Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Whew...Mittens Just in Time!

Mmmm......I spent most of the morning "ooh"ing and "ahh"ing with Ben while we watched the first snow of the season. There is NOTHING like sitting at the window with your warm, little child, drinking hot chocolate with mini marshmellows and watching the beautiful snowflakes dance to the ground. It was the best day I've had in I-don't-know-how long.

I've been spending the rest of my "free" time knitting mittens (no time for sweater right now....) for Ben and Tim.

Here is Ben's 1st pair of adorable mittens!! (Look at his c-r-a-z-y hair! He cut the front himself with his craft scissors....sigh)


Yarn:1/2 skein of Malabrigo in Blue Surf (which looks like ice to me....)
Needle: Size 6 KP Interchangable Circ, 32" for Magic Loop
Pattern: Ann Budd's Handy Book of Patterns

These were extremely fun to knit and I can't tell you how soft and cushy they are! Oh, bliss...! Holding my favorite needles and one of my absolute favorite yarns in my hands was such a dream. I actually savored each and every stitch...if that sounds weird, well....it might be, but it's SO true. Have you ever had a project that you wanted to put off finishing because you loved the process of knitting it so much? If so, which one?

Ian held the mittens and said to me, "Hey, can you make me a pair of gloves out of that yarn?" How could I possibly say "no" to that??? He's actually one of the few people I will knit for because he definitely wears (and appreciates) my knitted items. He's worn his socks, hats, mittens and sweater that I've made him often.

For Tim's, I am using a basic mitten pattern, but adding my own colorwork and change to the design. I can't wait to see how these come out. I hope to finish them while in VT for Thanksgiving. I'll be calling them "Fire and Ice Mittens". I was shocked to see how large Tim's hands are getting and just assumed that they'd be close to my size. I'm making him a men's medium!! EEEK! (Moms of teens, you know what I'm talking about, right?)

So, like I said, we'll be visiting Ian's grandparents in VT for Thanksgiving this year....and I think we're really looking forward to it. They have a beautiful house on a dead end road with acres and acres of Christmas trees, veggie gardens and places to run around for the kids. Ian's sister, Felice, will be meeting us there, too, so it will be extra special. We only see her about once a year. I'm cleaning the house and getting it all set, so that when we get back, it will be nice and cozy for us. I keep thinking about sitting in front of the fireplace (or woodstove), drinking my cocoa, and either knitting or reading a favorite book. Can it get any better than that? (well, maybe getting a backrub, too...)

Hmmmm...what else have I been doing?? Well, working and working (Friday to Sunday this week) and cleaning and doing errands....and fixing a horrible banking "thing" we had going on....ugh....it was almost good timing because I was able to fix most of it in time before any MAJOR happenings, but it was still horribly stressful. I spent a good 4 hours straight on the laptop with my bank statements, Quicken, calculator and occasionally screaming. Poor Tim...he had to watch Ben all that time while I was freaking out. (I seem to be doing a lot of that lately....)

I'm giving myself permission to put some knitted items on hold until after Thanksgiving. It's the only sane thing to do or else....


Hope you all have a wonderful holiday and keep on knitting those mittens! Only 10 days left! (If you've linked me on your blog or are participating in the Month of Mittens contest, please remember to comment here, on the mitten post or email me so that I can put you in the drawing for PRIZES!!!

Happy Knitting! G ; )


Lora said...

OH Ben!! tee hee.. a barber in the makings! His gloves are "cool as ice" :) I agree..they look icey, but I bet they're warm warm warm.
Have a safe and wonderful holiday!! ((HUGS))

Marion said...

Even though I leave before it happens, I agree there is some magic in the first snow. It's beautiful and awakens thoughts of fun times playing outside and warm times with family. Marion

Anonymous said...

I love Ben's haircut ;-)
His new mittens look great and there's not much softer than the Malabrigo!

Enjoy your Thanksgiving in VT!

Cayli said...

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving in VT. Sounds like fun.

The mitten are so great looking. The color of the yarn is beautiful.

Gigi said...

Yummy mittens! They look so soft and squishy. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

NH Knitting Mama said...

Your mittens for Ben are a great color!

Happy Thanksgiving!

LMardenNH said...

hey G - cute kid. Hide the scissors.
And snow is absolutely beautiful, unless you have to drive to work in it. Then it blows chunks.

- The Grinch