is out of school now and....he is bored. My sons are both driving me to drink (well...just maybe some tonic water with lime).....all day long is bicker, bicker, bicker. No matter who I put in which room, how many hours they are out playing, or swimming or eating. Ahhhh!!!! (Jackie knows my pain.)

Speaking of Ian....

well, he loves geocashing. And he brought his GPS to NM with him. He tells me this morning that he went out after work yesterday TO THE DESERT with only 1 bottle of water and his GPS to hike.

No buddy, no extra food, no cell phone, no hat, no sunscreen, no first aid kit or supplies and.... no one he knows for hundreds of miles knows where he is.


He tells me that he didn't really feel like following any trails (UM....am I the only one who thinks he is more insane than me?) and might have gotten lost for a bit. Um...yeah.

Luckily, he found a trail and was able to make it back without dying and raced into a Subway to get some food and water. He was so dehydrated that he could barely talk to order his food.


You know, I TRY not to be a worry wort, but when he tells me things like this, I can only think that I may have to kill him for doing such dangerous things.


Anyone wanna trade three fertile males for a female alpaca or llama or something??

Sunday, June 17, 2007

I am Blue.

Found this quiz...which Ian called, "Those idiotic stupid things"...and found out what kind of girl I am. I think it sounds like me.

You Are A Blue Girl

Relationships and feelings are the most important things to you.

You are empathetic and accepting - and good at avoiding conflict.

If someone close to you is in pain, it makes you hurt as well.

You try to heal the ones you love with your kind and open heart.

Oh, also....I'm sick. Vewy sick. Donna was nice enough to bring over my KP order and I hope I didn't contaminate her with "Gina Germs". I figure Tim and Ian have been sick and Ben is still sick, so I was bound to get it sooner or later, right?

I wonder what the world record is for how many times in a row you can sneeze without dying.

I think I could win that title.

P.S. Before the sickness descended, I was successfully spinning some gorgeous "Bali Hai" pink/apricot bamboo fiber and also making some great progress on my Wavy. Maybe I'll be able to finish it this week. Then, I can go back to the lace.

Friday, June 15, 2007

4 FOes and 4 Potatoes...New Mexico Style

Even though the hubby has been in New Mexico the past week (and also has plans to desert me again on Tuesday night until Sunday night....arghhh!), I was amazingly able to finish 4, count'm 4, finished objects. I can't believe it. It's mainly due to these factors:

1. Spending time with "my fiancee" Jackie and her kids....saving my sanity and getting lots of knitting done while the kids play.

2. Since I've been putting Ben to bed by myself lately (and that takes at least 2 hours!), I've felt like I've been neglecting Tim. So, I've been trying to spend time with him at night instead...we've been watching some good movies together, having popcorn and...that means... MORE TIME TO KNIT!


3. I'm trying to do well with my weight loss, so I've been spinning (yippee!), which burns a bit more calories than knitting. 4 hours of spinning is pretty good movement exercise...now, if I had a double treadle (like Ericka), I'd get even more calories burned!

Wanna see my FOs???


The Angel Sweater by Oat Couture:

Knit for a sweet little girl of friends of ours. I LOVED knitting this. I used 3 skeins of KP Elegance in the "Wild Rose" colorway...this yarn is wonderful....slightly shiny from the silk and exquisitely soft due to the baby alpaca. If you haven't tried this yarn, you have to! (I think it's on sale now on the website) This only took me 8.5 days to knit and it was fun, too.


Sweet Leaf Toddler Hat by SleepyEyes:

The pattern for this I am finishing up right now. It's almost done and it will available FREE here on my blog in pdf form. The pics on my pattern of this show Jackie's little sweetheart daughter as the mdoel, who I love to pieces. Melt-your-heart adorable. You'll have to download it and see!


