Thursday, October 04, 2007

Packing and Sneezing

Well, it's official. Ian and I are sick. I thought, in the beginning of the week, that it was just allergies. Then, Tuesday night, Ian comes home early from work (a SURE sign that something is up....he never leaves early if he can help it) looking like death. Almost immediately (within a few hours), I know that I am sick, too. I found out that Ian's co-worker (who is also going on this trip) came back from Amsterdam last week and was very sick. And...then got the rest of the office sick. After infecting everyone, he is totally fine and has already left this morning for the Bahamas. Leaving everyone else sneezing and feeling like shit.

Our get-well-quick plan has been this:

-Lots of sleep
-Lots of vitamin C and zinc
-And, most importantly, 70 boxes of Puffs Plus tissues

I think we should be on the mend by tomorrow night (hopefully) so that we can enjoy at least part of the trip. But, I am really dreading the in-flight congestion. Ugh. Please send us healing energy!!! (thank you!!)

I have lots of pics to show you and I'm barely standing up, so I'll be very brief, if you don't mind. You can fill in the blanks with many attractive and energetic adjectives, okay?

My Finished Sahara

Love the color yarn, love the yarn itself, not too crazy about the huge armholes and wobbly hem, but wore it last night to knitting and everyone else loved it. I'm happy.

My Finished PeaPod Sweater

This adorable cardigan is for Julie's granddaughter-to-be, Clover. I used KP Merino Style in Cornflower. Loved the details, loved the finished look, but one of the charts is so messed up and I had to be REALLY careful reading over the instructions. It was a bit more challenging than a normal baby sweater.

My Finished Dishcloth

Used Sugar N Creme cotton (1 skein) and the Chinese Waves pattern to make this adorable dishcloth. It's on my kitchen sink right now. Both sides are cute.

My Finished Buddy Bag for Ben

I finished this a while ago, but never posted it..well, except on Ravelry....I used 5 or 6 different colors of Lion Brand Cotton Ease to knit this fantastic toddler toy bag. I love it and I think I'm going to make one for myself for my makeup and stuff. It was fun and cute and the instructions are just wonderful. A+ pattern. You can see it HERE.

My New Sereknity Yarn

Here are the newest skeins of Sereknity yarn that I bought from Heather. They are gorgeous and I can't wait to knit them up!!

Rock Lobster

All Hallows Eve

Pumpkin Patch

Pharoah's Gold

Before I go lie down one more time (my parents will be here soon), I want to send many hugs, happy wishes and love to Chris and Ericka, who are my two wonderful friends from the ManchVegas Knitters....they are getting married this weekend!!! I am sooo sad that I'm going to miss their wedding (knitting is encouraged during the ceremony and reception!) and I will be thinking of them while I'm away. I love you guys!!!!

Also, to Jackie: You are going to be an ultra lovely maid of honor this weekend and I know your speech will be perfect. Don't be nervous and I'll be rooting for you. Make sure to get pics of you in your gown and beautiful hand knit shawl!!!

Have a great week to everyone else and I'll have lots to share when I come back on Monday night/Tues. Bye!!!


Anonymous said...

I hope you and Ian have a wonderful vacation! You deserve it!

I showed everyone at work the link to the peapod sweater yesterday. I just absolutely love it; you are so sweet to have gone through all that hassle to make this gorgeous sweater for Clover!

I'll bet you looked gorgeous in that beautiful Sahara! The color is stunning.

Again, have a wonderful vacation - THAT'S AN ORDER!

Nichole said...

Have fun... feel better... and the Rock Lobster is one of my most faves of H's yarn!

NH Knitting Mama said...

Gina - many lovely FO's. You're so lucky you have that kind of time to knit. I'm excited to finish one dishcloth in a week. I know, pathetic.

Have a great vacation. I find that flushing my nose with saline (brand name Ocean) helps a lot. It makes you have to blow your nose more "productively" and get out the yuckers.

Have a WONDERFUL time on your trip. The nice weather will be enough to make you feel better, too!

Kathleen said...

Hope you feel better for your trip.
I have found that drinking ginger root tea really helps. Peel about an inch of ginger root, cut into slices, put in a small sauce pan of water and heat to just before it boils. remove from heat and let steep for about 10 minutes. You can put a slice of orange in it too if you like.

It doesn't taste like much, but it works. Have a cup two or three times through out the day.

Have a great vacation,

Cayli said...

Why do people do this?! Same thing happens at school. Drives me nuts. I hope you both feel better, now, and have a great time.

The sweater looks great and you will look fabulous in it.

I love that rock lobster. That was the color I was going for and failed miserably. Guess I know who to hit up for lace yarn in that color when money isn't so tight.

Donna said...

If it's not too late, go get some Airborne. I swear by that stuff. I have only suffered 2 colds in the last three years. As soon as you feel the sickness coming on, start taking it.

Have a great trip!

ErickaJo said...

Sending you health for your trip :) You'll be in our thoughts on our wedding day :)

Ericka and Chris

Gigi said...

Have a FANTASTIC time! Sending you "health" vibes.

LMardenNH said...

wow - that figures. I hope the kids don't get sick just in time for you to come home and get sick again!

Heading out to the wedding tomorrow - will take lots of pics!

Hugs and tissues!!!