Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Sock One Done...Sock Two in the Queue.

Very quick post...finished the Argyle sock #1 last night and started the cuff of #2 today. Do I feel excitement for number 2? No. Will I finish it? Hopefully. I still have two more argyle sock classes to go to and I should be able to get lots done there. Did I tell you that I left my handknit Northern Lights mittens at the yarn store last Sunday??? Ugh. Last time, it was at A.C. Moore...I think my mittens like places with yarn...hmmm....

Wanna see pics?

Here is sock numero uno done (and using my spinning wheel sock blocker for the first time)'s kinda a dark picture, though:

And here is a look-see at the INSIDE of the sock...please don't judge me for my messy's very cool, though, I think:

I dyed up another batch of fiber (superwash merino) last came out less great than the first batch. This time I used turquoise and yellow there's some green, yellow and blue, but lots of white patches, too. When it's dry, I'll show you pics of it. My third experimental dyeing includes 8 oz of merino/tussah silk and lots of red and fushia. We'll see how this third technique works out. I'm having LOTS of fun with this, I have to say : )

UPDATE on UFO contest:

I was so happy to get entries so quickly for the UFO contest. I know it was a last minute thing and has to be in by 4: 30 pm today, so if you don't win, there'll always be another contest!

Ticket Points: 1 for emailing me your list, 2 more for putting my FO button on your blog and 3 more for a very unique way of listing the UFOs.

We have:

Jackie with 3 ticket points (emailing list and FO Friday button)
Nichole with 1 ticket point (emailing list)
Carol with 3 ticket points (emailing list and button)
Jen with all 6 ticket points (emailing, button and VERY unique list)...her blog is being fixed at the moment, so you can check it out later on in the week.

Here is the unique pic Jen sent with her UFO list:

This was so excellent! What creativity! You have to see the pic of her 4 1/2 month old baby girl, Rory. She is ADORABLE!!!! I want to eat her up....and her little toesies, too.

Winner to be announced on Friday's post along with pic of the great LOOT and my own UFO list. Maybe I'll have pics of all three of my dyed fiber rovings, too. Yipppeee!

Oh, and here is the simple hat I made using Malabrigo yarn. It's the softest thing to cashmere that you can get. I loved every single minute of knitting with about YARNGASM! I'll be posting the pattern (it's the Starfish one I made first for Felice, my sis-in-law) tomorrow, if I can.

Have a great night! I know I's knittin' night!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Argyle, anyone? (and UFO Contest)

Okay, so this weekend was great. Better than normal weekends. It's not that I had less picking up to do after all the "xy" 's in the house or anything, but everything just went smoothly. (Do I dare dream that the curse is over?)

On Friday night, I ended up going to spinning group (the Island Pond Spinners in Hampstead, NH)...haven't been in AGES....and I met Heather there....we had fun spinning and talking all night. The whole atmosphere is completely different than the was mummering instead of screeching was "oooh, that's so nice" said in a reverant way instead of screaming, "holy shit, that's friggin' awesome!" over a new FO....and it was the gentle whir of spinning wheels and the clacking of knitting needles instead of the squealing (mostly on my part) over new gossip, new yarn aquisitions and, of course, sex talk. I have to tell you that I get WAY more done at spinning group than at Wed night knitting group. knitting group is not only knitting, but also emotional therapy, delicious food consumption (not that I need it...quite the opposite) and a time for laughter and "letting my hair down". I would die without my Manchvegas knitting night.

On Saturday, I went to Weight Watchers (lost 2 pounds! yippeee!) and then Ian and I went out to lunch at our favorite Chinese restaurant, Chen's. I, of course, had my extra Spicy Green Beans and Ian had his usual Sweet and Sour chicken lunch special. That night, we just hung around, had fun and it was relaxing. Later on, Ian and I had some time "not" relaxing....mmmmhmmmm!

On Sunday, Ian took Tim to go Geocashing and Tim brought me back a beautiful blue stone, brought Ben a squeaky frog and got himself some Mighty Beans. They left a whole lot of toys, too. Ian is completely addicted geocashing, I mean. Sunday afternoon, the awesome Jackie and I went to our first Argyle sock class at the Yarn Basket in Portsmouth, NH. Jackie scored a great spot to park and we got there right on time. The shop is only a little bit bigger than my bathroom (though I love this shop...they have WONDERFUL yarn and even more wonderful people working there), but it was a GOOD thing that there were only 6 of us in the class.

