Thursday, September 13, 2007

Mom and Dad

Tomorrow, for FO FRIDAY, I have two new patterns to show you.

But, for today, I have pics of my mom and dad from the wedding.....

Here is my beautiful mom with her fantastic new haircut (Mom, you look so pretty!) and wearing the lace shawl I knit for her:

And here is my handsome dad in his kick-ass outfit as best man for his friend, Joe. Dad, you look fan-tast-ic!

The only complaint I have is that neither of them is reallly SMILING...and my dad looks a bit menacing....don't cross him, dammit! LOL!

I am thrilled to see these pics...I only wish there was a pic of the two of them together! They just celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary last month and it's so wonderful seeing them all "gussied up".

Love you, Mom and Dad!


Nichole said...

Aww... your parents are SO cute!!

Anonymous said...

Now that's one handsome cowboy :-)

Your mom looks beautiful wearing the gorgeous shawl you made her!

KSee said...

LOL, was this a shotgun wedding?
Love your Mom's new haircut. Maybe someone else was able to get a picture of them together.

Sonya said...

You are right, they look stoic.

Wedding aren't that bad. I hope they had fun.

Next time have them say zucchini.