Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Um...Technical Difficulties...

Let me say a few words: Ben, water, oops.

Those words aptly describe what happened last night when Ben accidently dropped his water bottle on my laptop.

Sh*t,damn, holy h*ll and OMG!!! are just a couple of the things I said at thatmoment.

So, I am writing to you...not from my lovely white iMac iBook, but from Ian's arcade machine. Yes,you heard right. I mean, read right. Ian's homemade arcade machine (I will post pictures once I have a computer again) is now the vehicle for my blogging. Can things be any worse?

Last night, I tried desperately to dry off the inside...took off the keypad, took out the battery, etc..and it worked for a while. Ian (who is now in Maryland on a business trip) suggested (via the phone)that I should take off/out as much as I could and leave it unplugged overnight. So...I did.

This morning, THE LAPTOP WON'T TURN ON!!!!

I am now waiting for Ian to come home and pray to the Computer Gods and Goddesses that he can get things running again. I don't want to imagine all the pictures and things that might have gotten lost if the harddrive is fried. We do have some of the stuff backed up on another harddrive, but haven't backed it up recently. AhHHHHHH!!!

So, please send all your happy, computer-ish thoughts and I hope to be back soon. (If you've emailed me or noticed I haven't commented on your blog, now you know why. I'll do my best to get back to you asap!)

BTW...I'm working on some knitted lace, Tim's sweater and my sock pattern. I finished knitting Ben's sweater (Reversible Crew Neck Sweater) at Grand View and hope to show pics of it in the next post. If you're on Ravelry, you can see it there...that and my new Amanda Hat pattern, which is free with link at right. (of course, on Ravelry, I'm SleepyEyes.)

Happy Knitting!!


Melissa said...

Your hard drive most likely is fine - I am more worried about the motherboard. If you plug it in, will the battery charge?

Missed you tonight!

kiyomi said...

Oh no! I'll be petitioning the Computer Powers that Be on your behalf!

Heide said...

Yikes! I'll do a computer dance while thinking of you today. Hope the knitting helps you feel better in the meantime.