The teacher, Jay, is a wonder at knitting argyle socks. Though it started off a bit rocky (Jackie and I hadn't known we had to wind our bobbins BEFORE the class) and I was completely confused...."what color do I need for the triangles?", "where does THAT go??" and..."who the HELL thought this class was a good idea????!!!??", which of course, the answer to that last one was...ME! It was comforting that most of the other women were also frustrated (except for the woman next to me who already had 1 1/2 socks done....damn her!). Jay was very patient with all of us and did her best to answer all our questions and help us untangle our "friggin' birds' nests". If you have ever had 4 huge bobbins and (4) 64" lengths of yarn hanging from the back of a 1/2 inch of knitted sock, then you know that it's KNITTER'S HELL!

After an inch is done, that's a little better. After 1 1/2 inches, much better. At 2 inches, you start thinking, "hey, I think I'm getting the hang of this!". At 2 1/2 inches, you're saying to yourself, "I'm having fun!" and at 3 or more inches, you're muttering, "I just can't stop! I'm addicted!!!!"

Here is my progress:

Here's what I got done at class on Sunday...

Here's what I got done on Monday afternoon....

On Monday evening.....


This morning....

So, now all I have to do is put the stitches on dpns, knit up the gusset, turn the heel and do the foot and toe. The rest of the sock is in plain stockinette, with no argyle. I almost (I say, ALMOST) wish I could do more argyle down the front of the foot. Then, of course, I have to do the OTHER sock. I think I'll knit the gusset and heel tonight and then start on the next argyle cuff/leg. That way, (when my other ball of yarn arrives from Florida...please hurry!!!) I can do both feet at once.

Did I tell you that Jackie and I were talking so much on the way home from class (um...mostly me...shocker!) that we ended up in Massachusetts and then couldn't find our way back north?....or at least for a little while. It was hilarious and fun. I can't tell you how awesome it is to have someone to laugh with and say anything to. It's better than...knitting! (I guess that's why I'm marryin' the gal! LOL!) Then, we went to the Olive Garden for dinner (knit on our hats), had delicious Italian food (in which I gained back the 2 pounds I lost that week) and had more girlish talk on the way home.

Ian and I watched "Matchpoint", which we didn't much care was okay, but we both were slightly sickened by the too-feminine main character, Chris. And then, onto more "non-Matchpoint" fun. (boy, I'm getting lucky this week!)

I also had time to dye up a batch of fiber (my first time!!!) in the crock pot. A lovely lady at spinning told Heather and I about a very easy way to dye fiber. I took her advice, added a little fushia, a little turquoise and a bit of dark blue ....then, voila.....the next morning (without any muss or fuss), I had this gorgeous dyed superwash merino. You can't tell how pretty it is from the pic, but it's just wonderful. I'm going to make more tonight. It's not at all felted and the colors are rich and deep. I might start doing more of this dyeing of fibers business!

Well, my arms are tired from typing, so I'll go. I know I'm overdue for a podcast, but I need to grab Jackie so I can record her answers to the "What would Jackie do?" segment. Probably on least that's my hope...I'm also trying to finish my 4th pattern for One Planet Yarn and Fiber. I need more of me to finish projects!!!!! I have so many things I want to dooooooooo!

Instead of doing the Odeo comment/Contest thing (I've yet to figure out what is wrong with it), I'll be putting the AwesomeYarn/Cute MeasuringTape/Candy prize "tickets" into a hat (Tim will choose the winner tomorrow at 4:30 pm) to anyone who emails me ( and give me:

A list of all the UFOs that you hope to accomplish by the end of THIS YEAR. (I'll be printing out my own on Friday...FO Friday, of course.)

-1 ticket to each person to write to me with his/her list

-2 additional tickets to you if put the list on your blog along with my FO Friday button with link to my blog...(send me the link as well in the email when you've blogged)

-3 additional tickets to you if you do something unique to your list. Unique in any way. Good luck and....start typing!!!

Friday, January 26, 2007

FO Friday: "Lucy Goosey" Bunny

Introducing my first attempt at a "curious creature" from the "Plush-o-Rama: Curious Creatures for Immature Adults" book by Linda Kopp. This book is SO much fun...Ben and I spent the entire morning yesterday in bed, snuggled under the covers....just looking at the pics.