PicSock by SleepyEyes:

Another pattern that is SOOO quick to knit that I'll have on my blog for free early next week. It's my own handspun! I used 1 oz. of Ashford Bay corriedale in fushia for this and did a navajo 3 ply. The yarn is slightly bulky...or a heavy worsted weight. It fits my Canon Powershot ELPH perfectly and has a nice wrist strap on the side. (You can't really tell how cute it is with this pic and I couldn't take a pic of it with the camera in it, you know?)


Two Handspun Yarns

This should probably count as two FOs, but one of the skeins is small, so I lumped them both in together. The first is a single ply fingering weight that I spun from Oceans of Fiber's Cotswold Lambie Mohair Locks in Aqua that I was given by the fabulous HollyEEQ herself (!!!) for my bday. I can't tell you how much fun I had spinning these locks and I was finally able to get over my spinning slump! Yay!!!

I'm trying to order more of this, so I can make a lace scarf with it. The color is AMAZING!!!!

The second is a brand new batt from "i-love-her" Amy of Spunky Eclectic. She sent me this batt in colors that I am calling "Sour Watermelon"....bright pink and even brighter green. And WITH SPARKLES!!!! I had so much fun spinning this and I alternated the colors as I spun, so they'll come out to be self striping.

You can't tell how sparkly this yarn is from the picture, but believe me..it's awesome! Again, I'm not sure how many oz. it was, but I got 119 yards of 2 ply sportweight from it. It's my baby!

I'm currently spinning lovely Heather's fiber....forgot what colorway it is (Heather???) in a 50%/50% lambswool and angora blend. You can get some from her Sereknity shop...it's SOOOO soft!

It's a bit more challenging to spin since the angora fibers are so short and I've had to predraft very carefully and then do a short draw draft as I spin....only moving my fingers 1 inch at a time. But, it'll be totally worth it because the halo this yarn is getting is beautiful!!

Did I show you the gorgeous Sereknity yarns I bought from Heather on Wed night?? The top one is her Sock Options superwash merino in "Seriously Citrus" and the bottom one is, I think, called "Belladonna" in a soft, laceweight kid mohair. I have been drooling over them since that night. YarnGasm!

(I've also just started spinning HollyEEQ's bamboo roving in the colorway, Bali Hai...pinks and apricots. It's my first time spinning bamboo and I'm LOVING it! It's got a shine brighter than tencel and silk....and even spins more easily than tencel and silk. When I was drafting it out, it was like bright, sparkling ribbons of butterfly wings....oh! It's so hard to describe. Cayli recommended this bamboo to me [and gifted this roving to me for my bday] and I'm hooked!)

Now, you're asking....what about the podcast? Yes, I'm still in the works on that...and since hubby has been away and going away again, it's very hard to find time (QUIET TIME) to record it. I promise to get it up soon.

Speaking of hubby, I have to tell you that he's had a funny (but annoying) experience while out in New Mexico. He's working for NASA at the moment and they are very strict about having "clearance". He wasn't able to get a certain level of clearance in time (it takes a LONG time apparently), so he just has a badge. This badge doesn't let him go anywhere except where he is working....meaning this one room. So...say he needs to go to the bathroom....know what he has to do? Ask someone with "clearance" to go with him. They actually have to stand outside the door (and that's not so great if you've been eating a lot of yummy Mexican food). Same deal if he wants to go smoke or even go into another room to access another computer! Jeez!

I wonder if he dropped a pencil and it rolled out into the hallway, he'd have to go and get someone to come out with him to retrieve it????

Wanna see some Potato Heads????

(Ben and I have been playing with these the past week....they are SO much fun!)

Pirate Potato

Lady Potato

Darth Vador Potato...he's missing an arm

And, my favorite, Transformer Potato, who is named, "Optimash Prime". Do you love it???

Will finish spinning and working my mom's lace shawl....oh, and the podcast. Lots of stuff to do and hope I can get some done while Ian is gone this week. We'll see. If only I was the one who was traveling....all those wasted hours waiting in the airport could be put to good use!

