Thursday, November 15, 2007

Scarlett Belle Sweater

Update on my life:

1. I had to take Tim to get xrays today for his ring's all swollen, purplish-blue and he couldn't move it...but luckily, it's not broken and he only has to keep it taped, elevated and iced for a few days. Whew!

2. Ben and Tim are both feeling better, recovering from their strep and are taking their meds with minimal whining...whew again!

3. Computer is back in business....keyboard was delivered and is working fine! Woo-hoo!

Things just might be looking up for the House Family!


On Saturday, at work, I was able to take a class with the very talented designer, Tonia Barry. She is teaching a class that teaches you how to design your own sweaters and adapt patterns you like to fit your body perfectly.

I picked out Elsbeth Lavold "Silky Wool" (a gorgeous dk yarn in a 65%wool/35%silk blend) in color #56. I asked Cyndi if she knew the colorway name and she said she wasn't sure....but offered the name of "Scarlett Belle". I liked it so much that I decided to give that name to my new sweater pattern that I'm designing.

Generally, it will be a comfortable cardigan (no buttons or zippers) with a shawl collar, belle sleeves, seed stitch edging (or maybe garter) and a pretty cable up each side. Here is a close up of the sketch....(pretending, of course, that my body looks as nice as this...ha!)

During the class, we took our measurements, filled out some mathematical equations (will be doing more in the next class) and made swatches using our chosen yarn and needles. Tonia is very patient, helpful and knowledgable and I'm looking forward to more classes. You should come to the store to see some of her beautiful designs...we have samples and patterns!

As you could see from the first pic of the post, I am about 10 or so inches into the sweater (top down) and I'm loving every minute of it. This yarn is incredible and very soft...I'm a little nervous about knitting this on size 4 needles (oh, yes!), but I hope to finish it before the winter is 2010. LOL! No, hopefully, I should be done with it by January....or at least that's my deadline for myself.

What do you think of the design?

Before I go pick up the little guy from preschool, I wanted to share one more thing. About a week ago, I finished my last sock class and thought that the class handouts might be helpful to others who didn't have time to actually GO to a sock class. (Did that make sense?) Anyway, I edited the handouts a bit and make them into a pdf so that you can download them and have a "virtual" sock class at your own leisure at home. There's no substituting a real live teacher to help you, but this might be a first step toward taking a real class.

*Look to the right sidebar under SleepyEyes's called the "Plain Jane" Sock Class. It's free and fun...I hope!*

Or, if you're a tiny bit lazy like me, you can click HERE instead.

I'm also in the process of designing two other things:

1. ANOTHER sock pattern....I know, I know....but this one is cute and really fun to knit...and I just LOVE the Sereknity yarn I'm working with!! I'm almost done and I'm dying to get it "out there"!

2. A lace pattern....this one is 1/3 done but I'm not sure I'm going to be able to have it ready for when I hope to. I may just bring to Vermont with me and hope more rows get done while I'm sleeping.

Plus, I'm working on Tim's sweater, Ben's "Ice" mittens (see pic below), and the holiday stockings (which I think will be done for NEXT year!).....AHHHHH!!!! (Calgon, take me away!)

Oh, and an update on my Poseidon sock....this is as far as I've gotten so far. Not because it isn't wonderful to knit, which it is (and I LOVE the yarn, too)...but I'm putting all "extra" knitting things to the side and trying to work on things with deadlines...oh, I hate that word, don't you?

At least I feel like the tide is turning around here and I can take a breath and smile a little. How about YOU??? : ) Don't forget to KNIT THOSE MITTENS!!!!!


Gigi said...

OMG do you sleep?! The sweater is just beautiful! Cannot wait to see the other designs. I just know they will be as wonderful as your others. =-D

Amy Boogie said...

the sweater you designed for yourself looks great! Deadlines are so harsh at this time of year. I hope they are for fun things though.

Cayli said...

I love the sweater you are designing and that Silky Wool is the best.

That yarn for the mitten is gorgeous. I can't wait to see those. And of course I am excited to see the lace project.

Jennifer said...

Gina, did you do that sketch freehand? You are a talented lady - I like it as much as the sweater :) Can't wait to see the finished product.

Heide said...

I LOVE the sweater you've designed and the color is scrumptious. Silky Wool is so nice to work with. I'm hoping to finish a pair of mittens tonight. I love the ice mitten colors.

Sonya said...

Love the sketch of the sweater.
Two sick kids at once!! That sucks!
water everywhere, that is very bad.

Jackie said...

The sweater looks fantastic so far! I love those mittens too. Good luck finishing everything. You're so fast, I'll bet you can do it all!

yarnophiliac said...

Can't wait for you to finish designing that sweater. It looks fantastic! what yarn are you using for Ben's mitts? Glad to hear the boys are feeling better, and that Tim's finger isn't it too bad of shape. love ya!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that you are able to take a breath and smile a little!

I love the sweater design and can't wait to see it knit up.