(Tim has already put an order in for the Apple Tree and Omimushi dolls)

I made "Lucy Goosey" from the Moopy Bunny pattern (though, really, it was one of the few dolls without a template and you mostly had to follow the directions, which were a tad confusing) and it only took me 4 hours on and off....between cooking, playing with Ben, eating b&l and changing Pull Ups. Not too bad. I slightly altered the pattern by making her arms the opposite as what the book called for...and doing my best with the materials I had at home. Jackie and I may make a fabric-run this weekend, so I can pick up more materials for MORE DOLLS!

After I took the pics, I noticed that LG's ears were slightly wrinkled (even though I'd washed and ironed the fabric earlier), so I decided to use my NEW ROWENTA IRON to smooth those earsies out.

Isn't it awesome??? (my thoughtful mother-in-law got this for me for Christmas)

Now, as per my last podcast, I decided to organize my STASH. I said "HELLO!" to my stash and then almost immediately said, "HELL!" and then went into a mini state of shock after I counted all the skeins in my stash. Now, is there a way for me to give THE NUMBER without the hubby knowing??? (he read my blog last night and may be tempted to do it again) How about this...mulitply the number of books that the Yarn Harlot has published at the moment by 100, add in her age and subtract the number of Barbera Walker Treasuries multiplied by 5. Wait a that right?....hold on....(getting calculator)...I think it's right.

ANYWAY.....there was this certain number that slightly bothered me and now I'm re-thinking Wendy Knits' plan of knitting from your stash for 2007. Not that I won't be tempted by new yarns and all the yarn-knitting-spinning events I'll be going to this year...but I will be LESS tempted. I hope. So, I arranged every skein by color....(the greens & yellows shared the same bin, as well as the browns&reds&oranges and gray&blacks) It was surprising that the colors I had the MOST of were:

(in order of largest to smallest amount)


This is where most of the purple/wine colors are (see above).

Then, of course,


Here is the rest of the stash...all sock yarn that I didn't want to move to their respective color areas:

I'm figuring: 25% blue, 20% pink, 18% cream, 12% purple, 10% yellow/green, 8% brown/red/orange and 7% grays/blacks

How about you??? What's YOUR color percentage for yarn stash?

I've finished with design pattern 3 for One Planet Yarn and Fiber and sent it off today to the pattern editor, Melissa. I'm looking forward to seeing the items photographed and I will let you know as soon as they're up for sale. They'll be available from me in .pdf form only and in hard copy from One Planet and possibly 2 other yarn shops...I'll have to wait for confirmation about this. I'm VERY, VERY excited!! I started on the 4th pattern last night and, so far, it's coming out beautifully....I'm very happy with it so far. We'll see once I get halfway!

Also, wanted to add that I've been trying to use the Odeo myself and I just can't get the record button or play button to work. Not sure what's wrong with it....maybe it's a problem on the Odeo end? But, I'll try and email them and see what's up. So, I'll be waiting to do the "message giveaway" until it's actually up and running. Very frustrating. So, far, I have gotten one written message (from Odeo) from Rositta, which was great!

Have a fun (and warm) weekend everyone! Gina : )

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Oh, no...I'm Flat Again

Sorry...this is not a reference to my bust, but to the tire on my car. Friday, on my way to Ben's 4 year check up, I was driving along the main road that runs past my street and heading East....and about 1/2 mile along, I see a black thing in the road. At first, it looks like a garbage bag, but as I drove closer, I realized it was a piece of spikey black plastic (which later turned out to be someone's license plate holder...with plate still attatched). I wasn't able to drive around it...a car was coming the other way, so I was forced to drive over it or drive into a tree. I picked the black thing.

Unfortunately, I got an immediate flat tire and I was barely able to drive to the side of the road. We don't have any car road service at the moment (i know...dumb), so I called Ian at work and he was able to come and help me change it (since I've never done it before myself) since it was his lunch hour. It was freezing cold and wet out, so it wasn't at all fun for Ian. But, he was awesome and fixed it quickly. We ended up going out to lunch, too, and that was fun.

The funny thing is that this is the second flat tire I've gotten in the past month or two...ON THE SAME ROAD!!!! It's crazy!

When I got home, I noticed how pretty the ice looked on the branches of the lilac tree and had to take a pic...isn't it cool?

