Friday, October 26, 2007

FO Friday: Ian's Mug Cozy

Though I'm still in the process of trying to finish up 3 other ufo's at the moment, this one was a "Lovely Interruption Knitting Event"...or LIKE. One of those little knitted items that you just can't pass up knitting, even though you have a deadline of many other ufos.

I knitted this for Ian, who is a caffeine addict and who LOVES his coffee in the morning. Me...I'm more the opposite of a caffeine addict. It's like saying, "Hmmm....I haven't had anyone talk to me at 100 words per second before and I'm horribly bored, so I think I'll give Gina some coffee." Yup...exactly like that. Right, Laurin?


Pattern: Garter Mug Cozies by Cathy Carron, Interweave Holiday Gifts 2007, Page 88.
Yarn: Knit Picks Swish Superwash, colorway Dublin
Needle size: US 7, magic loop
Time: Half a day, on and off
Happiness Level: 4 out of 5 was super easy, makes a great cozy, and the yarn is very soft. Ian really likes it.

Here is a close up of the side, where the handle is:

Before I head out to pick up the little guy from PreK, I want to share a pic of him (in his new Spiderman costume and haircut) when I told him how many UFOs I had. He was utterly shocked!

Hope I'll see some of you at Yarn and Fiber Co. tonight!!


Anonymous said...

I'd pay money to see you on caffeine :-)

Nichole said...

Very cozy!
Love the boy's expression!

yarnophiliac said...

cute cozy, cute kid. Sorry I couldn't make it last night. :( But Jim is finally home! YAY

LMardenNH said...

Gina on caffeine is truly an experience. I have seen her go off the deep end after a spoonful of coffee.

G, great haircut on Ben-10. He is getting so big!

Jackie said...

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Gina on caffeine is not good.

I love the expression on Benji's face. He is too cute. I love the coffee cozy. I'll need to knit myself one.