Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving in Vermitten...I mean, Vermont.

We had a very peaceful Thanksgiving weekend in Vermont. This is what we saw when we drove up to Ian's grandparent's house (The House House)....

I gave thanks for SO many things:

*Our drive up went pretty well. Since I get carsick and was unable to knit the 3 hours up to northern VT (boo hoo), I drove halfway. It was very foggy, but the kids were so good and Ian and I were even able to talk to each other.

*We stayed in a totally awesome hotel (yes, I am one of those very sheltered people who gets very excited about hotels!) and...I didn't have to clean! Free breakfast, luxury amenities and friendly people, too. (eee!) Ben loved having cable tv (Tim stayed at Ian's grandparents' house) and we were all able to watch the live action Ben 10 movie together on Friday night. (It was good!)

*Ian's grandparents (also the Houses) are such simple living people with such a peaceful, quiet demeanor that you can't help but feel relaxed around them. Their house is comfy, warm and almost in the middle of nowhere, so it's just perfect to visit. Ian's grandmother, Edith is a professional designer and Master weaver (click on her name to see one of her gorgeous woven scarves) who has won numerous awards for her designs and woven items. I am proud to own a gorgeous scarf, rug (which Tim stole for his room), two or three dishcloths and mug rugs (little woven rugs to put your hot mugs on) and the kids both have a huge blanket a lovely! Grandma Ferg (as Edith is known) showed me around her huge weaving room (her own room!!!) and her three looms. It's a such a light, airy and creative room. Someday, I'd love to have a spinning or knitting room like this for my own ( dream!)

Here is her "main" loom (see the awards in the background!) where she creates her handwoven scarves:

Her second loom...

And her third loom, which she makes the mug rugs on (if you look closely, you can see one being made):

I always love visiting because Grandma Ferg and I can "talk shop", which Ian was teasing us about. She doesn't spin and I don't weave, but there is still a lot to talk about!

*The kids, for the most part, were angels. They played so nicely and were quiet, relaxed and in good moods most of the time. Bliss.....I love this picture of them putting a puzzle together.

*While Ian took his family and Ben geocashing, Tim and I went walking up to the top of the road to the Christmas Tree farm and I convinced Tim (by agreeing to play a number of ping pong games with him) to let me take a pic of him with this snowman (see, he's SO happy, isn't he?? LOL!) with his handknit hat and new "Fire and Ice" mittens on. (He also had his handknit socks on, but those, unfortunately, aren't pictured.) Yup, I finished another pair of mittens! Woo-hoo!

Mittens up close:

*On Thanksgiving Day, we had a slighty underdone turkey (but the cooked parts were very good), fresh vegetables right from the garden (green beans, corn, potatoes and carrots), and stuffing (which was yummy). We also had Wickles pickles (yes, Jackie, I ate them all), crackers & cheese, apple and pumkin pie and Ben & Jerry's ice cream (me, chocolate) for dessert. Y-U-M! We also played "Pin the Gobble on the Turkey", and if you look closely, mine is the furthest gobble from the "gobble-area". Oh, well. I have other talents.....

*I wanted to share the views from the huge, picture windows of the house....I always wish that I could live there all year round....

Left-(with vegetable and berry garden and Christmas tree farm)

Right- (the mountain in the distance is called the "Camel's Hump", I think)

Oh, it was a lovely time and I was also able to work on Tim's sweater....just have to add the ribbed bottom and the body is done....and my dad's cashmere scarf, which is a gift for his birthday on Dec. 1st. He's going to be 55! The ride home was fun, too, though seemed longer. We stopped at Lui Lui's in West Lebanon and had the most delicious Italian food for dinner before heading home.

And, speaking of heading home, we had a slight adventure on the way. We stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few things...and as we were getting out of the car to head INTO the store, I tossed Ian his keys (from the driver's seat to the passenger seat...I was borrowing his because mine were in the trunk), but I guess he didn't hear me and didn't pick them up. We ended up locking BOTH sets of our keys in the car. It was cold, the kids were tired and we were exhausted from such a long trip. I called my friend, Chris, because I knew he had some experience with locked things...but that didn't work out (it was also his birthday and it was late....sorry!)....though he and his wife (he he), Ericka gave us a good (and logical...duh!) idea of calling a locksmith, since we don't have roadside assistance. Blah blah blah, we paid $40 and the guy unlocked our door. Woo-hoo! In light of this, I've decided to give my best friend a copy of our car keys....just in case. (as well as making other copies, too)

Well, hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving, too, and now I'm off to catch up on blogs!! (and I'll leave you with a picture of us from Thanksgiving....please excuse my wacky expression.)

(L to R, T to B) Grandma Ferg, Grandpa Hank, Me, Felice (Ian's sister), Tim, Ian and Ben. Cheese!


Cayli said...

Looks like you all had a great time. The house, the snow, all of it is so perfect looking. We at least had cool weather here, I can't stand 80 degree Thanksgivings.

Love those mitten and the hat. Very cute stuff.

NH Knitting Mama said...

Wow, what a view, huh?

Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving!

Lora said...

Wow Gina!!! Looks like a wonderful weekend!! Thanks for sharing with us! The looms are so neat! Tim's mittens are cool, and the picture of the boys quietly together working a puzzle...a keeper!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a perfect time in a perfect place! I love the family picture.

kiyomi said...

The view at the house is beautiful! It makes me miss Minnesota.

I was so excited about the weaving room (jumping, exclaiming and pointing) that the bf now thinks I'm totally insane.

Donna said...

Looks like you had a great Turkey Day! Isn't Vt. just beautiful? We have a friend who has a house up there and we go every chance we get.

My gosh - looking at the family pic - Tim is an absolute clone of you Gina!

Great mittens!

Heide said...

What a wonderful way to spend Thanksgiving! The mittens look grand indeed. I've finished 6 pairs so far, but according to my Christmas list I still have 8 more to go. Cheers!

Jackie said...

What a lovely holiday. I'm glad you had a nice trip. I love the pic of the boys playing nicely together. I also love the mittens and hat on Tim. Great job.

CraftyGryphon said...

Oh, I miss snow... I guess it will *eventually* get to Virgina (maybe) this year. I'm still a little Yankee girl at heart!

Glad you had a wonderful weekend!