Here is the pic of the trees in front of our house during the ice storm when they were folded over onto themselves in view of my living room window:

Now, between the ice storm, my two flat tires, my HUGE banking mistake (which I chose to atone for with a few unspeakable, passionate acts toward my husband) and then our boiler breaking this morning/last our house was FREEZING until noon....I don't know if our luck is finally up for changing. I hope so. At least Ben and I had the wood stove to huddle by...since I was told NOT to leave the house if the boiler guys were coming at some unknown time to do some fixin'. I think it's time for some MAJOR good stuff to happen, don't you?

And, how can good stuff pass us by when we have this adorable bunny face in residence???

You cute, Little Cocoa!

Happy Knitting and wish me luck on finishing the One Planet Yarn and Fiber third pattern! I'm almost done...and I can't wait to show off pics!!!

BTW, if you send me an Odeo message (link at right in blue cloud) by Friday night, I will put you in a drawing for a goodie bag of yarn, a new measuring tape (a pretty one!) and candy! Click and record...NOW! (thanks!)

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Podcast 7: Hello Stash

Hey, sweet and sassy knitters! The newest podcast is up....Hello Stash...I just noticed that I forgot to welcome everyone to the podcast at the beginning, so here it is here:

"Welcome to the Sleepy Eyes Knits podcast....where the babbling never ends...and, fortunately for you, I had a HUGE mug of hot chocolate and I'm ready to go!"

This podcast is a bit shorter than usual due to my cold and non-stop coughing fits. Hopefully, you won't be able to tell from the podcast....oh, the large chunks of audio I had to cut out.....hack, hack, hack. But, thankfully, it's done and I hope you all enjoy it.

I'll list a couple links and pics here before I got lie down for a while....and, Jackie.....I'll be talking to you SOON!!

Happy Knitting and Have a great weekend!

Gina ; )

LINKS (other than Sponsor Links at the right sidebar):

Wendy Knits

Hello Jackie

The Yarn and Fiber Company

Knitting Under the Influence by Claire LaZebnik

What Would Jackie Do? by Shelly Branch and Sue Callaway


"Water Lily" cashmere from Sereknity:

My knitting messenger bag from Actual Size Creations:

Inside lining:


Kim with "Home"

Jenny Beck with "Hello"

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Whoops...tardy podcasting.

Thought I'd feel well enough to do the podcast last night but, alas, I wasn't. Definitely on the mend, though. Now, I only have a deep cough and runny nose...oh, and that lovely smokers-graveling-voice-thing going on. Ugh. I sound like a man.

I actually sent an odeo to the wonderful Brenda Dayne to tell her to feel better and I sound like I'm at death's door with my stuffy nose and crackling voice. Ugh!

Speaking of odeo....I have a new link on the right (above the podcast links) to send ME and odeo! Would love to add your comments to my podcast. Ready, set.....record!

I will try my hardest to get the new podcast out by Friday. If not, definitely sometime over the weekend. If I end up sounding terrible, I apologize in advance : P

Before I go to get more rest (must be able to go to knitting tonight!!!), I wanted to show you the awesome gift I got from Heather of Sereknity. Last week, she gave me around 1 oz of a gorgeous, wine red pygora/silk fiber. It is so soft and silky!

I was able to spin it up in an hour and a half (blissful spinning) into this:


2 ply, 18 wpi (fingering/sport), 38 yards of yummy goodness.

Thought it would actually make more so that I could make some lace wristlets, but I don't know what I could make with only 38 yards. I MUST get more of this fiber! I loved spinning it.

You know, I was thinking of all the fibers I've spun so far...

-Border Leicester
-Superwash merino
-Cotton (was only able to spin less than 1/2 was SO difficult)
-American Buffalo

The next step is for me to spin the merino/tencel I bought a while ago from Yarn Botanika. It's beautiful. I also have 2 pounds (!!!) of Cormo/silk that I got from the Sheep and Wool last year that I'd love to make into yarn for a sweater for ME! Wouldn't that be cool?

Of all the fibers I've spun so far, my favorite three are:

-100% angora (beautiful finished yarn...a little more difficult to spin)
-Pygora silk (excellent to spin, gorgeous finished)
-Superwash merino (fun as hell to spin and makes a great, squishy, soft yarn)

So, leave me some Odeo, okay? Would love some suggestions of new fibers to spin or hear what your favorites to spin are!

Happy Knitting and Spinning!!!

Monday, January 15, 2007

I'm a Pushover...when it comes to books.

Alright...and yarn, too. Oh, and life in general. (happy now?)

I got this meme from GiGi's blog. Here is what you do:

Find the nearest book, flip to page 123. Find the 5th sentence. Record the next 3 sentences on your blog. List the book's title and author.

