Monday, December 03, 2007

WINNER of Month of Mittens Contest (and survey)

No, it's not Ben. LOL! The snow was so cold and wet that he, sadly, had to wear waterproof mittens to play. : (

I've missed you! (big hug)

The winner is Heide!!! I was in awe, not only of her fabulous spinning, but of how many mittens she knit in November! Whoa! And cute, too! See them here, here and here...I even may have missed some, too!

Many thanks and congratulations to everyone who participated in the Month of Mittens Contest! All of your finished (and almost finished) mittens look so fantastic and will be wonderfully warm this winter. I'll definitely be having this contest again next was a great motivation to have a time limit on making mittens. Otherwise, I don't think I'd have finished the ones for my boys.

Participants and Their Mittens:

Jackie with her two adorable pairs of mittens for her kiddies. See them here and here. So cute!

Sarah with her lovely Fleece Stuffed Mitten in progress. You can see it here. They look really warm!

Becca, who has newly moved back to NY. Can't wait to see your mittens!

Heather....whose cashmere mitts for her mom are just luscious!

Julie Noolie with her prolific (and pretty!) mitten knitting here, here and here.

And, Helen, who either posted pics of the mittens for her swap and I missed them or is just waiting to show them. Looking forward to seeing them, Helen!

(Did I miss anyone?)

Heide will be getting a suprise package of yummy yarn as soon as I am able to get out of this snow! (We had a really wonderful snowfall last night and today...see pic of Ben above!) Congratulations, Heide!!!!

I've got one FO and a partial FO to share for the next post and I'm excited to show them to you. One is a knitted sample for the store and the other is a gift for my dad. Both were/are fun and simple to knit, which is always nice during stressful, holiday times.

I will leave you with two very important questions:

What is your FAVORITE show to watch while knitting projects with deadlines? And, if you weren't able to watch tv or movies, do you think you would get things done as quickly?

Can't wait to read your responses! G ; )


Anonymous said...

I guess I'd have to say that my favorite show to watch while knitting a project with a deadline is Law and Order SVU. I think this is because I've seen every episode elentymillion times and don't really have to "watch". If I had no t.v. I'm not sure I'd get as much done. But who knows, really.

Thanks for the contest; it really was the push I needed (even though I didn't finish what I wanted to!).

Jackie said...

Benji looks so cute in his snow gear!

I totally agree with Julie; LAO reruns are perfect for stuff that needs your full attention. I also like watching stuff I have on the DVR, like Project Runway or Top Chef. I can always rewind if needed.

For mindless knitting I like anything exciting, like a good thriller or stupid action movie. That way I tend to knit fast. Usually though I am knitting while watching a disney dvd with the kids.

cayli said...

I am always watching TV when knitting so everything is my favorite. I do like DVR stuff like Jackie said so then you can watch it again if you missed something important but I rewind my "live" TV all the time anyway.

Heide said...

Thank you Gina! I usually just pop in a DVD of a movie we have here. If I owned the Firefly series then I'd put that in and watch it. I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I'm not very familiar with newer shows.

LMardenNH said...

Projects have Deadlines? Really. Hmmmm - that explains a lot.