Have a great day everyone and wish me luck this week!!!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Knitting in Public...by Ourselves.

Despite the off and on pouring rain on Saturday morning, my knitting group (The ManchVegas Knitters), still tried to knit out in public for "Knitting in Public Day". A different park was picked (one with a gazebo) and it was damp and chilly, but still knit-able. At least we weren't getting rained on...and Marion's daughter brought a big container of Dunkin Donuts hot chocolate and muchkins to share, so it took all the unhappiness away....LOL! I wore something completely unsuitable (capri pants and a short sleeve tshirt) that day...not really thinking that the temperature of the gazebo would be MUCH cooler than the temperature in my house...duh.

But, Chris and the fantastic Melissa came to my rescue. Chris lent me his Zelda sweatshirt and one handknit sock that he'd just finished and Melissa gave me one of her handknit socks (using one of the Knit Picks faux fair isle sock patterns). I was very warm and cozy after that. Thanks, you guys! Look at my cozy toes!

Wonderful Jackie took her adorable, cute-as-a-button little one with us and she was SO GOOD! She watched us knit, sat on our laps and played with Lora's little boy...they ran around with Chris for a while, too. Very cute watching them.

I was not only able to work on my Angel Sweater and get quite a few rows done, but also showed a fellow knitter/spinner how to do the navajo ply on her wheel. It's something you just have to see and, since someone was nice enough to show me, I wanted to do the same. I thought of bringing my own wheel that day, but it was just so damp...I thought I'd probably get lots of fiber wet...as well as my wheel. Next time, though.

Didn't her handspun come out GREAT? She's used Sereknity's "Clownin' Around" fiber. Extremely soft, bright and easy to spin.

Here's what the Angel sweater looks like right now:

Isn't it sweet?? Fabulous Jackie made one last year for her little one and I was dying to make one..but didn't have anyone to knit it for. Now that our friends' baby is a year old, I said to myself, "Now I can make an Angel Sweater!". I'm using the luxurious, super soft Knit Picks Elegance in Wild Rose. I am LOVING this yarn! I may even use this yarn to make myself a sweater sometime.....

Let me show you some pics of the group in our "wet house":

Chris, Ericka, someone with her back to me (Who is this? Someone email me. Is that you, Marion?), GiGi and Jackie

The lovely GiGi, Caroline and Lora

Jackie holding up her Sereknity "Rock Lobster" yarn and Melissa taking her pic

Not one person came to see us knit in the park, but who can blame them? If I wasn't a knitter and my group wasn't meeting together, I don't think I would've been going out in the pouring rain either. I usually try to avoid situations where my lovely knitting projects might get soaked. We had lots of fun by ourselves, though, and it was worth going. As for promoting knitting and socializing....it's not like we don't knit and public every single Wed night at Barnes and Noble...AND that's how we got a lot of our members! (see "Not-So-Newbie" Mike if you don't believe me)

And, as I am a proud mom.....I have to brag a bit. Tim took the IOWA tests in school about a month ago and got the tests back...and guess what????

He scored higher (in all 5 subects) than 83% of ALL the 8th graders in the country!!!!

Great job, my big guy! I am SOOOO proud of you. BIG HUG

Today, I'm a bit exhausted. I've got both kiddies to myself for the next 3 days. Ian is out working on a NASA satellite thingamabob for work in New Mexico. And, the poor guy.....he's got a terrible cold. He's miserable. He was telling me that he had a 4 hour lay over in Texas and I said:

"Don't you wish you'd brought some knitting?" (I taught him the knit stitch about a month ago.)

You know what HE said?


Guess he's not really into the knitting-thing, huh?

Friday, June 08, 2007

Invisible FO Friday

Let's pretend that you are looking at a picture of an adorable (and PINK!) finished object. Let's say that it's also knitted in a delicious merino/cashmere blend yarn. Can you picture it? Okay. Good. Do I WANT to show it to you? YOU BET YOUR SWEET A*S!! But, I'm going to wait....and I can tell you why- soon. But, for now....just ooh and aahh and imagine you are viewing something fantastically cute. K?