Here's mine:

The Knitting Circle by Ann Hood

The quote of 3 sentences:

"Staring out the airplane window as they headed east, toward home, Mary thought of the new year without Stella. Sighing, she pulled down the shade on the window, blocking out the endless clouds. Dylan snored lightly beside her."

Now, you'd think from this quote that the book is horribly boring, but it really isn't. It's pretty good. I already finished reading "Knitting Under the Influence" by Clare someone (sorry, I'll find it later) and it was surprisingly great....a very easy read and very girly, but I really got into it. It was difficult going from Lisa See's "Snowflower and the Secret Fan" (which is now one of my favorite all time ever books) which is fabulously well written and deep to this one, which is more fun and light...but still very enjoyable.

I've got a horrible sore throat today and I've tried to not talk. For me, VERY hard to do. For my huband, BLISS.

Here is a pic of a tree in the front yard of our house COMPLETELY bent over with ice and dangerously close to the windows....

Oh, also a pic of the sock blockers I got HERE. Aren't they awesome?

UPDATE: I've finished one of the patterns I designed for One Planet Yarn and Fiber and I'm almost done with the second. When they're up and available, I will let you know and you'll be able to buy them here off my blog in pdf form OR from One Planet Yarn and Fiber in pdf form and also hardcopy. I can't wait to tell you all about them and how much fun I'm having knitting them. I should be starting the third design soon...and that one I'm REALLY excited about. Wish I could tell you more....

Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Other Gina Spoiled Me

I don't know if I mentioned that I was the winner of Gina of GameCockDoc's blog contest....guesssing how many skeins of yarn she had in her stash. I was only 1 off with a guess of 87. (She's just moved from South Carolina to a place around the corner from WEBS in Northampton, MA...where I'll be going on Saturday to shop and meet her!) I was very excited to win...not that I need anymore yarn, of course....but it's exciting, nonetheless.

I was expecting one skein from her odd stash...maybe two at most....but what I got in the mail was THIS!!!!

-3 skeins of RYC Classic's Cashsoft (the yarn I just knit Ian's hat out of that I LOVED) in a bright, lovely red
-2 skeins of Shetland Heather 100% shetland wool yarn in a soft spring green
-1 skein of Trekking XXL (oooh, this is awesome) in a blues/grays colorway (I can't wait to knit this up)
-1 skein of .....get this....Malabrigo merino wool (the past week's YarnGasm yarn!) a wine/purple colorway (softer than a baby's bottom)
-a large tin of CHOXIE spiced hot cocoa (oh, Gina, you know me sooo well) which is delicious!
-and a sweet, handwritten letter with red trim to match the red striped tissue paper she lined the box in (and also matched the Cashsoft yarn)

WHOA! Am I lucky or what???? I feel outrageously spoiled and I thank you, Gina, for everything...You are FAB-U-LOUS!

Hmmm...the rest of my news really pales in comparison to this, but there are some good things....


My sister in law, Felice...who is a beauty and so sweet (I am so lucky to have such a wonderful sis!)....wearing the new green beanie hat that I made for her....using the Moda Dea Superwash Merino yarn...about half a skein is all it took....and she really liked it. She put it on right away and that made me SO HAPPY! I know she is one of the few people who will appreciate and wear something that I knit for her...she is definitely YARN WORTHY!

Here she is with her friend, Cliff....they both stayed over (they're from Texas) and it was great to meet him and visit with both of them. Cliff was one of the friendliest and most polite guys I've ever met and he was so nice to the boys, too. He's funny and not at all uncomfortable to be around (you know how sometimes strangers stay in your home and you don't know them at it's a little uncomfortable?....well, not that way at all with him.) Ian and I had fun showing them passages from Ian's newest book I got him, "The Alphabet of Manliness". If you haven't seen this book, you must get's hilarious! There's a whole chapter on Chuck Norris and how to sneak a peak at a woman's cleavage...and how to hide a boner. Great stuff!

Did I mention that Felice is about 5 foot 8? Do you see the difference in her height and Cliff's? Well, he's way over 6 feet tall....forgot how much, though. Ian wanted to take a pic of me next to him, but I figured that it would only be the top of my head and the rest of him, so why bother? LOL!

Here he is trying to figure out how I'm knitting a sock on those "two wiry things" for Jackie. He looks pretty confused, huh? Careful, Cliff, don't strangle yourself with the Cascade Fixation!

