Sunday, December 09, 2007

Down to the Wire

FINALLY, an FO that I hoped to show on Friday, but I was so busy and tired, that I just didn't get a chance to. Wow, this weekend just flew by, didn't it??

This is the Noro Felted Bucket Bag with Charms that I knit for a shop sample. It was very easy and fun to make, much like a Booga Bag in construction...with a few changes here and there. Try would make a great holiday gift and you could finish it in plenty of time for the holidays. Really ; )


Pattern: KFI Noro Felted Bucket Bag with Charms
Needles: Addi Turbo 24" circular, size US 13
Yarn: 4 balls of Noro Kureyon color 213A and 1 skein of Gedifra Techno Hair in teal.

This is how the bag looked BEFORE felting:

Note: I also used some glass charms for the front tassle and, as I ALWAYS seem to run out of this yarn, I used 1/4 of another skein of Kureyon as well.

Now that this is done, I've been able to get back to my holiday knitting for lovely people in my life:

-A black, cashmere scarf for my dad using Jade Sapphire Mongolian Cashmere from the shop and a pattern I created...a very simple one which I'm calling "The 52 Scarf" and will share in the next post. Oooh, is it luscious!!! I don't think I have the proper motivation to finish it because it's so wonderful to knit with and I'm savoring every moment....mmmm.(picture soon)

-A secret knitting item for my Secret Snowflake Pal (also for the shop, so I can't show it here until it's finished....boy, oh, it's coming out beautiful!)

-A Palindrome scarf that may be for my mom, if I can get it done in time...if not, I will make it for her for her birthday in February. We'll see how fast I can finish everything else! I'm using Patons SWS in a black, silver, gray colorway. It's SUCH a nice yarn! I was inspired by my knitting buddy, Donna H...when I saw hers, I knew I had to make one, too.

I've finally come to terms with my sad feelings of leaving my non-holiday knitting projects in the closet...for now. I was almost done with Tim's sweater and with a couple of other things, my new sock pattern among them. But, once January comes, I can finish those most important UFOs and....get ready to start new things.

When January 1st comes around, I am planning on blogging, not my resolutions for the year to come, but my Knitting and Spinning Wishlist 2008. Anyone up for doing the same along with me?

Hmmm...what else is new around here? Well, my little Ben has been sick. Off and on vomiting (oceans of puke..."OOP") during the night with no apparent reason...and feeling completely better in the morning....only to vomit again at night. I seriously have to invest in another set of king size sheets. I feel like I am continually switching and washing the 2 sets we have every other 3 am. I am SO tired. Cyndi, my boss, was nice enough to let me leave early on Saturday so I could go home to the little guy. I hate being away from him when he's crying for me and not feeling well. You know?

Other than knitting my ass off for Christmas, I'm trying to catch up on my shopping. I've gotten maybe half of the things I need to and already feel like our checking account is dangerously low. I feel like I spend more every year, though for the same people. I try to spend less, but there is always something "else" in the air and, I don't know how, but it squirms it's way onto the list of things I need to buy. One year, I will be firm and only spend $25 on people (other than my spoiled kiddies) for their gifts and hope that it will work out. I mean, how can I bump people off the gift list? So, it must be....decrease spending. Right? Right? (please comfort me)

Our Christmas tree looks very nice all decorated and shining. Ben and I like to turn off all the lights and lay down under the tree...listening to holiday music and sighing with happiness. He lays on my shoulder and says, "Oh, this is nice, Mommy." With Tim, our special time is drinking rich, hot chocolate and watching Christmas specials together near the wood stove. We're warm, have yummy drinks and I even get to knit while spending time with my teen. Times like these are what I remember when I am faced with friggin knitting and unruly yarns. Mmmmm....calming and blissful.

I think that's all that's been going on in my "everyday" life. Working, shopping, cleaning (of course) and knitting. Not much spinning right now. I'm saving that for February. I'm determined to get my llama spun before I go to SPA. Will I finish? I guess we'll just have to wait and see, huh?

I'll leave you with a great pic of Ben and my hubby that I took before they went geocashing. Ian is holding a hand crafted walking stick made of pine (or is it birch?) that Donna H's husband made. Isn't it gorgeous? He uses it every time he hikes or goes geocashing. I was stunned when, the other day, Donna H brought me yet another stick for me to take home. This time it was for Ben! He was thrilled and has been carrying it around the house with him. He can't wait to take it with him the next time he goes geocashing with his dad. What lucky guys!

Off to do more Christmas knitting!! Good luck with yours! (how far are you with shopping and knitting gifts?? do tell!)


KSee said...

the bag is just perfect. Hope Ben is felling better today.

Jackie said...

The bag came out gorgeous. I also love your dad's scarf. I am only knitting one gift for christmas, and I'm stressing already.

cayli said...

The bag is really cute. Sorry, that Ben isn't feeling well and I totally understand the guiltys that go with not being there.

Hope you get all of your knitting done. I am sure you've got time. ;)

Heide said...

Your tree and Christmas times together with your sons sound and look so wonderful! Love the felted bag. Two of my daughters have been up all night vomiting so I'm brain dead this morning. We literally have no money this year so Christmas shopping isn't even an issue. I've been destashing to pay for my girls' presents and they are the only ones we're focusing on. Everyone else will get school pictures and/or homemade cookies. Even my knitting has been scaled back this season. It's all good. So don't stress over things for everyone. Maybe Ben can make some cards. If people aren't happy with homemade and thoughtful gifts then they have some messed up priorities. Besides, most Americans have too much stuff.

Anonymous said...

The bag came out great. I hope Ben is better soon.

I like the idea of a wish list - I'm not so good with resolutions.

We like geocaching too. Seems like everyone is doing it these days.

-Amy Boogie

Donna said...

Nice bag Gina! Love the colors.

I finally made a blog entry! No pics though. Hopefully tomorrow.....