Now, where did I get this lovely, scrumptious, baby-butt-soft yarn? At Joanne's wonderful store, A Knitter's Garden. (She not only has really great yarn, but local fibers, soaps and nice patterns and books, as well. Make sure to check it out when you're near Chester, NH....oh, and seeing the sheep and angora bunnies on her farm is a total treat, too! The sheep don't say "Baaaaa"...they say "Buuuurrrp"...or at least I think so.)

Hmmm....where was I? Oh, yes, the pink cashmere blend yarn. It. Is. So. Nice. Jackie and I both fondled it, but I was the one who took it home...YUM.MY. There are about 85 yards per skein for $7.00 and it's 17 stitches per 4 inches for gauge on size 8 needle. I truly love it. My "invisible" project that I just finished only took 1 skein, so I have one more left to cuddle with...mmmmmmm.

What else did I get when I visited the yarn shop? Well, a set of lace blockers (which I sorely need) and THIS:

Isn't it the cutest thing you've ever seen???? Well, at least for an accessory case. Jackie got a dark pink hippopatamous and I got the frog. It unzips around the mouth and you can put your scissors, darning needle, stitch holders, stitch markers and all sorts of stuff in it. The longer ones...like the hippo and crocodile...could even hold your dpns! You can find them HERE, though the price was better at A Knitter's Garden. And no shipping to pay either.

Guess what I got in the mail today??? Cayli sent me the most gorgeous fibers from the Fantastic Fiber Queen, Holly EEQ of Oceans of Fiber for my birthday!!! Super soft and brilliant turquoise/aqua mohair locks and a shine-tastic pink/peach roving of BAMBOO!!! I haven't spun either of these before and I'm thinking of trying to do some tomorrow night. (You have no idea how much fiber I have to spin and how much I'm hoping to get started again....really.) THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Cayli!!!!! (you always know the perfect gift!)

(for some reason, this one is upside down or something....weird)

Still working on my lace stole. Doing on repeat every single day and it's really coming out nicely. The longer it gets the more motivation I have to work on it. I think my mom is going to LOVE it!

Other things I've got on my "Knitting Mind" at the moment (besides my stack of UFOs on right):

-The Tulip Sweater shown on the Yarn Harlot's blog. (Going to use KP Swish instead of the yarn given....both are superwash merino, worsted weight)

-The Baby Pea Pod sweater by Kate Gilbert....(I'm thinking of seeing if I can join the Pea Pod Knitalong, too.)


-Baby size version of THIS.

No, I am NOT pregnant....perish the thought! But, I AM having those "baby feelings"....so to comfort myself, I am knitting for a baby (well, toddler really) girl of a friend of ours.

Still trying to work on the next podcast, too. OH, and if you've been having trouble downloading them from iTunes, do this:

Unsubscribe to my podcast on iTunes. Then, immediately resubscribe and you will be able to get all the episodes you missed. I had my xml feed wrong and the dates never got through, so it might have seemed like some were missing. There are 13 now and 14th on the way, so catch up if you can...(grin)

Well, I guess that's all for now...not a GREAT post, but doing it pretty late and had a hard day. Hope you all have a fab-u-lous "Knitting in Public" Day tomorrow!!!!

Monday, June 04, 2007


CAUTION....had too many pics to post, so I had to choose only some. Sorry! Hope they all come through...

What can I say about a day spent at a fantastic yarn store with a to-die-for view and....best of all....Amy Boogie of Spunky Eclectic?


Melissa, Lora and I started off at Donna's house (Blogless, Koigu Donna) and headed to York, ME to the Yarn Sellar to meet the fabulous Julie, Brenda and, YS owner and sweetie, Patti. (Ericka and Chris met us there before leaving for Lisbon.) Here we all are before leaving...with Donna holding a basket of Heather's Sereknity Sock Options yarn.

