Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween, Knitters!

I don't know if you're as excited as I am, but I can't wait until tonight!! As you see above and below, I have all the yummy candy ready to hand out, my witch hat on, and the traditional "Halloween Tree" set up in the living room....a black tree with fiber optics lights in purple, orange and green...glowing ghosts, bats, and pumpkins hanging off of it. It's sooo cool and the boys love it...when you turn it on, it says, "Booooohhooooooo". (yes, I'm also a bit batty...)

Ben is going as Spiderman this year (although he originally wanted to go as Ben10...the costume is hanging around here somewhere...) and I was lucky to spend the morning with him at his very first school Halloween parade. Unlucky for me later, though, because in a rush to get everyone out of the house, I forgot my camera. Dammit. But, even without pictures, I loved watching Ben and his class sing a "spooky" song and walk around the playground, parading their adorable selves. Then, they were treated to a big table of goodies, freeze dance and stories. Oh, to be young again....

I was up late last night finishing up Tim's costume. Close to midnight, I was going over the checklist of everything he wanted to wear for school the next day (apparently, freshman are still "cool" if they wear costumes...thank goodness!). Green broadcloth tunic? Check. Sword? Check. Gloves with Triforce symbol? Check. Leather-like sling and belt to hold sword? Check. Brown leather elfish hat? Check. Yellow Triforce on upper left hand side of green tunic? Damn! (that's why I was up so late)

Can you guess what he is? (Ericka and Chris probably know this...)

He's Link from the Zelda video game. How do you like my handy work?

In honor of this occasion, I also managed to finish TWO knitted projects:

1. Plain Jane Socks....pattern and mini sock class pdf are soon to come to the blog....knitted using size 1 Knit Picks circs and the Magic Loop method...and Regia's Landscape Storm colorway by Kaffe Fassett. I'll be wearing these babies tonight!

2. Rocketry Dream in Color for the soon-to-be-born baby boy of my pedicurist, Melissa. I used Knit Picks circular needles and KP Swish Superwash in 5 different colors - Baby Blue, Capri, Aloe, Deep Ocean and Dark Navy. I think it came out so cute...

I'm also starting to pack for Grand View....we're leaving on Friday evening (eee!) and we'll be back on Sunday evening (awwww, man!). To be honest, I am dying for a little time without the kids. This week has been torture with working and also doing a million things at home. Once this weekend is over, I think things will be calmer and less stressful. (At least until December rolls around! Shhhesh!

I'm making a promise to myself (and to the kids) that I will finish both of their sweaters while I'm at GV. Both are at least half done (or more) and I just have to get the motivation to finish them. It's getting colder and I'd really love to see all three of my guys in their hand knit sweaters....and hats and mittens.

I'll be posting about "The Month of Mittens" probably on Friday before I leave...or, in the semi-probable event that I'm WAY behind in packing, Monday. There will be a button to grab to place on your blog and, if you put the button on, link to me, and comment that you've added it, I'll put your name into a drawing to win some great yarn! Woo-hoo! Let's see how many mittens we can knit before the end of the November : )

Have a spooktacular night!!!!


Nichole said...

Happy Spooky Day! The baby sweater is gorgeous!
Have fun at Grandview.

Cayli said...

Nice costume! Very professional. I love the socks the colors are so beautiful.

Have a super fun time on your trip, wish I was going.

Happy Halloween!

NH Knitting Mama said...

Happy Halloween! You did a great job on Tim's costume - Before I read your answer I thought - looks like Link! Great job!

Sonya said...

Woo hoo I can't wait. Need a little (really a lot) of kid free time. Great job on the costume.

Heide said...

You did a fabulous costuming job. Your baby rocketry sweater is so pretty that I just went out to Sonny and Shear and ordered the pattern. Hope you have fun.

Jackie said...

I love the costume (even if I don't know who link is). I love the little sweater too. Very adorable. Your manicurist is lucky.

I still need to do laundry and pack. Whee! See you tonight!!!

AR said...

Mmmmmm candy! Great Link. My boys love Zelda. Love Spidey's pose, too. hehe

HollyEQQ said...

Hi ya!!! Just stopped by to see what you have been up to.
Halloween costumes look great.
And those socks look like they were made for me!
Happy belated Halloween.

Ellen said...

Those were excellent costumes - my youngest child went as Spiderman last year and it remains the costume of choice for around the house play. This year - I made a skeleten costume with felt. My oldest daughters are big anime fans and go to a convention here in the Twin Cites called Anime Detour. I went to drop them off last year and pulled up behind a van FULL of boys in green "elf" costumes. When I commented on it, my Youngest Daughter said in disgust, "Mom, they aren't elves, they're Link from the Legend of Zelda. All of them!"