Okay, what else is new....oh, is something VERY EXCITING! (forgot about this....bad me!) We got a new bunny! This story is funny....

We went to Bob's Furniture to get a new couch for our playroom/tv room (though there is more play in there than tv use)...we picked out a "broccoli" colored (not flavored) microfiber couch with chaise at the end...pretty nice.....and the guy who sold us the couch jokingly asked if we wanted a bunny...not sure how that came up...maybe about the furniture protection against pets or something...of which they have NONE....

Anyway, I think he was pretty surprised when we said we were very interested. He went on to say how his tenants had been evicted and had left their bunny behind....cage, toys, everything. And he and his wife already had a bunch of bunnies at home to care for. That night, he emailed me pics of the bunny (we're still not sure if it's a boy or girl) and once we saw this picture, we were HOOKED.....

As soon as we went to get her/him on Saturday, we looked into its eyes and knew it was for us....the bunny, who Tim has named "Cocoa" so friendly, sweet, cute and great with the kids. She/He lets us hold it and is so adorable running around the playroom. She tries to be friends with the cats, but they run as soon as she gets close. Here she is (I think it is a she, but maybe that's only wishful thinking) with Ian...

and then the boys...Ben is making his crazy face...

Oh, and here's the new couch with the lace afghan I knit last year using Knit Picks Suri Dream Alpaca yarn (in fern) and the coordinating pattern, Dreamy Throw. What do ya think?

And, last, but not is the handspun that I made for my Spin to Knit pal using Heather's handdyed superwash merino roving, color Lagoon......I renamed the yarn, "Winter Razzleberry" after plying it. It came out to be a 2 ply dk/lt. worsted yarn, with a tiny bit over 200 yards. It's so soft and wonderful...I hope she likes it!

Oh, I also did a little promo for my podcast if anyone wants to take a little's 1 minute long. Had NO idea what to say, but hopefully, it works...

Sleepy Eyes Podcast Promo

Well, off to get the house ready so that I can leave with a clean conscience tonight for knitting group....woo-hoo!!!

Happy Knitting and Spinning!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Happy Birthday, Honey!

(Here he is trying to be funny....)

Today is Ian's 34th seems strange (but good) that I've been with him for almost 16 years. That's almost as long as I lived with my parents! Wow....

I wanted to wish my hubby a very happy birthday and, even though he's at work, a million hugs and kisses.

Ian, you're not only a wonderful dad to our boys, but chock full of wondery-goodness:

I want to let you know how much I appreciate your:

-sense of humor (and for always trying to cheer me up....the more you try to be ridiculous, the funnier it is)
-computer geeking brain (for helping me to start my podcast and for coming to the rescue when I scream at the laptop)
-not giving me a very hard time when I want to go to a knitting/spinning related event
-cleaning out the cat litter boxes
-driving to RI when we visit my family

and, most of all,

-for your incredibly cute ass (which I'm thinking about right now)

Have a super happy birthday, honey!!!

I love you!

Your ever loving wife and "manners mentor".....

P.S. One more're older than me for 5 whole months!!!!! na-na-na-na-na......

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Podcast 6: Wuving Wool

Hey, sweet and sassy knitters! Thanks for checking out the latest's been at least a couple weeks since the last one and this new one has updates on my knitting, new ideas and GREAT yarn! (click on right sidebar for new podcast download!)


Tim before dunking in the ocean and Ian after dunking:

Tim coming out of the ocean:

Tim's hat (using the Insubordiknit "Monster Hat" kit and Ian's "Space Invaders" hat:

The Swarovski crystal magnets from awesome Amanda:

"Sleepy Eyes" colorway, sportweight superwash merino yarn from Sereknity:

Roving hand painted by Heather of Sereknity:

"Famous April" socks knit with Cascade Fixtation-like yarn hand-dyed by Heather and using my weird arrow pattern...better pattern to come soon, I promise.:

Adorable Hello Kitty toaster and yummy toast:


Jacey with her Monster Hat kits of Insubordiknit blog.

Malabrigo Yarn

GiGi of Adventures in Crochet blog.

Ericka and her soap of Armed with Pointy Sticks (coming soon!)

*Please check the sidebar at right for Sponsor Links and Music links from Podsafe*

Hope you all had a wonderful New Year and looking forward to hearing your favorite wools, hello kitty infor and online stores! Email me or comment and I'll add you to the new contest for next month.

Happy Knitting!

Gina : )