(l-r...Lora, Roger (Patti's hubby aka Bruce), Patti, Donna, Melissa, Me and Julie)

After stopping for a quick lunch, exchanging cell phone numbers (thank GOODNESS we did!), getting lost a couple times and then finally meeting up at a Dunkin Donuts/Mobil gas station (to refresh ourselves with waters, coffee and candy...namely, PEPPERMINT PATTIES...hint hint...wink wink....), we were on the home stretch to Spunky Amy's.

Donna made a very impressive, race car driver's sharp and short right turn into the parking lot at once when we screamed, "THERE IT IS!!!" and, I think, ralllied rather well after her heart stopping for a second or two. (and saying, "You are FIRED as the copilot for the next trip!" to me....which, of course, I've heard before, right Laurin?) Sorry, Donna!

Here is the view from Amy's shop...

Impressive, isn't it????

After getting a huge hug from Amy's adorable, squeeze-her-face daughter "Medium Boogie" (not to be confused with "Baby Boogie") and Amy herself, we all rushed like a mob into the shop. Although the size is small (especially for about 10 of us at once), everything is arranged very nicely and you know exactly where to go for what you want. Not only does she have YARN! and FIBER!!!, but also spindles, spinning wheels, spinning equipment, and her own handmade pottery, which is gorgeous. It was just like at SPA, we all kept going back in for more! Go outside, go back in, go outside, go back in....it was a vicious cycle of horrible monetary proportions. shiver

Wanna see pics of the store?? (of course you do!)

Exhibit A: The Yarn

Exhibit B: The Fiber

Exhibit C: The Spindles

Exhibit D: The Pottery

And, you know what else???

Melissa and Lora learned how to spin on the drop spindle!!!! Woo-hoo!! (Ericka and I thought to ourselves, "He he...we've corrupted MORE knitters!"...or at least, that's what I think we thought!)

Here I am giving Melissa a hand, though she was really a natural.

And Melissa and Lora succesfully spinning! (Lora, you are awesome at the S twist!!!!)

Most of the time, we spent on the porch, knitting (welll, I talked....mostly...shocker) I think I was getting a little too "photo happy" because Brenda and Julie looked at me like THIS:

And the lovely Patti...

I thought Chris and Ericka looked so cute here together...dont' you? Busy knittin' away....

I think we spent almost 3 hours there and it was the most relaxing and fun time I've had in weeks....I even got to draw chaulk pictures on the driveway with "Medium Boogie", which was almost more fun than knitting! (gasp!) Here are some pics that we drew together...

Boy, it really made me want to have a little girl....boohoo...but, no, I'm happy with my video game playing boys : ) Maybe I could just borrow Medium Boogie or Jackie's Little One sometimes....right?

On the way home, and Donna's trunk stuffed to the brim with yarn and fiber, we stopped for dinner and it was delicious! We had a waitress, Jamie, that rivaled Famous April for friendliness and that "je ne s'ai quoi" that we look for when dining and knitting. It was a long ride home and though I tried to give Donna subliminal messages on the way...(saying "Yaaaarrrnnn" instead of "Yaaaawwwnnn")....she wasn't really fallling for it. Damn it.

So, you ask, what are the treasures that you took home??? Well, here are some of the things I got....some are gifts and I didn't take pics of them. Wanna see????

(l-r) "Nuclear Flower" sportweight, "Walking on the Sun" laceweight merino, "Your Majesty" skinny sock, and "Killer Tomato" skinny sock.

Plus, I got "Pulsations" in green to knit up Amy's new "Pulsations" sock pattern...see HERE and a couple rovings for spinning.

All in all, it was a FANTASTIC day, although I missed everyone who couldn't make it. I'm sure we'll go again, though.

Oh, let me leave you with THE WALL OF GINA...

(Medium Boogie wrote my name all along the brick wall near the shop. I LOVE her!!!) Go visit Spunky's Shop NOW! (he he)